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FY 2021 VA-Funded Projects

Data current as of July 2021

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 Project No. 
I01BX004080-01A1 Novel Treatments for Modulation of Innate Immunity in Veteran Related Eye Diseases Aakalu, Vinay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX003082-01A2 Establishing Relationships and Developing a Therapeutic Target for Impulsivity and Suicidality Among Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Co-occurring Conditions Aaronson, Alexandra Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003668-01A1 Targeting the Melanocortin 1 Receptor by Selective Small Analogs of ?-Melanocortin for Melanoma Prevention Abdel-Malek, Zalfa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004352-01A1 Influence of APOE genotypes on blood brain barrier transport of DHA by mfsd2a in Alzheimer's Disease Abdullah, Laila Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002767-01A2 Identifying APOE related lipid biomarkers for diagnosing chronic neurocognitive deficits in TBI patients Abdullah, Laila Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004563-01A1 Identification of the Molecular Mechanisms Linking Alzheimer's Disease, PERK, and Mild Repetitive Head Injury Abisambra, Jose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003137-01 Understanding the Role of VA Specialty Care Resource Hubs and Their Potential Impact on Access in the Era of Community Care Adams, Megan Health Services R&D
IK2RX001788-01A2 Exercise and Weight Loss to Improve Mobility Function in Veterans with PAD Addison, Odessa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004047-01 Lymphangiogenesis in the pathogenesis of Acute Kidney Injury Agarwal, Anupam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003328-01A1 Heat-Treated Porous Fluorapatite Scaffolds with Adipose Derived Stem Cells for Bone Regeneration Agarwal, Jayant Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001753-01A1 Mechanisms of erythropoietin induced hypertension Agarwal, Rajiv Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001882-05 IRF8 and lymphomagenesis Aguiar, Ricardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001441-01A1 Role of SIRT3 in melanoma development and progression Ahmad, Nihal Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX003780-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Ahmad, Nihal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004221-01 Role of polo like kinase 4 in melanomagenesis and melanoma progression Ahmad, Nihal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002422-01A2 Improving Outcomes in Veterans with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease Ahmed, Ali Health Services R&D
15F-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Ahmed, Khalil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005091-01A1 Dynamics of protein kinase CK2 signaling in prostate cancer pathogenesis Ahmed, Khalil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8100-01 Predictive Immune and Airway Monitoring in Healthcare Workers and Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients Ahuja, Sunil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002654-01A1 Restoring High Dimensional Hand Function to Persons with Chronic High Tetraplegia Ajiboye, Abidemi Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001986-01A1 The Effect of Noise Exposure on the Vestibular System Akin, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003616-01 Development of a mobile medical app for diagnosis and treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) Akin, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003252-01 Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Newer and Older Antihyperglycemic Medications AlAly, Ziyad Health Services R&D
I21HX002995-01A1 Cause-specific Mortality among Users of Proton Pump Inhibitor AlAly, Ziyad Health Services R&D
I01BX005167-01 Preoptic/Hypothalamic Mechanisms of Sleep-Wake Regulation Alam, Noor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003916-01A1 Administration of intratumoral immunocytokine to activate immune rejection of spontaneous canine melanoma Albertini, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004940-01 Development of new drugs for Toxoplasma by advancing hits from the Global Health Chemical Diversity Library Alday, Phil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003221-01A1 Addressing insufficient positive airway pressure use among older Veterans with obstructive sleep apnea Alessi, Cathy Health Services R&D
I01BX000915-09A1 The role of T cell derived cytokines in Helicobacter pylori Algood, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000915-05A2 The role of T cell derived cytokines in Helicobacter pylori Algood, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 19-332 Research Career Scientist Award Allen, Kelli Health Services R&D
I01BX002108-05A1 Dysregulation of the inflammatory response by Francisella tularensis Allen, Lee-Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003025-01A2 Treating bone deterioration associated with chronic kidney disease Allen, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003025-05 Treating bone deterioration associated with chronic kidney disease Allen, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002928-01A1 Neuroprotective strategies for retinopathy and cognition in diabetes Allen, Rachael Rehabilitation R&D
IK6BX004601-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Alpini, Gianfranco Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000574-09 Autocrine/Paracrine Regulation of Intrahepatic Bile Duct Growth Alpini, Gianfranco Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005243-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Alrefai, Waddah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003250-01A2 Intense Noise Exposure Impacts Performance of Vestibular Dependent Behaviors Altschuler, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002431-01A2 Prevention of Noise-Induced Acceleration of Age-Related Hearing Loss Altschuler, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003343-01A1 Efficacy of exercise training in patients with HFpEF Amann, Markus Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003901-01A2 Role of Natural Antibodies Against Oxidation Specific Epitopes in Bone Homeostasis Ambrogini, Elena Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003329-01 Development and Pilot Test of a Clinical Swallowing Examination (CSE) Protocol for Telerehabilitaion Delivery of SLP Services Anderson, Jane Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003245-01A2 Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for physical function maintenance during hematopoietic stem cell transplantation Anderson, Lindsey Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003846-01A2 Adiponectin signaling in sarcopenia development and treatment Anderson, Rozalyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003194-01A1 Remotely Supervised tDCS for Persistent Post-traumatic Headache: A Pilot Study Androulakis, Xiao Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001921-05A1 Proteolytic Pathways in Venous Thrombus Resolution Antalis, Toni Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001894-05A2 Role of NK cells in control of HCV infection associated hepatocellular carcinoma Anthony, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001791-01A2 Impact of Immune Activation on Cardiovascular and Immune Health in RA Anthony, Donald Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005480-01 COVID-19: Role of naive T cells, Age associated T cell senescence, and Dysfunctional Immune regulation in host response to SARS-CoV-2 Anthony, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004932-01 Characterization of an anti-Human Papillomavirus (HPV) agent Antony, Asok Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002247-01A2 Development of a Stewardship Intervention for CLC Pharmacists to Improve UTI Treatments Appaneal, Haley Health Services R&D
I01BX002926-01A1 Palladium based nanoparticles for the treatment of advanced melanoma Arbiser, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-21 Modulation of COVID19 by Smoking: the basis for a clinical trial Arjomandi, Mehrdad Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001458-01A1 Optimization of Antiplatelet Therapy to Target Platelet-Monocyte Aggregates in Myocardial Infarction Armstrong, Ehrin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004198-01A1 Combining new gene therapy with non-invasive spinal roots stimulation to improve synaptic plasticity at spino-muscular circuitry after spinal cord injury Arvanian, Victor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003215-01A1 PAtient-centered mUltidiSciplinary care for vEterans undergoing surgery (PAUSE): a hybrid 1 clinical effectiveness-implementation intervention trial Arya, Shipra Health Services R&D
I50HX001238-01 Center for Innovation to Implementation (Ci2i): Fostering High Value Health Care Asch, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX004184-01A1 Single nucleotide and copy number variants associated with Parkinson disease Ashe, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003935-01 Understanding the Function of Tamm-Horsfall Protein in Acute Kidney Injury Ashkar, Tarek Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003935-05A1 The immunomodulatory function of Tamm-Horsfall protein in acute kidney injury Ashkar, Tarek Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2032 CSP #2032 - VA CAUSAL INFERENCE ENTERPRISE Aslan, Mihaela Cooperative Studies
I21RX003017-01A1 The Interaction of Stress and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Atkins, Coleen Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001243-01 Seattle-Denver Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value Driven Care Au, David Health Services R&D
IK2RX002130-01A1 Design and Evaluation of a Biarticular Prosthesis to Reduce Gait Compensations Aubin, Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002278-01A2 Do Rocker Bottom Shoes and Ankle-Foot Orthoses Reduce Pain and ImproveMobility for Ankle Osteoarthritis Patients? Aubin, Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003476-01 Robotic Knee Exoskeleton to Reduce Joint Loading and Improve Mobility in Veterans with Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis Aubin, Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005084-01A2 The terminal steps of cortisol and aldosterone biosynthesis Auchus, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001873-01 Structural and functional neural alterations in suicidality among Veterans with PTSD Averill, Lynnette Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002437-01A2 Evaluating Care Coordination for Community Hospitalized Veterans to Improve Outcomes in Dual Use (ECHOeD) Axon, Robert Health Services R&D
I50HX001229-01 Charleston Health Equity and Rural Outreach Innovation Center (HEROIC) Axon, Robert Health Services R&D
I01CX001149-01 Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure Therapy for Veterans with Hoarding Disorder Ayers, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001769-01 Cannabidiol as an Adjunctive to Prolonged Exposure for the Treatment of PTSD Ayers, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003367-01A2 Functional and Cognitive Rehabilitation of Hoarding Disorder Ayers, Catherine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004372-01A2 Regulation of Detrusor Overactivity by Cellular Stress in Bladder Ischemia Azadzoi, Kazem Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004200-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Azhar, Salman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001923-05 Role of Cholesterol in Age-related Decline in Steroidogenesis Azhar, Salman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001137-05A2 Reducing Nephrotoxicity while enabling read through of missense stop codons by Gentamicin congeners Bacallao, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005184-01 Mitochondria Functions Modified by Sulfotransferase 1C2 Bacallao, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003021-01A2 Development of a Tailored Intervention to Increase Veteran Enrollment in Cardiac Rehabilitation Bachmann, Justin Health Services R&D
IK2CX001678-01 Metabolic Effects of Natriuretic Peptide Hormones Bachmann, Katherine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003709-01A1 Role of Cerebrovascular cells in tau processing following traumatic brain injury Bachmeier, Corbin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002839-01A2 Regulation of Matrix Metallopeptidase 9 by Apolipoprotein E Bachmeier, Corbin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003087-01A1 Implementation Intervention to Improve Care for Unhealthy Alcohol Use Bachrach, Rachel Health Services R&D
I01RX002935-01 Functional Expectations of Transhumeral Percutaneous Osseointegration Patients Bachus, Kent Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003071-01A1 Research Career Scientist Bachus, Kent Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002456-01A2 Imaging Surveillance After Lung Cancer Treatment Backhus, Leah Health Services R&D
I01CX001944-01A1 Central Sleep Apnea: Physiologic Mechanisms to Inform Treatment Badr, M. Safwan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002116-01A1 Does Treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing Improve Functional Outcomes in SCI? Badr, M. Safwan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005120-01A2 Enhancing FLT3 inhibitor efficacy in acute myeloid leukemia with FLT3-ITD Baer, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002160-01A1 Improving the Assessment of Myelin and Axonal Integrity in Early Multiple Sclerosis bagnato, francesca Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004886-01 Platelet factors attenuate alveolar injury during severe pneumonia Bain, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002035-01A1 Trial Outcomes for Massage: Caregiver-Assisted vs. Therapist-Treated (TOMCATT) Bair, Matthew Health Services R&D
2009 CSP #2009 - Sequential and Comparative Evaluation of Pain Treatment Effectiveness Response: The SCEPTER Trial Bair, Matthew Cooperative Studies
I01CX001076-05A1 Fecal Microbiota Transplant in Veterans with Cirrhosis Bajaj, Jasmohan Clinical Science R&D
N0004 CSP NODES - Houston CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Bakaeen, Faisal Cooperative Studies
I01BX000740-09 Right Heart Function in Health and Chronic Disease Baker, Anthony Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001703-01A2 Adipokines as Biomarkers of Cachexia and High-Risk Rheumatoid Arthritis Baker, Joshua Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003157-01 A Pragmatic Trial to Determine the Benefit of Exercise Incentives and Corticosteroid Injections for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Baker, Joshua Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX002428-01A2 Brain stimulation to alleviate weakness and maladaptive plasticity in SCI Baker, Kelsey Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001879-01A1 Impact of Left Hemisphere Stroke on Cognitive Functioning and Implications for Driving Baldo, Juliana Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002951-01A2 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Improve Neuropsychological Functioning in Acquired Brain Injury Baldo, Juliana Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001290-01A1 Neural Predictors of Recovery from Auditory Comprehension Deficits in Aphasia Baldo, Juliana Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002843-01A2 Enhanced Protein Intake During Obesity Reduction in Older Male Veterans: Differences in Physical Function and Muscle Quality Responses by Race Bales, Connie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001002-09A1 Role of Cyr61/CCN1 in Pancreatic Cancer Progression and Therapy Banerjee, Snigdha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004497-01A2 CCN5 Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Banerjee, Sushanta Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001842-01 Cerebral arterial compliance, blood flow, and cognition in Veterans with diabetes Bangen, Katherine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004269-01A1 Attenuation of Inflammatory Response in Progressive Neurodegeneration in Parkinson's Disease Banik, Naren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001262-05A2 Hormonal Intervention Protects Axon-myelin to Promote Functional Recovery in SCI Banik, Naren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003468-01A1 Prehabilitation of Veterans with Exercise and Nutrition (PREVENT) Barbeito, Atilio Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003469-01A1 3D Printing bone graft containing controlled-release growth factors and cytokines Barco, Clark Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004898-01A2 Transcriptional Control of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy Barish, Grant Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002764-01A2 Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise in Community Living Centers (PLIE-CLC) Barnes, Deborah Health Services R&D
I01CX001303-01A1 Toward Optimizing Behavioral Markers of Suicide Risk Barnes, Sean Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003547-01A1 Testing the Efficacy of ACT for Life: A Brief Inpatient Intervention to Maximize Recovery and Prevent Future Suicidal Behavior Barnes, Sean Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001147-05A2 Advancement and Application of a Novel Basal Ganglia Thalamocortical Circuitry Model in Dystonia Rats Baron, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001824-01A1 Identification of Veterans at-risk for Suicide: a Multidisciplinary Approach Barredo, Jennifer Clinical Science R&D
