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Guilt reduction therapy effective treatment for PTSD

Guilt reduction therapy effective treatment for PTSD

Computer simulations show muscle weakness caused by peripheral artery disease

Opioid prescribing decreased for Veterans in community living centers

Genetic links between severe COVID-19 and other diseases

Dog ownership linked to physical exercise in older adults

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Dr. K. Luan Phan adjusts a volunteer's electrode cap. The researcher is studying the brain's

Volunteering in VA Research

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) ranks as one of the nation's leaders in health research. Thousands of studies are conducted at VA medical centers, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes each year. This research has significantly contributed to advancements in health care for Veterans and other Americans from every walk of life... Learn more

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Research News from Local VA Medical Centers and our Academic, Federal, and Industry Research Partners

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Overview of VA Research

Overview of VA Research

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Arthritis affects more than 1 in every 5 adults. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is the nation’s most common cause of disability... Learn more

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New class of drugs can treat some serious COVID-19 infections Listen (01:00)


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