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Office of Research & Development

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ePROS - Enterprise Protections, Regulatory, Outreach, and Systems

Molly Klote, MD

Molly Klote, MD
Deputy CRADO for Enterprise Support

The purpose of ePROS is to contribute to the VA Research Enterprise mission of improving Veterans lives through research by: 

  • Ensuring the protection of the public, research staff, human participants, and animals in VA conducted research through policy, education, risk assessment, and mitigation. 
  • Developing and managing VHA’s research regulatory policies. 
  • Coordinating, prioritizing, and evaluating research education and training.  
  • Developing, coordinating and managing the enterprise-wide access to central research repositories and digital research systems (e.g., IT, data, and repository resources). 
  • Ensuring the protection of VA's intellectual property and enabling commercialization efforts.
  • Overseeing counterintelligence efforts to safeguard our Veterans’ data and VA’s research investment. 
  • Managing electronic health record sustainment and implementation. 

About our Leadership

Current list of Associate Chiefs of Staff for R&D (ACOS/R&D) and Administrative Officers (AO) at VA Medical Centers can be found at the National ACOS/R&D and AO Directory.

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