I50RX002358-01 Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation Barrett, A. Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001353-01A1 The role of Axin2+ stem cells in ulcer healing during colitis. Barrett, Terrence Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003303-01A2 Slowing Proteotoxic Neurodegeneration by Boosting Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Recruiting a Novel Class of Chaperones Barrientos, Antonio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003020-01A1 An Engineering-Based Balance Assessment and Training Platform Barton, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003096-01A2 A Balanced Reach Training Platform to Address Balance Disorders in Older and Neurologically Disabled Veterans Barton, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001404-05A2 Purinergic Mechanisms in Homeostatic Sleep Control Basheer, Radhika Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001553-04A1 Cross-talk between lung natural killer cells and dendritic cells in COPD Basmajian, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002425-05A1 DNase-Targeted Mitigation of Acute Kidney Injury Due to Rhabdomyolysis Basnakian, Alexei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002288-01A2 Potential Protective Mechanisms of Tissue Factor in Acute Lung Injury Bastarache, Julie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001875-01A1 Pain-related Anxiety Invervention for Smokers with Chronic Pain: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Smoking Cessation Counseling for Veterans Bastian, Lori Health Services R&D
I50HX001234-01 Pain Research, Informatics, Multi-morbidities, and Education (PRIME) Center Bastian, Lori Health Services R&D
C0002 CSP C0002 - Bronx VA NAVIGATE Site Bates, Susan Cooperative Studies
L0003 Bronx LPOP Site Bates, Susan Cooperative Studies
I50RX003000-01 Brain Rehabilitation Research Center Bauer, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003415-01 Romosozumab to Improve Bone Mineral Density and Architecture in Chronic SCI Bauman, William Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX002020-01 National Center for the Medical Consequences of Spinal Cord Injury Bauman, William Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003300-01A1 The assessment of lower back mechanical behavior and spinal loads in veterans with non-specific low back pain: a feasibility study Bazrgari, Babak Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003095-01A1 The Live Long Walk Strong rehabilitation program: What features improve mobility skills? Bean, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX003430-01 REhabilitation Promoting Prevention And Improved Resilience (REPPAIR) Bean, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
SDR 20-392 Multisite Replication of the Transitional Care Model Beard, Rachael Health Services R&D
I01RX002606-01A1 Engineering Prosthetic Elastomers to Mimic Facial Skin Properties Beatty, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002177-01A1 Reducing Suicide Risk in Older Veterans with Mental Health Disorders using Problem Solving Therapy Beaudreau, Sherry Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001506-05A2 Contribution of Phosphate to Inflammatory Bone Loss Beck, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004561-01A2 CTBI: Traumatic brain injury-induced inflammation effects on cognitive evaluations and response inhibition: Mechanisms of increased risk for suicidality Beck, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX003815-01A1 Volatile organic compound effects on brain and behavior Beck, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002808-01A1 Improving the Use of Tumor Genetic Testing with Decision Science Becker, Daniel Health Services R&D
I01BX000813-09A1 Role of BDNF in Stress Effects on Ethanol Dependence-Induced Escalated Drinking Becker, Howard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-005 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Becker, Howard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002509-01A1 Development and pilot testing of LIMIT: a multicomponent tool to support opioid tapering Becker, William Health Services R&D
I01RX003276-01A2 Functional Outcomes of Cannabis Use (FOCUS) in Veterans withPosttraumatic Stress Disorder Beckham, Jean Rehabilitation R&D
IK6BX003777-01 CSR&D Research Career Scientist Award Beckham, Jean Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001729-01 Using 'Big Data' and Precision Medicine to Assess and Manage Suicide Risk in U.S. Veterans Beckham, Jean Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003863-01 Defining the Mechanism of Alpha-synuclein Dependent Restriction of Viral Neuroinvasion Beckham, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003863-05 Targeting Innate Immunity as A Therapeutic Intervention for Parkinsons Disease Beckham, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000418-05A2 Rates and determinants of decreased bone health among HIV-infected patients Bedimo, Roger Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003485-01A1 Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain to Improve Functional Outcomes amongPrimary Care Veterans Beehler, Gregory Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003667-01A2 Enhancing the Delivery of Amphotericin B Across the Blood Brain Barrier for Treatment of Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis Beenhouwer, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001176-05A1 Surfactant Protein C Mutations and Interstitial Lung Disease Beers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005411-01 COVID-19: Understanding The Role of Corona Virus InducedDisruption Of Alveolar Type 2 Cell Function And SurfactantHomeostasis In The Pathogenesis Of COVID-19 AcuteRespiratory Distress Syndrome Beers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001176-09 Surfactant Protein C Mutations and Interstitial Lung Disease Beers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001770-01A1 Palliative Care to Improve Quality of Life in CHF and COPD Bekelman, David Health Services R&D
IK2BX002731-01A2 HIV reactivation from latency - role of CD4 T cell maturation phenotype Beliakova-Bethell, Nadejda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6RX002458-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Bell, Morris Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002017-01A1 Cognitive Training in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders in Older Veterans Bell, Morris Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002104-05A1 PTH receptor Signaling and Diabetes-induced Bone Disease Bellido, Teresita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004596-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application for Teresita Bellido, PhD Bellido, Teresita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001293-01A2 Improving Negative Symptoms & Community Engagement in Veterans with Schizophrenia Bennett, Melanie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000849-05A2 Relaxin and PPAR gamma Activation for Liver Disease Treatment Bennett, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000776-05A2 Role of ASICs within sensory neurons in health and disease Benson, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001631-01A2 Pathogenesis and Treatment of AA Amyloidosis Benson, Merrill Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002290-01A2 Directed evaluation of provider learning modules to prevent venous thromboembolism after major cancer surgery Bentrem, David Health Services R&D
I01HX002786-01A2 Validating a data science methodology for patterns of mental health services use: The patient record of clinical experience sequence study (PROCESS) Benzer, Justin Health Services R&D
I01BX004712-01 Establishing the Molecular Mechanisms of Reduced Ethanol Drinking in Calcineurin-Mediated Immunosuppression Treated Rodents Beresford, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003648-01A2 Vitamin D and Developmental Origins of Insulin Resistance Bernal-Mizrachi, Carlos Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002728-05 mTOR signaling and regulation of alpha-cell mass and function Bernal-Mizrachi, Ernesto Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005360-01 A Self-Delivery siRNA for Promoting Regenerative Healing in the Eye Bernstein, Audrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IVI 19-487 Enhancing Veteran Community Reintegration Research (ENCORE) Besterman-Dahan, Karen Health Services R&D
I01BX001040-05A1 Paracrine Mechanisms of Prostate Cancer Metastatic Progression Bhowmick, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004214-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003421-01 Aging and Microglial Polarization Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000231-09A2 Role of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Parkinson's Disease Bickford, Paula Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003643-01A2 TBI-induced exosome release accelerates Alzheimer's disease pathology Bieberich, Erhard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003814-01A1 Vitamin D and Calcium signaling in epidermal stem cell maintenance, activation, and function Bikle, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002396-01A1 Hearing Aids and the Brain Billings, Curtis Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002139-01A1 Using Electrophysiology to Complement Speech Understanding-in-Noise Measures Billings, Curtis Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001702-05A1 TRAF3 as a key regulator of B cell survival pathways Bishop, Gail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005392-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Bishop, Gail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
93 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center, Perry Point, MD Biswas, Kousick Cooperative Studies
I21RX003723-01 Mental Function And Quality Of Life With Chronic Pain Bjork, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001226-01A1 Neurobiological mechanisms underlying PTSD Blackford, Jennifer Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002378-05 Mechanisms driving airway inflammation in chronic lung disease Blackwell, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002490-06A1 Regulation of Osteoblasts by ACTH and VEGF Blair, Harry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004626-01 Controlling FKBP51 for the treatment of PTSD Blair, Laura Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003085-01A2 Telehealth Treatment of Veterans with Alcohol Misuse at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Blalock, Daniel Health Services R&D
I01CX001548-01A2 Military Service, Occupational Exposure, and Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk in Veterans Blanc, Paul Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002840-01A1 Sensorimotor training and cortical mechanisms of pain after spinal cord injury Blesch, Armin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004102-01 Role of Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis in Oxytocin-Elicited Weight Loss in Rodents and Nonhuman Primates Blevins, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004161-01 O3 and the Lung-Brain Axis: Regulating Alzheimer's-like Neuropathology Block, Michelle Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001570-01A2 Improving Treatment Engagement and Outcomes among Justice-involved Veterans Blonigen, Daniel Health Services R&D
I21HX002804-01A1 Implementation of mobile health for Veterans in Primary Care: Using Peers to enhance access to mental health care Blonigen, Daniel Health Services R&D
IK2HX001733-01A2 Health Outcomes and Healthcare Use Among Transgender Veterans Blosnich, John Health Services R&D
I01HX002026-01A1 Cannabis Use and Health among VHA Primary Care Patients Blow, Frederic Health Services R&D
I01HX002326-01A1 Improving Outcomes for Emergency Department Patients with Alcohol Problems Blow, Frederic Health Services R&D
IK2CX001831-01A2 TGFβ and Smad Signaling Components in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Blum, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002950-01A1 Building a Learning Healthcare System to Understand and Improve Sepsis Outcomes in the VA TeleICU Network Blum, James Health Services R&D
I01CX002042-01A1 Role of Complement Receptor 1 in the Modulation of B Cell Tolerance Boackle, Susan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002806-01A1 A TrkB Activator for Treatment of Glaucoma Boatright, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002434-01A2 Development of advanced personalized modular pressure relief seating cushion systems: Testing and user evaluation Bogie, Kath Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002166-01A2 Toward smart personalized electrotherapy for enhanced healing of ischemic wounds Bogie, Kath Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002991-01A1 Research Career Scientist Bogie, Kath Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003081-01A1 Biomarkers for pressure injury risk following spinal cord injury: Development of a multi-scalar predictive model for personalized preventive health care Bogie, Kath Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001631-01A2 Amyloidopathy, cholinopathy, dopamine responsiveness and freezing of gait in PD Bohnen, Nicolaas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003397-01A2 Vestibulopathy, imbalance and gait disturbances in Parkinson disease Bohnen, Nicolaas Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001511-01A1 Primary care intervention to reduce prescription opioid overdoses Bohnert, Amy Health Services R&D
IK2CX001501-01A1 The Role of Effort Discounting in the Link between Insomnia and Depression Boland, Elaine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001357-01A1 Epidermal Aquaporin-3 in Psoriasis Bollag, Wendy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005055-01 The Aquaporin-3/Phospholipase D2 Signaling Pathway in Corneal Wound Healing Bollag, Wendy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005691-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Bollag, Wendy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001600-01A1 Cognitive Training as a Novel Neuroscience-based Treatment for PTSD Bomyea, Jessica Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001974-05 The Continuing Challenge of Carbapenemases in K. pneumoniae: KPC-2 & NDM-1 Bonomo, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005307-01 Oral Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors: Exploiting Reaction Mechanisms Bonomo, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SCSI-001-20F The Continuing Challenge of Carbapenemases in K. pneumoniae: KPC-2 & NDM-1 Bonomo, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001891-05A2 Natural Killer Cell Subpopulations in COPD Exacerbations Borchers, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001996-01A1 tDCS Combined with a Brief Cognitive Intervention to Reduce Perioperative Pain and Opioid Requirements in Veterans Borckardt, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002854-01A1 Thriving in the Midst of Moral Pain: The Acceptability and Feasibility of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Moral Injury (ACT-MI) Among Warzone Veterans Borges, Lauren Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002835-01A1 The Role of M1 Leg Area in Volitional and Stereotyped Control of the Lower Limb Borton, David Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX003143-01 Improving the Evaluation and Management of Penicillin Allergy Borzecki, Ann Health Services R&D
I01RX003123-01A1 Efficacy and safety of a new hexadentate iron chelator therapy for TBI-induced chronic disabilities in a rodent model Bose, Prodip Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003198-01 Effects of Long-Term Morphine Treatment on Opioid Receptor Signaling and Inflammation in the Chronic Post-TBI Period Bosse, Kelly Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001623-01A2 Adenylyl cyclase 1 as a Therapy Target for Ethanol-Induced Neuroplastic Deficits Bosse, Kelly Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 08-027 Research Career Scientist Award Bosworth, Hayden Health Services R&D
I01HX003136-01A1 A nurse-led intervention to extend the Veteran HIV treatment cascade for cardiovascular disease prevention (V-EXTRA-CVD) Bosworth, Hayden Health Services R&D
IK2HX002407-01A2 Navigating Advanced Illness for Informal Caregivers of Ill Veterans Boucher, Nathan Health Services R&D
IK2RX001962-01A1 Afferent Stimulation to Evoke Recto-colonic Reflex for Colonic Motility Bourbeau, Dennis Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003856-01A1 Development of Near Infrared Fluorescence-Guided Surgical Navigation and Tumor Specific Photoimmunotherapy for Improved Outcomes for GI Cancers Bouvet, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004494-01 CMA- Marker-assisted prevention and risk stratification (MAPRS): Mucin signatures and molecular imaging for the early detection of colorectal cancer. Bouvet, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002665-01A2 Incline Training to Personalize Motor Control Interventions after Stroke Bowden, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002413-01A2 Intra-Individual Changes in Ambulation and Functional Outcomes among Frail Elders Bowen, Mary Rehabilitation R&D
C0004 CSP C0004 - Denver/Aurora NAVIGATE Site Bowles, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I01HX002704-01A1 Physical Resilience Prediction in Advanced Renal Disease Bowling, Christopher Health Services R&D
COVID19-8990-19 The contribution of diabetes to risk of adverse outcomes among veterans with COVID-19 Boyko, Edward Clinical Science R&D
505 CSP #505 - Millennium Cohort Study Boyko, Edward Cooperative Studies
IK1CX002092-01A1 Quantifying oxytocin effects on vocal expression in schizophrenia Bradley, Ellen Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001608-01A1 Macrophage Expression of SPARC Contributes to Pressure-Overload Dependent Change in Collagen Content and Myocardial Stiffness Bradshaw, Amy Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002104-01A1 Uncovering Physiological Markers of Hidden Hearing Loss Bramhall, Naomi Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001548-01A2 Implementation of Brief Treatments for Insomnia in Primary Care Bramoweth, Adam Health Services R&D
