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Office of Research & Development

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Human Resources/Personnel

Standard Operating Procedures

WOC Appointments

Use the eligibility guide to determine if a WOC is appropriate. For further information contact your local HR office.

Nationally Classified Position Descriptions

Below is a list of currently approved PDs

Scientific PDs

  • Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Animal) GS-0404-05 Target 07
  • Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Microbiology) GS-0404-05 Target 07
  • Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Research Lab Manager) GS-0404-09
  • Data Scientist GS-1560-13 Target 14
  • Data Scientist GS-1560-09 Target 11 Target 12
  • Health Science Specialist (Research Database Manager) GS-0601-12
  • Health Science Specialist (Research Study Coordinator) GS-0601-09 Target 11
    • Health Science Specialist – NODES Coordinator GS -601-11
    • Health Science Specialist – NODES Program Coordinator/Senior NODES Coordinator GS 12
  • Statistician (Health) GS-1530-14
  • Student Trainee (Biological Sciences) GS-0499-03 Target 05
  • Student Trainee (Biological Sciences) GS-0499-05 Target 07
  • Student Trainee (Mathematical Sciences) GS-1599-05 Target 07
  • Student Trainee (Medical & Health Sciences) GS-0601-05 Target 07
  • Student Trainee (Social Sciences) GS-0199-05 Target 07

Administrative PDs

  • Budget Analyst GS-0560- 9 T 11
  • Budget Technician GS-0561-07
  • Health System Specialist (Research Committee Manager) GS-0671-07T11
  • Technology Transfer Specialist GS-0601-12T13

Upon request, nationally classified positions are available at HROO PD FS Library - Power BI ( through the research office. If you wish to access a PD, please contact your local research office administrative officer (AO).

Local AO contacts can be found on the ORD intranet site at (If you have intranet access, copy and paste the following URL into your browser).

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