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ePROS Webinars

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ePROS is pleased to announce a series of webinars focusing on topics on a variety of topics. Each session will allow time for questions.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Time Title Presenters
07/30/2024 3:00 PM EDT VAIRRS Webinar Series: Financial Conflict of Interest (fCOI) Module for Investigators (Session 2)

Target Audience: ACOS, AOs, IRB Staff/Admin, R&D Committees, VAIRRS Staff/Admin, Researchers, Investigators, General ORD Training

Teams Link: Click here to join the meeting


The purpose of this webinar is to train researchers and investigators on completing the IRBNet COI module.

Angela Foster, ePROS Program Manager


If I'm unable to attend this webinar session, will it be available again?

Webinar sessions are generally only presented live once, unless otherwise indicated. However, all efforts will be made to have webinar sessions recorded and made available in our archive. Please allow 3-5 working days for webinars to be posted.

How will I receive audio for the webinar session?

The audio will be streamed through your computer. Turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones; the audio is automatically streamed. If you do not have speakers or a sound card, audio will be available via telephone; the number to call will be on your confirmation e-mail.

Who do I email for help?

Please submit technical issues through yourIT Service Portal.

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