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SSN Data Requests in DART

Research requests for NDS data containing Real SSNs, submitted through the Data Access Request Tracker (DART), will be reviewed by VIReC. New procedures, implemented to streamline the review process, require researchers to complete a new form – Real SSN Access Request (Available on the VA intanet only: Copy and paste into your browser if you have intranet access.) – and have it signed by their local IRB Chair and ACOS-R.

The researcher will submit the Real SSN Access Request to the IRB Chair and ACOS-R.

  • The IRB Chair will affirm that the protocol and informed consent and HIPAA authorization documents are consistent with the use of real SSN data and that the IRB has determined access to real SSN data is justified for this research project.
  • The ACOS-R will affirm that the Privacy Officer and the Information Security Officer (ISO) at the facility have reviewed the request for real SSN data access in accordance with the facility's standard operating procedures.

The form is submitted as part of the researcher's data request in the national Data Access Request Tracker (DART) system.

Information for researchers is available from the "Real SSN Data Request Process" page on the VIReC website (This is available on the intranet only. If you have intranet access copy and paste this URL into your browser:

Contact VIReC at with any questions.

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