I01HX003096-01 Enhancing Access to Insomnia Care (EASI Care): Implementing Brief Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia in Primary Care Mental Health Integration Clinics Bramoweth, Adam Health Services R&D
I01HX003234-01 Promoting De-Implementation of Inappropriate Antimicrobial Use in Cardiac Device Procedures By Expanding Audit and Feedback Branch-Elliman, Westyn Health Services R&D
I01BX003487-01A2 Elucidating the Mechanisms that link the Shared Epitope, Periodontal Disease and Arthritis Brand, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004910-01A2 Living electrodes for auditory rehabilitation. Brant, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000764-05 Regulation of Calcium Signaling in Retinal Ganglion Cells after Nerve Injury Brecha, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005230-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Brecha, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002125-01A1 Patient-centered Strategies to Engage Veterans in Behavioral Health Services Breland, Jessica Health Services R&D
I01RX003418-01A1 Non-Invasive Vagal Nerve Stimulation in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Bremner, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001966-05 Thyroid Hormone and Neuronal Protection Brent, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003188-01 Quantifying Recovery of Muscle Strength after Exercise in Large Animal Model of Ischemic Myopathy from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Brewster, Luke Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004707-01 Molecular Repair of Diabetic Mesenchymal Stem Cells (dMSC) for Peripheral Arterial Disease Brewster, Luke Biomedical Laboratory R&D
571 CSP #571 - Drug-eluting stents vs Bare Metal Stents in saphenous vein graft angioplasty (DIVA) Brilakis, Emmanouil Cooperative Studies
I01HX003236-01 A Multi-Method Examination of Veteran Crisis Line Emergency Dispatches Britton, Peter Health Services R&D
I01RX002626-01A2 SCI Consortium Study: Neural Stem Cell Transplantation for Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Brock, John Rehabilitation R&D
2010 CSP #2010 - Research for the VA Precision Oncology Program (RePOP) Brophy, Mary Cooperative Studies
IK2RX003128-01A2 Nutritional Functioning in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans with Polytraumatic Injuries: Developing a New Approach Brostow, Diana Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004673-01A2 Specification of sleep-wake control neurons in the basal forebrain Brown, Ritchie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002234-05 ATP-Citrate Lyase As A Novel Metabolic Target for Osteoarthritis Bryan, Ru Liu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001777-08 Assessing the role of metabolism in monocyte to macrophage differentiation in pulmonary fibrosis Budinger, G. R.Scott Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001698-01A2 False Memories in Alzheimer's Disease Budson, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004986-01A1 Kidney Tubule Cell Function and Future Risk of Acute Kidney Injury Bullen, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003838-01A1 Novel Plant Alkaloids for the Treatment of Obesity Bunney, Patricia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000965-01A2 Evaluation of Methods for Implementation of a Comfort Care Order Set Burgio, Kathryn Health Services R&D
I01HX003011-01 Building a Model VA-State Partnership to Support Non-Institutional Long-Term Care for Veterans Burke, Robert Health Services R&D
I01HX002329-01A2 Engaging Patients and Providers in Identifying and Addressing Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Community-Acquired Ulcers in Veterans with SCI Burkhart, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I01BX004829-01 IL-1-based immunotherapy in HNSCC Burnett, Andrean Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002773-01A1 A Novel Drug Target for Aggressive Prostate Cancer Burnstein, Kerry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005466-01 Covid-19: Fast-tracking treatment by exploiting the steroid hormone receptor/TMPRSS2 axis Burnstein, Kerry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003168-01A1 Pathogenesis and drug discovery for tauopathy Burton, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003454-01 Role of Inflammation and Fibrosis in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Bushman, Wade Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002919-01A1 Transcriptional Profiling of Human High Endothelial Venules Butcher, Eugene Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003097-01A1 Enhancing Geriatric Pain Care with Contextual Patient Generated Profiles Butler, Jorie Health Services R&D
I01BX004146-01A1 Dietary fat effect on brain immune response and inflammation Butterick, Tammy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001119-05 The Role of Medications in Predicting Suicide-Related Outcomes and Unintended Death in Older Veterans Byers, Amy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002344-01A2 KCNQ Channels in Airway Smooth Muscle Physiology and Disease Byron, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001847-01A1 Examination of resting state functional connectivity as a marker of acute suicide risk Caceda, Ricardo Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002290-01A2 Novel small molecules targeting brain phospholipid dysregulation in AD Cai, Dongming Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003380-01A2 MicroRNA Regulation of Phospholipid Homeostasis in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis Cai, Dongming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000994-05A1 Regulation of Renal BK Channel by WNK Kinase and its Interacting Proteins Cai, Hui Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000994-09 Role of BK Channel in Chronic Kidney Disease Cai, Hui Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0017 West Haven LPOP Site Cain, Hilary Cooperative Studies
IK2BX005301-01A1 Natural killer cells in pulmonary ischemia-reperfusion injury Calabrese, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005228-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Caldwell, Ruth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001504-01A2 Optimizing the approach to headache neuroimaging Callaghan, Brian Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002908-01A2 Does Adding a Tailored Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Mobile Skills App Mediate Higher Rates of Depression Recovery, Adjustment, and Quality of Life in OEF/OIF Veterans Compared to Standard CBT? Callan, Judith Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003123-01 MyPath: A Patient-Centered Web-Based Intervention to Improve Reproductive Planning for Women Veterans Callegari, Lisa Health Services R&D
I01RX001831-01A1 Comprehensive Fall Prevention and Detection in MS Cameron, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001880-01A1 Targeting Sphinogsine-1-phosphate to overcome SNAI1-mediated therapy resistance in rectal cancer Camp, E. Ramsey Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002484-01A2 Identifying novel proteins in injured nerves that promote functional regeneration Campana, Wendy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003363-01A1 Targeting Schwann cell exosomes for treating neuropathic pain Campana, Wendy Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002891-01A2 Assessing and Enhancing Social Support to Improve Treatment Outcomes Among Veterans with PTSD Campbell, Sarah Health Services R&D
I01CX002060-01A2 Immunogenicity of recombinant zoster vaccine in Rheumatoid arthritis patients Canaday, David Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8900-10 Pilot cellular immunology studies to examine mechanistic foundation for COVID-19 vaccine optimization and NK cell therapy in the aging VA population Canaday, David Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002659-06 Preventing and Reversing Interstitial Fibrosis in HFpEF Canty, Jr., John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002659-01A2 Dynamic Remodeling From Reversible Ischemia and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Canty, Jr., John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004562-01A1 Intracellular immunity, cytosolic DNA sensing by cyclic GAMP synthase, and macrophages in ischemic injury and cardiac remodeling Cao, Dian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003923-01A1 Reprogrammed cell therapy for white matter restoration in aged brain ischemia Cao, Guodong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002611-01A1 Antioxidative Microelectrodes to Improve Neural Recording Performance Capadona, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003077-01 Research Career Scientist Capadona, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002313-01A2 Role of ryanodine receptor dysfunction after spinal cord injury Cardozo, Christopher Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001645-01A2 Neurofeedback Impact on Chronic Headache, Sleep and Attention Disorders Experienced by Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Carlson, Judy Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003197-01 Effects of Opioid and Other Psychotropic Drug Exposures on Long-term Outcomes of TBI: Developing Measurement Best Practices Carlson, Kathleen Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003088-01A1 Community Care Utilization among Post-9/11 Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Carlson, Kathleen Health Services R&D
I01CX001261-01A1 Impact of Icosapent Ethyl on Alzheimers Disease Biomarkers in Preclinical Adults Carlsson, Cynthia Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003437-01A1 Chemopotentiation by Low Dose Fractionated Radiation Therapy for disseminated intra-abdominal cancers Carrier, France Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000467-09A1 Regulation of susceptibility and severity of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system by novel innate immune signaling pathways in human myeloid cells Carrithers, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004662-01A1 Pathologic Signaling Pathways in AML Cells Carroll, Martin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001715-01A2 Pulmonary fibrosis is modulated by MCU-mediated macrophage apoptosis resistance Carter, A. Brent Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004171-01A2 Downregulation of Rab3D: Critical Role in Golgi Disorganization and the Pathogenesis of Alcoholic Liver Disease Casey, Carol Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004853-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Casey, Carol Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001500-01A2 Regulatory Mechanisms in Load-Induced Bone Formation Castillo, Alesha Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX002202-01 Approaches to Studying Social Motivation in Schizophrenia Catalano, Lauren Clinical Science R&D
CDA 16-151 Implementing Shared Decision-Making for Cancer Screening in Primary Care Caverly, Tanner Health Services R&D
IK6BX004215-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Cecchini, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001957-01A1 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-I) Augmentation of Topiramate in promoting abstinence in alcohol use disorder (AUD). Chakravorty, Subhajit Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX004603-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Chalfant, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001792-05 The role of RNA splicing in non-small cell lung cancer Chalfant, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001792-09 The role of RNA splicing in non-small cell lung cancer Chalfant, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 18-146 Evaluating the VA Make-or-Buy Decision in Emergency Care Chan, David Health Services R&D
I01CX001452-01A1 How Does Nicotine Impair Macrophage Killing of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis?  Chan, Edward Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004220-01 TRAF3IP2 in Adverse Cardiac Remodeling and Heart Failure Chandrasekar, Bysani Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004016-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Chandrasekar, Bysani Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002604-01A1 Quantitative Measurement of Joint pH with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Chang, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001388-01 Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Human Rotator Cuff Tendon Chang, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001388-05 Quantitative Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Imaging of Human Rotator Cuff Muscle and Tendon Chang, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004234-01A2 Modulation of VEGF receptors to prevent limbal stem cell transplant rejection Chang, Jin-Hong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005106-01 Transcriptional regulation of T cell immunity Chang, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004835-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Chang, Wenhan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003453-01A2 A novel treatment for bone fracture repair Chang, Wenhan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001301-01A2 ADT and brain dysfunction in prostate ca: the effects of age & neural plasticity Chao, Herta Clinical Science R&D
C0012 CSP 0012 - West Haven VA NAVIGATE Site Chao, Herta Cooperative Studies
I01CX000798-05 An investigation of the relationship between toxicant exposures during Gulf War deployment and prodromal Parkinson's disease. Chao, Linda Clinical Science R&D
I21CX001428-01A1 Pilot Test of Telephone-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Veterans with Gulf War Illness Chao, Linda Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001923-01 CMA: Immune/Inflammatory Priming in Exacerbating Responses to GWVI Stressors: Implications for GWVI Treatments Chatterjee, Saurabh Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003141-01A1 Strengthening neuro-cognitive skills for success in school, work and beyond Chen, Anthony Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005066-01A1 Glycolytic signaling of p38gamma in breast cancer Chen, Guan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002013-01A2 Designing Neural Tissue Constructs that Mimic Brain-Specific Architecture Chen, Han-Chiao Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004271-01 Therapeutic targeting of tumor metabolism in advanced prostate cancer Chen, Hongwu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002787-01 Enhancing Social Connectedness Among Veterans at High Risk for Suicide through Community Engagement Chen, Jason Health Services R&D
IK2HX002866-01A1 Patient Readiness for Improvement through Motivation, Engagement, and Decision-making for PTSD (PRIMED-PTSD) Chen, Jessica Health Services R&D
I01BX000134-09A1 Role of mLST8 in mTORC2-dependent lung cancer that are refractory to targeted therapies Chen, Jin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005391-01 BLRD Merit Review Research Career Scientist (RCS) Award (IK6) Chen, Jin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003377-01 Interleukin-4 as a Novel therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury Chen, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Chen, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003742-01A1 GRM1-induced HIF-1? and reprogramming of glutamine metabolisms in melanoma Chen, Suzie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003742-04A1 Translational application of mouse models of melanoma brain metastases Chen, Suzie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002145-05A2 How Does a Young Extracellular Matrix Rejuvenate Old Mesenchymal Stem Cells? Chen, Xiao-Dong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003617-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Chen, Yabing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004426-01A1 Molecular Regulation of Vascular Calcification in Diabetes Chen, Yabing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004349-01A2 Identification of the neuroinflammatory signature for CTE using single nucleus RNA sequencing Cherry, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001490-01A1 Metabolomics study in patients post myocardial infarction Chiamvimonvat, Nipavan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002344-01A2 Evaluating the Use of Peer Specialists to Deliver Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training Chinman, Matthew Health Services R&D
I21RX003291-01A1 Evaluating the Use of Peer Specialists to Support Suicide Prevention Chinman, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003042-01A1 CoachToFit: Adapted Weight Loss Intervention for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness Chinman, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01BX004514-01A1 A Novel Agent to Suppress Tumor Growth in Bone, Prevent Cachectic Muscle Loss and Preserve Skeletal Integrity Chirgwin, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001619-05 Re-engineering the tumor draining lymph node to achieve memory T cell-based adoptive immunotherapy Cho, Clifford Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID826-2 COVID Insights: OSTP/NSC Interagency Task Force Analysis Cho, Kelly NULL
I01CX001566-01A1 The role of functional iron deficiency in systemic complications of CKD Cho, Monique Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002421-01A1 Hearing Impairment, Strategies and Outcomes in VA Emergency Departments Chodosh, Joshua Health Services R&D
