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VAIRRS Training Resources

VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS) Resource Guide

The VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS) Resource Guide assists users in navigating the library of resources and opportunities that are readily available to all VAIRRS users. Resources range from webinars to newsletters to mentor programs, and much more!  VAIRRS stakeholders can utilize the Resource Guide as a directory for all VAIRRS information channels and assistance needs. This guide also contains direct access links to important content, such as the VAIRRS SharePoint portal and ePROS library forms/templates.

Principal Investigator (PI) Change Instructions

The Principal Investigator (PI) Change Instructions guide users through the process of changing a PI on a given project within the VA’s instance of IRBNet, VAIRRS. These step-by-step instructions, accompanied with screenshots, help to clarify this common circumstance and simplify the steps needed to publish this change within the system.

ePROS Standard Form Library Access-Instructions

The ORPP&E Standard Form Library Access Instructions User Guide is designed to help users understand, access and navigate among your local VA Medical Center (VAMC) library, the standard Office of Research Protections, Policy and Education (ORPP&E) library, and the VA Central IRB (CIRB) library found within the IRBNet portal.

VAIRRS Project Cover Sheet (PCS) Wizard Guide

The VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS) Wizards Navigational Guide is a handbook designed to provide VA investigators and study teams with a tool to aid the completion of the VAIRRS Project Cover Sheet Wizard, IRB Information Sheet Wizard and any additional wizards within IRBNet. The wizards serve as a mechanism for principal investigators (PIs) and study teams to document the defining attributes of their research study and to collect information on funding, project personnel and project characteristics.

To access the navigational documents, please go to (VA network access only).

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