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VA Electronic Determination Aid (VAEDA)

VA Innovation and Research Review System

The VA Electronic Determination Aid (VAEDA) is a new, innovative system created by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Research and Development (ORD) to standardize and streamline processes within VA research. VAEDA is a decision support tool created to reduce variability in regulatory determinations for proposed research, quality improvement, program evaluations and innovation projects. Among the many benefits of this new system, VAEDA is guaranteed to save research staff valuable resources, including time, money and energy. By consolidating information in a centralized platform and providing research determinations through a systematic, scientific approach, VAEDA eases the burden of research processes in VA facilities across the country.


VAEDA serves as the enterprise solution for research determination management and classification within VA.


VAEDA provides researchers with services for expedited, standardized determinations and will be appropriately positioned to evolve into “iVAEDA” as two innovative technologies become one interconnected software built to benefit the VA research community nationwide.

How does VAEDA work?

Project leaders will interact with VAEDA through a thorough question-and-answer process regarding their proposed project. The VAEDA tool will then produce a preliminary determination, based on the responses provided. VAEDA also has the capability to provide the user with next steps for the project, based on the determination and requirements for privacy, information security and IRB review (as applicable).


VAEDA is accessible to all VA employees using your VA-issued credentials. Click here to access the VAEDA site: To register and begin using the tool, navigate to the VAEDA site in your browser. If it is your first-time using VAEDA, the system will recognize that you are a new user and present you with a profile page to complete. Once you fill out the profile page and hit "save," you are registered and can initiate the research determination process.

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