IK2BX004648-01 The role of eosinophils and oxidative stress in esophageal malignancy Choksi, Yash Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001981-01 Using Big-Data to Identify Chou, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001892-01A1 Role of Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Supercomplexes in Exercise Intolerance Choudhary, Gaurav Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001938-01 Targeting Chemoreceptor Control of Breathing during Sleep to Mitigate Opioid-Associated Sleep Disordered Breathing Chowdhuri, Susmita Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003124-01A2 Impact of Positive Airway Pressure Therapy on Clinical Outcomes in Older Veterans with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Comorbid Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Overlap Syndrome) Chowdhuri, Susmita Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003237-01 Optimizing Gait Rehabilitation for Veterans with Non-Traumatic Lower Limb Amputation Christiansen, Cory Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002417-01A1 Optimizing Physical Activity Outcomes for Veterans After Total Knee Arthroplasty Christiansen, Cory Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005195-01 Stimulation of Native Joint-resident Precursors for Cartilage Repair in Osteoarthritis Chu, Cong-Qiu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002452-01A2 Precision Assessment of Platelet Rich Plasma for Joint Preservation Chu, Constance Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000286-09A1 Chromatin Regulation by Mammalian SIRT7 in Aging and Disease Chua, Katrin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000625-05A1 Ultrashort TE MR Imaging of Femorotibial Cartilage Chung, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001547-01A2 Preventing levodopa induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s Disease with Statins Chung, Kathryn Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001741-01A1 Cardiovascular Risk of Non-Opioid Pain Medications Chung-Nakandakari, Cecilia Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002097-01 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC) Cifu, David Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005015-01 SDR: Genomic analysis of blast tube induced TBI in mice Citron, Bruce Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001520-01A1 Preventing TBI-Induced Chronic Functional Loss with a Neuroprotective Antioxidant Citron, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001955-05 Candida albicans responses to antifungals and cell wall stress Clancy, Cornelius Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003115-01 Cerebral networks of locomotor learning and retention in older adults Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002874-01A1 Spinal excitation to enhance mobility in elderly adults Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001776-05 Traumatic Brain Injury and Endogenous Pain Modulation Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001475-06A1 Autonomic Regulation of the Immunological Response to Limb Injury Clark, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003157-05A2 Analysis of Olfactory Dysfunction for Early Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease Clark, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004984-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Clemens, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001234-05A1 Biology of IGFs in Bone Clemens, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001370-05A2 Convergence of Endothelin-1 and Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis Clines, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002211-01A2 Connecting Women to Care: Home-based Psychotherapy for Women with MST Living in Rural Areas Cloitre, Marylene Health Services R&D
I01BX004366-01A2 CCL11 as a New Therapeutic Target for Colitis and Colon Cancer Coburn, Lori Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003013-01A2 Implementing a Clinical-Community Partnered Intervention to Address Food Insecurity Among High-Risk Veterans Cohen, Alicia Health Services R&D
I01BX003449-01A2 A Novel Locus in the Regulation of Human Water Balance Cohen, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
G002 Million Veteran Program(MVP) Cohen, David Cooperative Studies
I01CX001617-01A1 Taste Receptor Genetics, The Sinonasal Microbiome and Chronic Rhinosinusitis Cohen, Noam Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005432-01 COVID-19: Elucidating the Role of the NasalEpithelium in SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Transmission, and Prevention Cohen, Noam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004332-01A1 CTBI: Tauopathy in mice and human: Surrogate Plasma Biomarkers for Brain Trauma-Initiated Neurodegenerative Disease Cole, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002182-05 Metabolic Regulation of Mucosal Inflammation Colgan, Sean Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004550-01A2 Preclinical Psychopharmacology of Substance Abuse Collins, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002512-01A2 Models of Primary Osteoporosis Screening in Male Veterans Colon-Emeric, Cathleen Health Services R&D
IK2RX002120-01A1 The Impact of Integrated CBT-I and PE on Sleep and PTSD Outcomes Colvonen, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
572 CSP #572 - Genetics of Functional Disability in Schizophernia and Bipolar Illness Concato, John Cooperative Studies
600 CSP Clinical Epidemiology Research Center - West Haven Concato, John Cooperative Studies
95 Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center Conner, Todd Cooperative Studies
I01HX002947-01 Development and Evaluation of a Veteran-Informed Means Restriction Intervention for Suicide Prevention Constans, Joseph Health Services R&D
I21RX002900-01A1 Histone Deacetylase Regulation of Cognitive Outcomes after Mild TBI Conti, Alana Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003267-01A1 Post-TBI Opioid Exposure Exacerbates Chronic Injury-induced Behavioral andNeuroinflammatory Outcomes Conti, Alana Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001329-01 Post exertion malaise in Gulf War Illness: Brain autonomic and behavioral interactions Cook, Dane Clinical Science R&D
IK6CX002369-01 CSRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Cook, Dane Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002311-05 Building translationally relevant relationships between neuropathology and abnormal neuroimaging in Veterans and mechanisms of blast-induced neurotrauma in mice Cook, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001836-01A1 Identifying Effective Treatment for Veterans Unwilling to Quit Smoking Cook, Jessica Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003689-01A1 Mechanisms for treating ischemic wounds with human adipocyte derived stem cell exosomes Cooper, Denise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
B9269-L Senior Research Career Scientist Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX002998-01 Center for Wheelchairs and Assistive Robotics Engineering Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002755-01A2 Powered Person Transfer System Cooper, Rory Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002799-01A1 Assessing Feasibility of Measuring Veterans’ Experiences and Receipt of Follow-Up Care after VA Emergency Department Treat-and-Release Visits Cordasco, Kristina Health Services R&D
I01BX004828-01A1 Molecular and Cellular Dissection of miRNAs in Controlling Allergic Airway Inflammation in Mice Corry, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004447-01 Pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection Cover, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000200-08 Roles of Sphingolipids in the Pathophysiology of Obesity and Diabetes Cowart, Lauren Ashley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002421-01A2 Adaptation, Refinement, and Open Trial of Parent Training for Veterans with PTSD Creech, Suzannah Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000304-08A1 The impact of modifiable psychosocial factors on Veterans’ long-term trajectories of functioning and quality of life: Promoting recovery by targeting mindfulness and psychological flexibility Creech, Suzannah Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003618-01 Impact of COVID 19 on Mental Health, Relationship Functioning and VA Tele Mental Health Service Use in a Longitudinal Cohort Study Creech, Suzannah Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002459-01A1 Enhancement of PTSD Treatment with Computerized Executive Function Training Crocker, Laura Rehabilitation R&D
B9270-L Senior Research Career Scientist Crosson, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
C19 20-406 Associations of steroid exposure with severity and outcomes of hospitalized Veterans with COVID-19 Crothers, Kristina Health Services R&D
I01RX003666-01 Chronic Lung Disease and COVID-19: Understanding Severity, Recovery and Rehabilitation Needs (LAUREL Study) Crothers, Kristina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004767-01 Hypoxia inducible factors in pulmonary endothelial cells regulate allergic inflammatory airways disease Crotty Alexander, Laura Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002339-01A2 Practical Telemedicine to Improve Control and Engagement for Veterans with Clinic-Refractory Diabetes Mellitus (PRACTICE-DM) Crowley, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01BX000893-05A2 The role of the M1 macrophage response in the progression of chronic kidney disease Crowley, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000893-09A1 Role of M1 Cytokines in the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease Crowley, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004069-01 DC-HIL in cancer Cruz, Ponciano Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002062-01A1 To explore the potential of UCH-L1 as a novel therapeutic and diagnostic target in heart failure Cui, Taixing Clinical Science R&D
478 DNA Genetic Tissue Banking Culkin, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I01BX003748-01 Transplantable Micro-Tissue Engineered Neural Networks to Restore the Nigrostriatal Pathway in Parkinson's Disease Cullen, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005017-01 SDR: Genomic analysis of blast tube induced TBI in mice Cullen, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001318-05A2 Mechanisms of pharmacological ascorbate inhibition of pancreatic cancer metastases Cullen, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-475 Creating Practice-Ready Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for VA Primary Care and Specialty Medical Settings Cully, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01CX000911-01A2 Modulation of Steroid Suppression by Alveolar Macrophage Efferocytosis Curtis, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8900-24 VA CURES PROGRAM INFRASTRUCTURE AWARD Curtis, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004441-01 The role of sex in the life cycle of Pneumocystis Cushion, Melanie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005232-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Cushion, Melanie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002600-01A1 Continuing the Conversation: A Multi-site RCT Using Narrative Communication to Support Hypertension Self-Management among African-American Veterans Cutrona, Sarah Health Services R&D
C0006 CSP C0006 - Hines VA NAVIGATE Site Czerlanis, Cheryl Cooperative Studies
I01BX001110-05A1 Tumor Suppressing Pathways in Kidney Cancer Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001110-10 Tumor suppressing pathways in renal cancer Czyzyk-Krzeska, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002901-01A2 Protective pathways in sepsis-induced renal injury Dagher, Pierre Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004473-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Dahiya, Rajvir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001503-01A1 Beta Adrenergic Antagonist For The Healing of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers Dahle, Sara Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001401-01 Regulation of insulin Secretion by the GLP-1 Receptor D'Alessio, David Clinical Science R&D
F9261-L Senior Research Career Scientist Damaser, Margot Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001780-01 Precision Cardio-Metabolic Phenotyping for Genetic Discovery and Risk Prediction Damrauer, Scott Clinical Science R&D
MVP-DOE2 Phenotypic and Genomic Architecture of Cardiovascular Disease Subtypes Damrauer, Scott NULL
IRP 20-002 TENACITY: TelemEdiciNe-bAsed Cognitive Therapy for Migraine Damush, Teresa Health Services R&D
RCS 19-002 Research Career Scientist Award Damush, Teresa Health Services R&D
I01HX003026-01 Targeting and Improving Long Term Care Services and Support for High Need Veterans Dang, Stuti Health Services R&D
I01BX004268-01A2 Obesity-Mediated Atrial Fibrillation: Underlying Mechanisms and Responsiveness to Antiarrhythmic Therapy Darbar, Dawood Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004516-01A1 Early Detection of HCC Among Veterans With Liver Cirrhosis Dash, Srikanta Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005143-01 Colon cancer nanotherapy targeting STRAP Datta, Pran Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003497-01A1 Functional role of STRAP in colorectal cancer metastasis and in chemoresistance Datta, Pran Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001799-05A1 Pathophysiology of Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Dave, Utpal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000800-09 TSH RECEPTOR AUTOREGULATION Davies, Terry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004935-01 Restoring the Regulation of a Central Signaling Pathway to Prevent Metastases and Reinstate Tumor Immunity Davila, Eduardo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004715-01 Functional studies of the novel diabetes gene TCF19 Davis, Dawn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004272-01A2 Signals controlling tissues homeostasis in the ovary Davis, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
13F-RCS-003 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Davis, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003244-01A1 Understanding Susceptibility to Parkinson's Disease due to GBA1 Mutations Davis, Marie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001932-01A2 Thrombogenic susceptibility in middle aged Veterans Dayal, Sanjana Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003146-01A1 Development of sensory augmentation methods to improve post-stroke gait stability Dean, Jesse Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002256-01A1 A novel mechanics-based intervention to improve post-stroke gait stability Dean, Jesse Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002747-01A2 Endogenous cannabinoid signaling in the development of chronic neuropathic pain Dean-Bernhoft, Caron Rehabilitation R&D
C19 20-203 Impact of COVID-19 and Social Distancing on Mental Health and Suicide Risk in Veterans DeBeer, Bryann Health Services R&D
I01BX005180-01 Sphingosine-1-phosphate system as a therapeutic target for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Dedeoglu, Alpaslan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX004957-01 Targeting the sphingosine-1-phosphate system in a mouse model of Gulf War Veterans' Illness Dedeoglu, Alpaslan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001757-01A2 CPT-SMART for Treatment of PTSD and Cigarette Smoking Dedert, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004495-01 Dissecting the Role of Inflammation in Smoking and Aging Associated Lung Cancers DeGregori, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002624-05A1 Role of host sphingolipids against fungal infections Del Poeta, Maurizio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005386-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Del Poeta, Maurizio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004661-01 MAVS-Mediated Pulmonary Inflammation and Injury Response During Cigarette Smoke Exposure and Influenza Viral Infection and in COPD Dela Cruz, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003922-01 T-cell regulation of cardiac remodeling DeLeon-Pennell, Kristine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX003253-01A2 Exercise and pharmacological LRRK2 inhibition for preventing PD Delic, Vedad Rehabilitation R&D
COVID19-8900-04 Type I IFN and TLR7 response regulates susceptibility to COVID-19 Dellitalia, Louis Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003664-01 Pathophysiology of Extracellular Matrix and Desmin Breakdown in Volume Overload Heart Dellitalia, Louis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8100-06 Leukocyte rewiring as a mechanism of COVID-19-ARDS Deng, Jane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004565-01A1 Neutrophil heterogeneity and function in host defense during pulmonary infection Deng, Jane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005447-01 Immune mediated lung injury in COVID-19 Deng, Jane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR-SPTD-20S Suicide Prevention Trials Database Denneson, Lauren Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002434-01A1 Advancing Suicide Prevention for Female Veterans Denneson, Lauren Health Services R&D
I01HX002468-01A2 Rapid Referral to Suicide Specific Intervention in Psychiatric Emergency Care Depp, Colin Health Services R&D
C19 20-204 Use of VA Telehealth Services at VAGLAHS during the COVID-19 Pandemic Der-Martirosian, Claudia Health Services R&D
I01BX000964-08A1 Phage Display for Improved Peptide-Based Tumor Targeting and Imaging Agents Deutscher, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002086-06A1 Role of claudin-1 in Colon Cancer Dhawan, Punita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001771-01A2 Novel Use of Malignant Pleural Effusion Resident T cells for Systemic Adoptive Cell Transfer in Veterans with Lung Cancer Dhupar, Rajeev Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002983-01A1 Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans through the Veterans Crisis Line Dichter, Melissa Health Services R&D
I01RX002753-01A2 Clinical Evaluation of Pneumatic Technology for Powered Mobility Devices Dicianno, Brad Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001837-01 A Randomized Trial of Pioglitazone for the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder Dieperink, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003584-01A1 Vestibular Function and Balance in People with Diabetes Mellitus DiLiberto, Frank Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003429-01A2 Heart Function Decline and Aging Dillmann, Wolfgang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002965-01A1 Developing a Mobile Intervention for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Problematic Anger Dillon, Kirsten Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001667-01A1 Neurophysiological and Kinematic Predictors of Response in Chronic Stroke Dimyan, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
IK3HX001836-01A1 Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention Delivered within Diabetes Education on Diabetes-related Outcomes in Military Veterans DiNardo, Monica Health Services R&D
I01RX003117-01A1 One-day Life Skills Workshop for Veterans with TBI, pain, and Psychopathology: Evaluating efficacy and mechanism of change Dindo, Lilian Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003242-01A1 Development of Vision-Guided Shared Control for Assistive Robotic Manipulators Ding, Dan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001964-01A1 Reducing Brain Hyperglycolysis: A Novel Strategy for Hyperglycemia after Stroke Ding, Yuchuan Rehabilitation R&D
SDR 20-030 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Health Economics Study (HX003155) Dismuke, Clara Health Services R&D
IK2RX002922-01A1 Exploring polygenic risk as a means for personalizing TBI rehabilitation Disner, Seth Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004235-01 Targeting Macrophage Lysosome Biogenesis Program in Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Diwan, Abhivav Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003322-01A1 Connectome Analysis of the Nigrostriatal Neuronal Tract after Blast TBI Dixon, C Rehabilitation R&D
COR 19-490 Suicide Prevention Research Impact NeTwork (SPRINT) Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
I01HX002987-01 Understanding Impact of VHA's New Suicidal Ideation Screening Initiative: Veteran's Perspective Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
I50HX001244-01 HSRD Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC) Dobscha, Steven Health Services R&D
I01RX001213-01A2 Cartilage response to compression injury: A platform for therapeutics discovery Dodge, George Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004522-01 Advanced Preclinical Testing of a Broad-Spectrum Antiparasitic Quinolones for Veteran Health Doggett, Joseph ("Stone") Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005434-01 COVID19: Optimized Endosome-Targeting Compounds for SARS-CoV-2 and Emerging Coronaviruses Doggett, Joseph ("Stone") Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005073-01 Roles of STING and innate lymphoid cell plasticity in severe asthma Doherty, Taylor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002590-01A1 Peer learning to promote quality and appropriate use of percutaneous coronary intervention Doll, Jacob Health Services R&D
577 CSP #577 - Colonoscopy vs. Fecal Immunochemical Test in Reducing Mortality from Colorectal Cancer (CONFIRM) Dominitz, Jason Cooperative Studies
I01CX001434-01A2 Surgical Studies on the Role of MicroRNAs in Esophageal Cancer Donahue, James Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004870-01A1 microRNA Regulation of The Cocaine Effects on the Cardiovascular System Dong, Chunming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002296-01A2 Improving Restoration of Middle-Ear Function Following Blast Related Injuries Dong, Wei Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004929-01 A role of FAM3B in suppressing prostate cancer progression Dong, Yan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005236-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Dong, Zheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000319-09 Ischemic Kidney Injury and Kidney Repair Dong, Zheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002816-01A1 Redesigning Medical specialty Outpatient DELivery through virtual SLEEP care (REMODEL-SLEEP) Donovan, Lucas Health Services R&D
I01CX001848-01 Microbiologic impact of medical therapies for recurrent Clostridium difficile infection Donskey, Curtis Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002878-01 Treatment of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a mouse model with a side effect free erythropoietin derived immune modulator. Dowling, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002291-01 Understanding Myocardial Recovery in Diabetes and Heart Failure Drakos, Stavros Clinical Science R&D
I21HX003187-01 Bystander Activation Intervention to Address Gender-Based Harassment Drapalski, Amy Health Services R&D
I21HX002708-01A1 Reproductive Life Planning for Women Veterans with Mental Illness Drapalski, Amy Health Services R&D
2004 CSP #2004 - Microbiota vs. Antimicrobial Therapy for recurrent Clostridium difficile at Home (MATCH) Drekonja, Dimitri Cooperative Studies
IK2HX002664-01A1 Targeting Barriers to Pain Self-Management in Women Veterans: Refinement and Feasibility of a Novel Peer Support Intervention (Project CONNECT) Driscoll, Mary Health Services R&D
I01BX004878-01A1 CMA: Cartilage Repair Strategies to Alleviate Arthritic Pain (CaRe AP): Novel cell-based therapies to increase functional outcomes and alleviate pain in preclinical models of osteoarthritis Drissi, Hicham Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004708-01A1 Spatial and Temporal Role of the Runx3 Transcription Factor in Secondary Fracture Healing Drissi, Hicham Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003302-01A1 I CARE for Vets: InCreasing Activity & REcovery for Veterans with PTSD Duan-Porter, Wei Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002005-01 Early detection of metastatic disease in US Veterans following surgery for early stage lung cancer Dubinett, Steven Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004717-01 Exosome-mediated mechanisms of metastatic disease in non-small cell lung cancer Dubinett, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000345-06 Clinically Actionable Neoantigens in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Dubinett, Steven Clinical Science R&D
L0008 Greater LA LPOP Site Dubinett, Steven Cooperative Studies
I01BX005079-01 Tissue engineered Nigrostriatal Pathway as a testbed for evaluating axonal pathophysiology in Parkinson's disease. Duda, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005242-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002011-05 Mechanisms of NaCl Absorption in the Mammalian Colon Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002011-09 Mechanisms of Regulation of Intestinal Cl Absorption in IBD Associated Diarrhea Dudeja, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004944-01 Impact of Inflammatory Pathway in Tumor Stroma on Pancreatic Cancer Growth Dudeja, Vikas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004321-01A1 Novel treatments for neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimers Disease (AD): targeting inflammatory injury using three translational anti-inflammatory strategies in a new AD model. Dugan, Laura Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002218-01 Integration of Geriatric Measures Alongside Disease-Based Measures to Advance Precision Oncology for Older Veterans with Multiple Myeloma Dumontier, Clark Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001668-01 Reflux-Induced Oxidative DNA Damage Repair Early in Barrett's Carcinogenesis Dunbar, Kerry Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX000943-01A1 Insulin Resistance and Reward Signaling in Obesity Dunn, Julia Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003083-01 Hybrid Drug-Eluting Microfluidic Neural Probe for Chronic Drug Infusion Dunning, Allison Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002565-05 Attenuating microglial-dependent axonal pathology in EAE Dupree, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002303-01A2 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the Treatment of Veterans with Alcohol Use Disorders Durazzo, Timothy Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002003-01A2 Mechanisms of neuronal dysfunction in mild traumatic brain injury Dutca, Laura Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX003206-01A2 Modification of Group 3 Power Wheelchair and Automated Patient Transfer Bed for Compatibility Duvall, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003456-01 Novel targets to treat head and neck cancer in Veterans Duvvuri, Umamaheswar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002893-01A1 Mindful Self Compassion for combat deployed Veterans with Moral Injury and co-occurring PTSD-SUD Eaton, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003803-01A1 Autophagy in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Edelstein, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001415-01A1 Cognitive and Biomarker Profiles of Accurate and Inaccurate MCI Diagnosis Edmonds, Emily Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002282-01A2 Optimizing Outcomes in Home-Based Primary Care Edwards, Samuel Health Services R&D
IK1RX003374-01A1 Using FHF2 to Adjust the Gain on Pain Effraim, Philip Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003445-01A1 Caring Cards to and from Veterans: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Peer Approach toSuicide Prevention and Recovery Ehret, Blaire Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002432-01A2 Body Mass Index (BMI) Risk Zones and Variations in Obesity Detection in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Eisenberg, Dan Health Services R&D
I01BX004836-01A2 Traumatic Brain Injury and Vascular Disease Eitzman, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001864-01A1 Identifying molecular markers that predict relapse after therapy discontinuation inchronic myeloid leukemia. Eklund, Elizabeth Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004635-01 Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance and disease progression in acute myeloid leukemia Eklund, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001656-01A2 A pragmatic randomized comparator trial of eszopiclone and brief behavioral therapy for insomnia in CPAP non adherent Veterans with PTSD and complex insomnia El Solh, Ali Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX002180-01 A Precision Medicine Approach To Study Targetable Pathways in Vascular Dementia Elahi, Fanny Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003019-01 Transcranial photobiomodulation therapy for treatment of blast-induced traumatic brain injury: A pilot study in a rat model of primary blast Elder, Gregory Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002660-01A2 Neurodegeneration following low-level blast exposure Elder, Gregory Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004067-01A2 The Structural and Molecular Basis of Blast-Induced Vascular Injury Elder, Gregory Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002283-01A1 Improving Patient-Provider Communication to Reduce Mental Health Disparities Eliacin, Johanne Health Services R&D
C19 20-393 Expanding VA Peer Support Workforce Capacity to Facilitate Increased Access to VHA Mental Health Services and Continuity of Care for Veterans with Mental Illness During The COVID-19 Pandemic Eliacin, Johanne Health Services R&D
I01BX002715-05A2 Modulation of Th17 plasticity by intestinal paleobiomic fauna Elliott, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002947-01A1 A Sleep Intervention to Improve Rehabilitation in Veterans with Chronic mTBI Elliott, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002228-05A1 Renal Effects of Aldosterone Ellison, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003395-01 Host Defense Mechanisms in Melanoma Pathogenesis Elmets, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001179-05 Molecular Pathobiology of Gastric Carcinogenesis El-Rifai, Wael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003787-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award El-Rifai, Wael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001179-09A1 Molecular Pathobiology of Gastric Carcinogenesis El-Rifai, Wael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002992-01A2 Returning to Everyday Tasks Utilizing Rehabilitation Networks-III Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial (RETURN-III Pilot RCT) Ely, E. Wesley Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX002203-01 Improving the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis-Associated Lung Disease in Veterans Using Real-World Data England, Bryant Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002628-01A1 Mimicking the Architecture and Modulus of Native Brain Tissue onto Neural Implants to Improve Biocompatibility Ereifej, Evon Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000347-09 Cerebral arteriole structure/function in diabetic ischemic brain injury Ergul, Adviye Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004471-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Ergul, Adviye Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003176-01 Access, Quality and Equity of Anticoagulants in Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation Essien, Utibe Health Services R&D
I21RX002737-01 Connectome-based fingerprinting of clinical and functional outcomes in veterans Esterman, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001653-01 Defining biotypes of PTSD with resting-state connectivity Esterman, Michael Clinical Science R&D
SDR 20-387 CKD Cascade of Care (C3) Initiative – Phase 1 Estrella, Michelle Health Services R&D
RCS 20-192 Research Career Scientist Award Evans, Charlesnika Health Services R&D
I01HX002169-01A2 Effectiveness of Treatment and Outcomes for Veterans Infected with Resistant Gram-negative Organisms. Evans, Charlesnika Health Services R&D
I21RX002898-01A1 Improving Quality of Life for Veterans with Stroke and Psychological Distress Evans, Gina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001733-05A1 Regulation of Calcium Homeostasis in the Pancreatic Beta Cell Evans-Molina, Carmella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003457-01A1 Development of an Orthosis with an Integrated Microphone for Measurement of Knee Acoustic Emissions in Pre-Radiographic Osteoarthritis Ewart, David Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX005303-01 Understanding and Enhancing the Therapeutic Efficacy of Factor VIIa for Emergency Hemostasis Fager, Ammon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-205 Veterans Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic Fagerlin, Angela Health Services R&D
I01RX003143-01A2 Water-based Activity to Enhance Recall in Veterans: A Randomized Clinical Trial Fairchild, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
D9288-E Can Service Dogs Improve Activity and Quality of Life in Veterans with PTSD? Fallon, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001515-01A1 Pulmonary Vascular Dysfunction after Deployment-Related Exposures Falvo, Michael Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX004211-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Fan, Jie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002729-01 Cell Death Mechanism of Acute Lung Injury in Sepsis Fan, Jie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004838-01 Regulatory Role of ILC2 in Acute Lung Injury in Sepsis Fan, Jie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004609-01A1 CMA: Pulmonary and Systemic Effects of Deployment Related Particulate Matter Exposures Fan, Vincent Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001380-01A1 Convergent Genetic and Genomic Analyses of Schizophrenia Fanous, Ayman Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004695-01A1 Epigenetic-guided studies of AMD pathology and iPSC-RPE transplantation therapy Farkas, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002499-01 post-REcovery LIbEration From Oxygen in Exacerbated COPD (RELIEF) Feemster, Laura Cecere Health Services R&D
I50RX002361-01 National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research Feeney, M. Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003182-01 Tympanometric laser Doppler vibrometry measurements of middle ear function Feeney, M. Patrick Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002625-05 Liver Kinase B1, a genetic risk factor for multiple sclerosis Feinstein, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004852-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Feinstein, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0004 Chicago LPOP Site Feldman, Lawrence Cooperative Studies
I01BX003831-01A1 The Interaction of parkin and environmental toxins in Parkinson’s disease Feng, Jian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002452-05 Kinetic Barriers of Transdifferentiation Feng, Jian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002342-01A2 The Effect of Estrogen Deficiencies on Vision Loss in Glaucoma Feola, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002245-01A1 SCI Consortium Study: Harnessing big-data for plasticity and rehabilitation in translational SCI Ferguson, Adam Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002787-01A1 Leveraging data-science for discovery in chronic TBI Ferguson, Adam Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002245-05A1 Harnessing big-data for plasticity and rehabilitation in translational SCI Ferguson, Adam Rehabilitation R&D
2000 CSP 2000 - Quality Improvement for Clinical Research Ferguson, Ryan Cooperative Studies
96 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center - Boston Ferguson, Ryan Cooperative Studies
I01CX001153-01A1 Emphysema and Inflammatory Biomarkers and Risk of Osteoporosis in Men with COPD Field, Jessica Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003014-01A1 The impact of a home-based pulmonary telerehabilitation program on muscle function and quality of life following acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Field, Jessica Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001230-01 Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion Fine, Michael Health Services R&D
I01HX002366-01A2 Quality of Care for Justice-Involved Veterans: Gaps, Predictors, and Stakeholder-Driven Solutions Finlay, Andrea Health Services R&D
I01BX002966-05A1 Traumatic stress and binge drinking as risk factors for excessive alcohol intake Finn, Deborah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2001 CSP #2001 - Investigation of Rifampin to Reduce Pedal Amputations for Osteomyelitis in Diabetics (VA Intrepid) Fiore, Louis Cooperative Studies
I01BX004443-01 Precision Editing of Myosin Phosphatase as a Novel Approach for Vasodilator Sensitization and Lowering of Blood Pressure in Hypertension Fisher, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003354-01A1 Understanding Social Situations (USS): Training to improve social function in people with psychosis Fiszdon, Joanna Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002826-01A2 Optimizing Management of Urinary Tract Infections in Patients with Neurogenic Bladder through Improved Knowledge of Provider Practice and Patient-reported Outcomes Fitzpatrick, Margaret Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX001783-01A2 A Patient-centered Approach to Comorbidity Management in Aging Veterans with HIV Fix, Gemmae Health Services R&D
I01CX001962-01A1 Enhancing Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD with Oxytocin Flanagan, Julianne Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004825-01 Molecular Pathogenesis of Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Infections Fleckenstein, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002796-01A1 A pragmatic trial of brief CBT for anxiety in VA primary care Fletcher, Terri Health Services R&D
I01HX002504-01A2 Anxiety diagnostic accuracy in VA primary care mental health integration settings: Identifying barriers and facilitators to inform a learning health care system Fletcher, Terri Health Services R&D
I01BX002439-04A1 Ocular Sequelae and Intervention in a Rat Model of Blast Overpressure Polytrauma Fliesler, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-001 Research Career Scientist Award Fliesler, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Ford, Judith Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000497-05 Rescuing the ruminating brain: Identifying biomarkers of rumination and mindfulness through concurrent EEG and fMRI studies of schizophrenia and depression Ford, Judith Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003284-01 Mechanisms of ventilatory adaptations to chronic hypercapnia Forster, Hubert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003284-05A2 Mechanisms of Ventilatory Adaptations to Chronic Hypercapnia Forster, Hubert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001807-01A1 Electrophysiological Predictors and Indicators of Contingency Management Treatment Response Forster, Sarah Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002268-01A2 Web-based Visual and Cognitive Screening Battery for Rural OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Fortenbaugh, Francesca Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002907-01A1 Multisite RCT of STEP-Home: A transdiagnostic skill-based community reintegration workshop Fortier, Catherine Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 17-153 Research Career Scientist Award Fortney, John Health Services R&D
IK2BX003196-01A1 Mechanisms of age-related cognitive impairment in male and female rats after mTBI Fortress, Ashley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001595-01 Novel Prediction Tools for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Fournier, Christina Clinical Science R&D
D9286-E Partnered Evidence-based Policy Research Center (PEPReC) Frakt, Austin Rehabilitation R&D
SDR 19-326 Storm RPE Analysis Frakt, Austin Health Services R&D
SDR 20-386 Virta Health Evaluation Frakt, Austin Health Services R&D
IK6BX005226-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Francis, Heather Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003031-06 Mechanisms of synergistic regulation of biliary inflammation and fibrosis Francis, Heather Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001914-01A2 Development and Testing of a Prescription Opioid Tapering Intervention Frank, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01BX000516-05 Identification and targeting of colon cancer initiating cells Frank, Natasha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003718-01A1 Relationship between circadian disruption, cardiac GH/IGF-1 signaling, and heart failure Frank, Stuart Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002519-01A1 Improving Patient Care and Physician Resilience through Effective Veteran-Centered Communication and Documentation Practices Frankel, Richard Health Services R&D
IK1RX002427-01A2 Measuring Moral Injury Events in Veterans and Soldiers Frankfurt, Sheila Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003485-01A1 Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration in a Transgenic Alzheimer Rat with Vascular Disease Frautschy, Sally Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002626-01A1 Attrition of Women Veterans New to VHA in the Community Care Era Frayne, Susan Health Services R&D
N0011 CSP NODES - Women’s Enhanced Recruitment Process Initiative Phase 2 Frayne, Susan Cooperative Studies
I01CX001183-01A1 Systemic sclerosis (SSc) vasculopathy: Improved clinical monitoring and treatment Frech, Tracy Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003906-01A2 Dynamics of the brain epigenome with aging Freeman, Willard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-405 Establishment of Veterans' Cohort and Effect of HCV and COVID-19 Screening and Treatment Freiberg, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX001860-01A2 Spanish Online & Telephone Intervention for Caregivers of Veterans with Stroke Freytes, Magaly Health Services R&D
I01HX002062-01A2 Promoting Advance Care Planning as a Healthy Behavior Fried, Terri Health Services R&D
C0005 CSP 0005 - Durham VA NAVIGATE Site Friedman, Daphne Cooperative Studies
PPO 19-397 Management of severe hearing loss in the Veterans Health Administration Friedmann, David Health Services R&D
I01BX003741-01A2 Optimization of therapeutic mAbs to carbapenem resistant Klebsiella clone ST258 Fries, Bettina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004280-01A2 Targeting the in Vivo Hypoxic Microenvironment of Multiple Myeloma as an Anti-Tumor Strategy Frost, Patrick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001980-01A1 Reward processing and depressive subtypes: Identifying neural biotypes related to suicide risk, resilience, and treatment response Fryer, Susanna Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001228-01 Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research Fu, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX004632-01A1 The roles of the necroptotic and excitotoxic pathways in diisopropyl fluorophosphate-induced neuronal necrosis Fujikawa, Denson Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001228-05 Autoinflammation in Human Melanoma Fujita, Mayumi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001232-05A1 Role of Cu Transporter Proteins in Atherosclerosis Fukai, Tohru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001232-11 SUMOylation of Cu transport protein Atox1 in Atherosclerosis Fukai, Tohru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-206 Piloting a Self-Help Intervention to Improve Veteran Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic Funderburk, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I01HX002166-01A2 The Efficacy of Masked Tapering on Discontinuation of Hypnotics in Older Veterans Fung, Constance Health Services R&D
IK2HX002064-01 Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Bariatric Surgery within VA Funk, Luke Health Services R&D
I01RX002319-01A2 Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia in chronic traumatic brain injury Furst, Ansgar Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002182-01 The role of the brain stem in GWVI pathology Furst, Ansgar Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003688-01A1 Dendritic Cell Proteoglycans and Reprogramming Cancer Immunity Fuster, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002089-01A2 Improving Housing Outcomes for Homeless Veterans Gabrielian, Sonya Health Services R&D
I01BX005352-01 Toxicant Exposure Impacts Host-pathogen interactions within the Reproductive Tract Gaddy, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001969-01A2 Neutrophil Exosomes: New Pathogenic Entities in COPD Gaggar, Amit Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004637-01A2 How nicotine delivered by Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) affects the lung and its recovery from cigarette smoking Gahring, Lorise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000555-05A1 Longitudinal MRI in Preclinical Parkinson Disease Gallagher, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004893-01A1 Lipid mediators and their signaling in ocular surface inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction Galor, Anat Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002015-01 Neural mechanisms underlying photophobia and dry eye Galor, Anat Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003369-01A1 Personalizing Cognitive Processing Therapy with a Case Formulation Approach to Intentionally Target Impairment in Psychosocial Functioning Associated with PTSD Galovski, Tara Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002211-05A1 Pathogenic Tau Promotes Brain Vascular Dysfunction in Alzheimer's Disease Galvan, Veronica Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003459-01A1 Treatment of the Chronic Blast-induced PTSD Phenotype with Capsaicin Gama Sosa, Miguel Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002876-01 FGF1 Treatment of Cerebral Vascular Degenerations in blast mTBI Gama Sosa, Miguel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001174-09 Mechanisms of Liver Injury Gandhi, Chandrashekhar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002333-01 Proneurogenic Treatment for Amyloid or Tau-Based Neurodegeneration Gandy, Samuel Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001640-05A1 Neurophysiological Basis for Enhancing Motor Recovery After Stroke Ganguly, Karunesh Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003744-01 Pathways regulating adult pancreatic beta cell replication Gannon, Maureen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004676-01A1 Role of MUC5AC in promoting CNS metastasis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Ganti, Apar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-473 Enhancing Tools and Resources to Improve Coordination of VA Primary Care: A Research to Impact for Veterans (RIVR) Project Ganz, David Health Services R&D
IK6BX005222-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Gao, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004036-01 Novel mechanisms of resistance to antiandrogen therapies Gao, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004841-01A1 Preclinical investigation of PI3K inhibition and immune checkpoint blockade combination therapy for treatment of Merkel cell carcinoma using humanized mouse models Gao, Ling Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002807-06 The Role of Ghrelin and the GHSR-1a receptor in Sarcopenic Obesity Garcia, Jose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2018 CSP #2018 - Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy in Veterans with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) Garcia, Jose Cooperative Studies
I01BX000446-08A1 Dynamic Regulation of Erythropoietin Gene Expression in Mammals Garcia, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002107-01 Optimization of Prosthetic Foot and Ankle Stiffness for Standing and Walking Gard, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002237-01A1 Improving Analysis of Endogenous Multimodal Treatments for Use in Geriatrics Health Outcomes Studies Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
SDR 19-327 Community Care/Mission Act Virtual Research Network Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
SDR 19-328 Access Core Garrido, Melissa Health Services R&D
I01BX004619-01 CMA: Pulmonary and Systemic Effects of Deployment Related Particulate Matter Exposures Garshick, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
595 CSP #595 - Pulmonary Health and Deployment to Southwest Asia and Afghanistan Garshick, Eric Cooperative Studies
C0010 CSP 0010 - Portland VA NAVIGATE Site Garzotto, Mark Cooperative Studies
IK2CX002107-01 Chronic pain conditions and internalizing psychopathology, a genetic epidemiology investigation. Gasperi, Marianna Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002610-01A1 Developing a Team-Delivered Intervention for Smoking and Hazardous Drinking for Primary Care Veterans with Cardiovascular Diseases Gass, Julie Health Services R&D
SDR 18-148 Improving Colonoscopy Quality for Colorectal Cancer Screening in the National VA Healthcare System Gawron, Andrew Health Services R&D
601 CSP Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) Gaziano, J. Michael Cooperative Studies
MVP-DOE3 MVP CHAMPION Prostate Cancer Pilot Project Gaziano, J. Michael NULL
I01BX002771-01A2 Cyclophilin-D: A Regulator of Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Gazmuri, Raul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
575B CSP #575B - Genomics of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Gelernter, Joel Cooperative Studies
MVP-MIND PILOT Efficient assessment of psychiatric traits via a biobank instrument Gelernter, Joel Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001849-01 Genomics of PTSD and Related Traits Gelernter, Joel Clinical Science R&D
SDR 16-193 STORM Implementation Program Evaluation Gellad, Wallid Health Services R&D
I01BX003714-01A1 Determine if a candidate dengue vaccine in advanced trials induces antigen-specific cellular immunity that mimics immunity after multiple infections and controls antibody-enhanced viral replication George, Sarah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001776-01A2 Assessing Functional Arterial Stiffness in Older Hypertensive Veterans Gepner, Adam Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002665-05 Mechanisms of Resistance to mTOR Targeted Therapies Gera, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003425-01A1 Epithelial Beta-catenin Signaling Improves Chronic Renal Injury Gewin, Leslie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001816-01A2 The role of IL17A and keratinocyte stem cells in human psoriasis. Ghadially, Ruby Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002099-01A1 Modulating microglial phenotype to prevent SCI-induced central neuropathic pain Ghosh, Mousumi Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004423-01A1 Target, Function and Mechanism of LLS30 in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Ghosh, Paramita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002297-01A2 Cholesterol regulation of Macrophage Inflammation and Vascular Diseases Ghosh, Shobha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003611-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000926-05A2 Mechanism of Renal Cell Injury Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000926-09 Mechanisms of Renal Cell Injury Ghosh-Choudhury, Goutam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-207 A Needs Assessment for Facilitating the Role of VA Occupational Health Providers during COVID-19 Giannitrapani, Karleen Health Services R&D
IK2HX002402-01A1 Improving Health Care for Women Veterans: Addressing Menopause and Mental Health Gibson, Carolyn Health Services R&D
PEC 15-467 Partnered Evaluation of the Clinic Management Training Program Gifford, Allen Health Services R&D
I50HX001231-01 Center for Healthcare Organization and Implementation Research (CHOIR) Gifford, Allen Health Services R&D
I01BX001352-05 Endothelial topography, phosphatidylserine, and procoagulant activity Gilbert, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003502-01A1 Development of Poly (pro-curcumin) Polymer Coatings to Improve Cortical Electrode Biocompatibility Gilbert, Ryan Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001211-05 Role of Gut Microbial Translocation in Initiating Autoimmunity Gilkeson, Gary Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004952-01A1 Cellular Heterogeneity and Aging in MDS and AML Gillen, Austin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000930-01A2 Factors Associated with Institutional Use by Veterans in Home Based Primary Care Gillespie, Suzanne Health Services R&D
IK2HX002567-01A1 Building Supportive Learning Environments: Implementation Research in VA Cardiac Cath Labs Gilmartin, Heather Health Services R&D
I01BX003451-01A1 Targeting Melanocortin-4 Receptors to Reduce Pain in U.S. Veterans Gilpin, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 18-077 VA Video Connect to Improve Access to Multi-disciplinary Specialty Care Giordano, Thomas Health Services R&D
I01HX002946-01 Reduction of postoperative opioids dispensed in surgical patients Giori, Nicholas Health Services R&D
I01BX003771-01A1 Targeting CCL20-CCR6 Interactions in Colorectal Cancer Gold, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002950-01 Retinal Ganglion Cell Differentiation and Transplantation Goldberg, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000930-09A1 Oxyntic Atrophy and Novel Gastric Lineages Goldenring, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002040-01 Parkinson's Disease and Exposure to Chlorinated Solvents at Marine Base Camp Lejeune Goldman, Samuel Clinical Science R&D
ESP 09-010 Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) - Durham Goldstein, Karen Health Services R&D
IK2RX002952-01A2 Improving Sleep and Functioning in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Goldstein, Lizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003423-01A1 Objective and subjective measures of fatigability in Veterans with chronic kidney disease before and after flywheel resistance plus aerobic exercise GOLLIE, JARED Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005202-01 CMA: Network plasticity in acquired epileptogenesis Golshani, Peyman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004681-01A1 Regulation of Mineralocorticoid Receptor Action Gomez-Sanchez, Celso Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004170-01 Translational development of FDA-approved COX and LOX inhibitors to treat spinal cord injury-induced neuropathic pain. Gonzalez-Fernandez, Federico Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001705-01A1 Group (“Project Life Force”) vs. Individual Suicide Safety Planning RCT Goodman, Marianne Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002093-01A1 CTBI: Traumatic brain injury-induced inflammation effects on cognitive evaluations and response inhibition: Mechanisms of increased risk for suicidality Goodman, Marianne Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001880-01A2 Alignment of Treatment Preferences and Repair Type for Veterans with AAA Goodney, Philip Health Services R&D
I01RX001979-01 Maneuverability Enhancement Following Spinal Cord Injury Gordon, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003371-01 Amplify Gait to Improve Locomotor Engagement in Spinal Cord Injury (AGILE SCI Trial) Gordon, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003250-05 Regulation of pancreatitis severity Gorelick, Fred Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003456-01 Transspinal versus Epidural Stimulation for Exoskeletal Assisted Walking after Spinal Cord Injury Gorgey, Ashraf Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002649-01A1 Testosterone and Long Pulse Width Stimulation for Denervated Muscles after Spinal Cord Injury Gorgey, Ashraf Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001669-05A1 Chromatin Accessibility and Transcription Factor Networks in Rheumatoid Arthritis Goronzy, Jorg Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001478-01A2 Reducing Anxiety and Improving Functioning in Older Veterans Gould, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004062-01A1 Hydroxynorketamine for the Treatment of PTSD and Anhedonia Gould, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003631-01A1 Targeting the inflammatory response to treat post-traumatic anxiety and depression. Gould, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002308-01A1 Association of Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH)Interventions with Opioid Use and Related Risks Among Veterans with Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD and PTSD Goulet, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01HX002679-01A1 Understanding Suicide Risks among LGBT Veterans in VA Care Goulet, Joseph Health Services R&D
I21RX003191-01A1 Biomaterial Implants for the Treatment of Disuse Muscle Atrophy Gower, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002941-01A2 How Do Lower Limb Prosthetic Stiffness and Power Affect the Biomechanics, Metabolic Costs, and Satisfaction of Veterans with Transtibial Amputations DuringWalking? Grabowski, Alena Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002943-01A2 Can Sensory Feedback Training Improve the Biomechanical and Metabolic Effects of Using Passive or Powered Lower Limb Prostheses During Walking for Veterans with Transtibial Amputations? Grabowski, Alena Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003010-01A1 Optimizing Prosthetic and Bicycle Fit for Veterans with Transtibial Amputations Grabowski, Alena Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002781-01A1 Mechanisms and treatments of mitochondrial dysfunction in paralyzed skeletal muscle after spinal cord injury Graham, Zachary Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004748-01 Translating Melatonin- and Serotonin-2C Interactions into Improved Treatments for Pain and Opioid-Use Disorders Grasing, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002420-01A2 Improving Measurement and Treatment of Post-stroke Neglect Grattan, Emily Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002189-01A1 Enhancing social support for diabetes self-management among men and women Veterans Gray, Kristen Health Services R&D
RVR 19-484 Evaluating and Enhancing Women's Health Care Quality through the Cerner Transition Gray, Kristen Health Services R&D
IK2RX001866-01A1 A Minimally Invasive Platform to Target, Image, and Treat Head and Neck Cancer Green, Hadiyah-Nicole Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000230-06A1 Social Processing Systems in Veterans with Schizophrenia: Identifying Deficits in Brain Activation and Network Organization Green, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003165-01 Feasibility of Mobile Technology-Based Assessments of Community Reintegration in Homeless Veterans Green, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX003437-01 Enhancing Community Integration for Homeless Veterans Green, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000158-09 Rotavirus: Studies of the Effectors and Mechanisms of Heterotypic Humoral Immunity in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells Greenberg, Harry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002982-01A1 Adapting and Pilot Testing a Group Intervention to Promote Adaptive Decision Making in Homeless-Experienced Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Greenberg, Jared Health Services R&D
I01CX002011-01A1 Accelerated Aging as a Cause of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Greenland, John Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX003610-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Greenwood, Beverley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002030-01 Association of diuretics with change in extracellular volume, natriuretic peptides, symptoms, and cardiovascular outcomes in CKD Gregg, Lucile Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004882-01 CMA: Cartilage Repair Strategies to Alleviate Arthritic Pain (CaRe AP): Optimizing the Host Environment for Intra-articular Osteoarthritis Therapies Griffin, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004666-01 Targeting Molecular Transducers of Exercise for Osteoarthritis Therapies Griffin, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001324-06A1 Impairment and recovery of CD4 T cell-dependent B cell responses after sepsis Griffith, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003009-01A1 An Enhanced Mind-body Intervention to Reduce Disability and Pain in Veterans with PTSD Groessl, Erik Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002910-01A2 A Comparison of Group Transdiagnostic Behavior Therapy (G-TBT) to Disorder-Specific Group Psychotherapies in the Recovery of Veterans with PTSD, Major Depression, and Related Conditions Gros, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001846-01A2 A Comparison of the Efficacy of Transdiagnostic Behavior Therapy and Disorder-specific Therapy in Veterans with PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression Gros, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
RVR 19-471 Telehealth Research Collaborative Grubaugh, Anouk Health Services R&D
I01HX002474-01A1 Randomized Controlled Trial of AboutFace: A Novel Video Storytelling Resource to Improve Access, Engagement, and Utilization of Mental Health Treatment among Veterans with PTSD Grubaugh, Anouk Health Services R&D
I01BX000163-08A1 Mitochondrial CAMKII in smooth muscle as key regulator of hypertension and vascular remodeling Grumbach, Isabella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004313-01A1 CTBI: Tauopathy in Mice and Human: Effects of Open-Field Low-Intensity Blast on Brain Ultrastructure and Outcomes in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Gu, Zezong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001819-06 Glia-neuron interaction in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders Guizzetti, Marina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004306-01 Cell Death and Autophagy in Chronic Pancreatitis Gukovskaya, Anna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Gukovskaya, Anna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003289-01 Optimization of engineered endplates to improve in vivo integration of atissue engineered intervertebral disc Gullbrand, Sarah Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003118-01A1 The Role of Disc Nutrition in the Etiology and Clinical Treatment of Disc Degeneration Gullbrand, Sarah Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002741-01A2 Role of FGF15 in liver regeneration Guo, Grace Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 18-057 De-Implementing Testing and Treating of Urine Cultures in Asymptomatic Patients Gupta, Kalpana Health Services R&D
C0007 CSP 0007 - Long Beach VA NAVIGATE Site Gupta, Pankaj Cooperative Studies
L0007 Long Beach LPOP Site Gupta, Pankaj Cooperative Studies
C19 20-394 Establish and analyze outcomes for the COVID-19 CRC Risk Cohort (CV19CRC) Gupta, Samir Health Services R&D
2028 CSP #2028 - Epidemiology, Immunology and Clinical Characteristics of COVID-19 within the Veterans Health Administration (EPIC3) Gupta, Shaili Cooperative Studies
I01HX003060-01A1 The Effect of Screening and Referral for Social Determinants of Health on Veterans' Outcomes Gurewich, Deborah Health Services R&D
I01RX002512-01A2 Long Term Genital Nerve Stimulation to Improve Urinary Continence Gustafson, Kenneth Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX003190-01A1 Telehealth to Improve Functional Status and Quality of Life in Veterans with PAD Gutierrez, Jorge Health Services R&D
I01BX002003-05A2 Functions of Leptospira Lig Proteins in the Pathogenesis of Leptospirosis Haake, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002348-05A2 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Renal Anemia Haase, Volker Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002559-05 Interactions between inflammatory and oncogenic signaling pathways in GBM Habib, Amyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002159-01A2 Development of a Patient Centered Mental Health Intervention for Recent Veterans Hack, Samantha Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002967-01A2 Partnered Dance Aerobic Exercise as a neuroprotective, motor and cognitive intervention in Parkinson's disease Hackney, Madeleine Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003225-01A1 Preventing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain and Prolonged Opioid Use: The Perioperative Pain Self-Management Program Hadlandsmyth, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01HX002156-01A1 Testing a Novel Strategy to Improve Implementation of Medication-Assisted Treatment for Veterans with Opioid Use Disorders in Low Performing Facilities Hagedorn, Hildi Health Services R&D
I01BX003794-01A1 Neuroinflammatory and Epigenetic Mechanisms of Blood-Brain Barrier Compromise in Suicide Haghighi, Fatemeh Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001728-01A1 Identifying Bio-signatures of Suicidal Subtypes in Veterans Haghighi, Fatemeh Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001395-01A1 DNA Methylation and Inflammatory Signatures Associated with Suicide Risk and Treatment in US Veterans Haghighi, Fatemeh Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001705-01A1 Epigenetic Mechanisms in Blast Related Traumatic Brain Injury Haghighi, Fatemeh Rehabilitation R&D
IK6CX002074-01 CSRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Haghighi, Fatemeh Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003120-01A2 Exploring the Effects of Exercise Training on PTSD Symptoms and Physical Health in Older Veterans with PTSD Hall, Katherine Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002690-01 Addressing Gender-Based Harassment of Women Veterans at VA Facilities Hamilton, Alison Health Services R&D
IK2CX001878-01A1 Deficient Neural Plasticity and its Functional Consequences in Schizophrenia Hamilton, Holly Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003774-01A1 Gene Transfer To Treat Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Hammond, H. Kirk Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003774-05 Urocortin 2 Gene Transfer for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Hammond, H. Kirk Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001534-01 Promoting adaptive neuroplasticity in mild cognitive impairment Hampstead, Benjamin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001271-01A1 A Delta GABA Receptor as a Target for Essential Tremor Therapy Handforth, C. Adrian Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002884-01A1 Developing a Feedback-Controlled Heated Vest to Address Thermoregulatory Dysfunction in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury Handrakis, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004621-01A1 Protein kinase C in Lung Cancer with mutant EGFR Hannun, Yusuf Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002726-01A1 Effect of Constraint-Induced Gaming Therapy in an Acute Care Setting Hansen, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002634-01A1 Improving Footwear Options for Women and Men Veterans with Amputations Hansen, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003505-01A1 Impact of Mobile Manual Standing Wheelchair on Standing Dosage and Utility Hansen, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002527-01A1 Noninvasive cervical electrical stimulation for ALS: Mechanistic and safety study Harel, Noam Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003582-01 Cognitive-based Rehabilitation Platform of Hand Grasp after Spinal Cord Injury using Virtual Reality and Instrumented Wearables Harel, Noam Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001584-01A1 Bayesian modeling of mood-driven decision biases for predicting clinical outcome Harle, Katia Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001834-05A1 Lupus Association with Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 4 (STAT4) Harley, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001538-01A2 Fear Reversal Learning in Combat-Related PTSD: A Multi-Model fMRI-PET Approach Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003325-01A1 Development of translational visual quality of life outcomes and non-invasive rehabilitation of visual loss Harper, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003389-01A2 Evaluating the interaction of the immune system and inflammation on the progression of blast-mediatedneurodegeneration. Harper, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001562-01A2 Impact of COPD on Lung-Resident MAIT Cell Frequency, Function and Recognition of Bacterial Infection Harriff, Melanie Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000146-09A1 Cognition in Parkinson's Disease Harrington, Deborah Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003029-01A1 Assessing Moral Injury in Veterans as part of a Chaplain-Delivered Spiritual Assessment: Implications for Social and Community Rehabilitation Harris, J. Irene Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000320-09 Mechanisms of Adaptive and Maladaptive Responses of Renal Epithelium to Injury Harris, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C0001 CSP C0001 - Atlanta VA NAVIGATE Site Harris, Wayne Cooperative Studies
I01BX004263-01A2 Mitophagy in pulmonary hypertension: Novel roles of PTEN-Induced Kinase-1 in the pathobiology of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation and mitochondrial dysfunction Hart, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004270-01 Design of Novel Non-catalytic Substrate-Selective p38 MAPK Inhibitor to Treat ARDS Hasday, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-485 Research to Advance Patient Driven Health Care for Women Veterans Haskell, Sally Health Services R&D
I01BX005336-01 MHC class II antigen presentation in melanoma: impact on immune recognition Hastings, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002039-01A2 Quality of Care and Patient Experience in GeriPACT: A Comparative Effectiveness Study Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I50HX001227-01 Center of Innovation to Accelerate Discovery and Practice Transformation (ADAPT) Hastings, Susan Health Services R&D
I01BX002195-05A1 Immunologic memory to metabolic cycling Hasty, Alyssa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005649-01 BLRD Merit Review Research Career Scientist (RCS) Award (IK6) Hasty, Alyssa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004472-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Hasty, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004151-01 Immunotargeting of reparative cells and theranostic nanosomes to cartilage lesions Hasty, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002901-05A1 Protective pathways in sepsis-induced renal injury Hato, Takashi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001727-01A1 Clinical Manipulation of Testosterone and Its Impact on Dementia and Health Hauger, Richard Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002775-01A1 Delivering a Mobile and Web Based Self Directed Complementary And Integrative Health Program to Veterans and Their Partners to Manage Pain and PTSD Haun, Jolie Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002010-01A2 Virtual Medical Modality Implementation Strategies for Patient Aligned Care Teams to Promote Veteran Centered Care Haun, Jolie Health Services R&D
RVR 19-492 Equity and Quality Aligned (EQuAl) Hausmann, Leslie Health Services R&D
I01HX003386-01 Developing Cross-Sector Collaborations to Meet the Social Needs of Veterans Hausmann, Leslie Health Services R&D
I01BX002750-06A1 Regulation of Innate Immunity and Inflammation Through Nuclear Reprogramming Hawiger, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002750-01A2 Regulation of Innate Immunity and Inflammation Through Nuclear Reprogramming Hawiger, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000733-05 Hexokinase 2 and cancer therapy Hay, Nissim Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004602-01 Research Career Scientist Award Hay, Nissim Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005092-01A1 The role of AMPK and CD36 in breast cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis Hay, Nissim Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002275-01A1 Integrated Preventive Cardiology Initiative Hayward, Rodney Health Services R&D
IK6CX001738-01 CSR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Hazlett, Erin Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001451-01A1 Neurobiology of Affective Instability in Veterans at Low and High Risk for Suicide Hazlett, Erin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000345-12 Role of Protein S in early Diabetic Kidney Disease He, John Cijiang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003324-01 Neuron-targeted caveolin-1 as a gene therapy for ALS Head, Brian Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003671-01A1 Caveolin-mediated neuronal signaling in differentiated adult human neuronal stem cells and the aging brain Head, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003671-05A1 Caveolin-Mediated Neuroplasticity in Alzheimer's Disease and in Human Neurons Harboring EOFAD Mutations Head, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COR 19-489 Pain/Opioid CORE Heapy, Alicia Health Services R&D
I01BX004751-01 Regulation of Targeted Therapeutic Response by the Immune Microenvironment in HNSCC Heasley, Lynn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002789-01 Gamification of MOVE! Group Meetings: A Pilot Study for an Embedded Pragmatic Clinical Trial Hebert, Paul Health Services R&D
I01HX002918-01 Patient incentives for reducing no-shows, accommodating walk-in visits, and improving primary care work flow Hebert, Paul Health Services R&D
I01HX002202-01A1 Multiphase Optimization Trial of Incentives for Veterans to Encourage Walking Hebert, Paul Health Services R&D
I01HX002123-01A1 Financial vs. Non-financial Rewards for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: A Randomized Controlled Trial Hebert, Paul Health Services R&D
I01BX003919-01A1 The role of Nampt in age-associated persistent lung fibrosis Hecker, Louise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005358-01A1 Functional profiling of germline SDH variants associated with cancer susceptibility Heinrich, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002148-01A1 Listening to Gulf War Vets: A Qualitative Inquiry into the Health Experience and Treatment of those with Chronic Multisymptom Illness Helfand, Mark Health Services R&D
ESP 09-199 Evidence-based Synthesis Coordinating Center Helfand, Mark Health Services R&D
I01HX002043-01A2 Implementation trial of a coaching intervention to increase the use of transradial PCI Helfrich, Christian Health Services R&D
L0009 Louisville LPOP Site Hendler, Fred Cooperative Studies
IK2CX001774-01 Noradrenergic biomarkers in PTSD: precision medicine & mechanisms Hendrickson, Rebecca Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003854-01 Molecular Mechanisms of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Henkel, Anne Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001205-05A2 Validation and Expansion of Established Norms for Measures of Tinnitus Perception Henry, James Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002990-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Henry, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003701-01 Effects of Noise and Other Exposures on Auditory Functioning in Post-9/11 Veterans: NOISE Study 3.0 Henry, James Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX004338-01 The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in ARDS after AKI Hepokoski, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002807-01A2 Mindful Action for Pain: An Integrated Approach to Improve Chronic Pain Function Herbert, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003858-01 Neuropeptide Mechanisms and Stress Pathologies Herman, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0011 Pittsburgh LPOP Site Herman, James Cooperative Studies
IK2HX001772-01A2 Implementing and Evaluating Computer-Based Interventions for Mental Health Hermes, Eric Health Services R&D
I01BX005322-01A1 Remote injury responses after AKI Herrlich, Andreas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX000949-01A2 Brain Targets for Alcohol Craving in Veterans with mTBI. Herrold, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002916-01A2 Neural Target Identification for Functional Disability Associated with Alcohol Related Characteristics Among Veterans with Co-occurring Alcohol Use Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury Herrold, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003611-01 Feasibility of a Combined Neuromodulation and Yoga Intervention for Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Pain Herrold, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002621-01A2 Designing for Implementation and Dissemination of High-Value Heart Failure Transitional Care Hess, Paul Health Services R&D
I01BX002695-06 Modulating Pain Generators of Chronic Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain High, Karin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002695-01A2 Peripheral and Central Pain Generators of Chronic Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain High, Karin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001824-01A1 Optimizing Dementia Care Through Collaborative Recovery Interventions Hilgeman, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003093-01 Montessori Approaches in Person-Centered Care (MAP-VA): An Effectiveness-Implementation Trial in Community Living Centers Hilgeman, Michelle Health Services R&D
IK6BX004607-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Hioe, Catarina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003860-01A1 Understanding Th-monocyte interactions in HIV infection Hioe, Catarina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004951-01A1 Host factors affecting susceptibility to Candida auris. Hise, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003759-01A2 Neurophysiological Characterization of Novel Neurotensin Receptor Ligands to Define Therapeutic Potential in Combatting Addiction Hnasko, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001778-01A2 Appropriate Use of Cardiovascular Procedures to Optimize Healthcare Value Ho, P. Michael Health Services R&D
COR 20-186 Access Consortium of Research (CORE) Ho, P. Michael Health Services R&D
I01BX005395-01 Metal-induced cell-level changes in prostate epithelium and cancer risk Ho, Shuk-mei Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002295-01A2 BrainGate: Robust Neural Decoding for Veterans with ALS Hochberg, Leigh Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX002864-01 Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology Hochberg, Leigh Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002113-01A2 DVD Lifestyle Intervention (D-ELITE) Hoerster, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01HX002755-01A2 MOVE!+UP: Testing a Tailored Weight Management Program for Veterans with PTSD Hoerster, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01BX005124-01 Harnessing the potential of GPCRs localized to the primary cilium for the treatment of renal disease Hofer, Aldebaran Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002905-05A1 The Role of Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Hoffman, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004856-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Hoffman, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001558-01A1 Neurobiology of Alcohol and Nicotine Co-Addiction Hoffman, William Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001903-01A1 A Technology-Assisted Care Transition Intervention for Veterans with Chronic Heart Failure or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Hogan, Timothy Health Services R&D
I21RX003169-01A1 Evidence-Based Multidimensional Pain Self-Management Planning: Personalized by and for Veterans via Web-Based Application Hogans, Beth Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002128-01A1 Using Data Integration and Predictive Analytics to Improve Diagnosis-Based Performance Measures Hoggatt, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01CX001416-01A1 Acupuncture for PTSD in Combat Veterans Hollifield, Michael Clinical Science R&D
MVP006 MVP At-Home Specimen Collection Pilot Holodniy, Mark NULL
L0019 Miami LPOP Site Holt, Gregory Cooperative Studies
I01CX002088-01 Assessing an electroencephalography (EEG) biomarker of response to transcranial magnetic stimulation for major depression Holtzheimer, Paul Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001951-01 Understanding and targeting stress reactivity in women Veterans with alcohol misuse Holzhauer, Cathryn Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002322-01A2 NCC and ENaC form a Sodium Transporting Complex Hoover, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002071-01A1 Advanced MRI Evaluation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Hope, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002582-05 Melanocyte Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine Hornyak, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002711-05 Quorum Sensing Dependent Interactions with Biofilms and Innate Immunity Defenses Horswill, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003028-01 Effectivenes, Safety, and Patient Preferences of Infliximab Biosimilar Medications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Hou, Jason Health Services R&D
I01BX002188-05A1 Central Mechanisms Modulating Visceral Sensitivity Houchen, Courtney Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001686-01A1 Circulating Biomarkers for the Detection of Human Liver Diseases Houchen, Courtney Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004131-01 DCLK1 is a Novel Molecular Target in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Houchen, Courtney Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005248-01 Developing novel CRISPR/CasX editors to generate a CCR5/null immune system Howell, Alexandra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002316-01A1 Force Feedback Redistribution & Eccentric-Focused Rehab post-SCI Howland, Dena Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001887-01A2 Computational Analysis of Neural Effects of Methylphenidate in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Howlett, Jonathan Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004356-01 Exercise-Induced Shear Stress Modulates Metabolic Pathways for Vascular Repair and Protection Hsiai, Tzung Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002690-05A2 Analysis of a Type I Interferon Responsive Microglia Subset in Traumatic Brain Injury Hsieh, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003926-01A1 Dysfunction of the membrane trafficking leads to ischemia-reperfusion brain injury Hu, Bingren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003651-01A2 Interleukin-33 as an immune therapy for stroke Hu, Xiaoming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002100-01A2 Developing novel stem cell-based epigenetic approaches to treat hearing loss Hu, Zhengqing Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001108-05 Mechanisms of ER Stress and Neurodegeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Huang, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001108-09A1 Mechanisms of ER Stress and Neurodegeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Huang, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001988-01A1 Passive electrical neurofeedback treatment of mTBI: MEG and Behavioral Outcomes Huang, Mingxiong Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002035-01 Diagnostic Machine Learning Algorithm to Identify MEG Features of Mild TBI and Comorbid PTSD Huang, Mingxiong Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004259-01A1 Engineering Vascularized Skeletal Muscle for Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss Huang, Ngan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004487-01A1 Mitigation of cognitive impairments from radiation therapy Huang, Ting Ting Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003913-01A1 The Role of Deoxysphingolipids in Peripheral Neuropathy Huang, Yan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004618-01A1 Psychological deficits after low level blast exposure: role of neurovascular disruption Hubbard, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003063-05A1 VA Biorepository: Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Biorepository Huber, Bertrand Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002507-01A1 Evaluation of a Spasticity Management Program for People with Multiple Sclerosis Hugos, Lucinda Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004861-01 Validation of Premature Ventricular Contraction-induced Cardiomyopathy on a Swine Model Huizar, Jose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8990-17 Role of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Myocardial Injury in COVID-19: A Pilot Study Huizar, Jose Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004063-01A2 The role of hyaluronan in hIAPP-induced beta cell toxicity Hull-Meichle, Rebecca Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001636-01 Dietary Prevention of Heart Failure in Hypertensive Metabolic Syndrome Hummel, Scott Clinical Science R&D
RCS 04-141 Evaluating Treatment & Self-help Methods of Improving Functioning & Quality of Life Outcomes of Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders Humphreys, Keith Health Services R&D
I01HX002714-01A2 Promoting benzodiazepine cessation through an electronically-delivered patient self-management intervention Humphreys, Keith Health Services R&D
I01CX001897-01A1 Genetics of CKD and Hypertension-Risk Prediction and Drug Response in the MVP Hung, Adriana Clinical Science R&D
COVID 826-3 MVP-COVID 035 Hung, Adriana NULL
I01HX002826-01A1 Effect of Medication Management at Home via Pharmacy Home Televisits Hung, William Health Services R&D
I01HX002905-01 Improving medication use for older adults: VIONE program Hung, William Health Services R&D
C19 20-395 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Chronic Disease Care within the VA Hunt, Kelly Health Services R&D
I01BX000545-05A2 Multi-Faceted Targeting of Treatment-Sensitive and Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer Hussain, Arif Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004113-01A1 MicroRNAs regulating plasma LDL and HDL Hussain, Mahmood Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003798-01A1 The Role of Neuronal mTORC1 in Alzheimer's Disease Hussong, Stacy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004288-01A2 Mechanistic Underpinnings of Chronic Kidney Disease Initiated by Acute Cardiorenal Syndrome Hutchens, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
INV 20-099 Enhancing the Care Continuum for Veterans Who Inject Drugs Using Harm Reduction Approaches Hyde, Justeen Health Services R&D
I01BX001328-05 Bile Acids and Clostridium scindens Inhibit C. difficile: Role of Secreted Antibacterial Compounds Hylemon, Phillip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-208 COVID-19 Sequelae Among Veterans Treated in the VA: Planning for What Comes Next Hynes, Denise Health Services R&D
SDR 18-321 Care Coordination and Outcomes in the VA Expanded Choice Program Hynes, Denise Health Services R&D
I21RX003331-01 The Morphology and Characteristics of Hallux Rigidus Iaquinto, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002318-01A1 Improving the Detection, Classification and Treatment of Misaligned Arthritic Ankles Iaquinto, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003767-01 Nasal Swab Objective and Statistical Evaluation (NOSE study) Iaquinto, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004710-01 Role of non-genomic regulation of mitochondrial trifunctional protein in NAFLD Ibdah, Jamal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001755-01A2 Nutrition, Inflammation and Insulin Resistance in End-Stage Renal Disease Ikizler, Talat Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001778-01A2 Multifunctional rehabilitative therapy to reduce Alzheimer pathology after TBI Ikonomovic, Milos Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 19-333 Research Career Scientist Award Ilgen, Mark Health Services R&D
I01BX005107-01A1 A role and regulation of glucose responsive lipolysis in pancreatic beta cells Imai, Yumi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002426-01A1 Prevalence, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Post-colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer in Veterans Imperiale, Thomas Health Services R&D
I01BX002906-01A1 Regulation of graft versus host disease with in vivo generated regulatory T cells Ince, Mirac Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000720-01A2 Sex Differences in Fear Conditioning: Mechanisms of Risk and Resilience for PTSD Inslicht, Sabra Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001814-01 Suvorexant: A Dual Orexin Receptor Antagonist for Treating Sleep Disturbance inPosttraumatic Stress Inslicht, Sabra Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002910-01A2 Cholesterol lights the fire of NASH Ioannou, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001156-01A1 Does screening for HCC reduce HCC-related mortality in HBV-infected Veterans? Ioannou, George Clinical Science R&D
I01HX003062-01A1 Development and Validation of a Cirrhosis-specific Surgical Risk Calculator (C-SuRC) Ioannou, George Health Services R&D
COVID19-8900-11 Risk factors and prediction models of adverse outcomes in Veterans with COVID-19 Ioannou, George Clinical Science R&D
C19 21-278 COVID-19 OBSERVATIONAL RESEARCH COLLABORATORY (Coordinating Center) Ioannou, George Health Services R&D
I01BX002940-05 Nexus between miR-204, gut microbiome, and aortic aneurysmal disease Irani, kaikobad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004997-01A1 Kynurenine: a potential link between age-related decreases in bone mass and kidney function Irsik, Debra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002560-05A1 A novel oncogenic axis in African American prostate cancer Ittmann, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002807-01A1 Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Veterans: Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of VHA's Response. Iverson, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01HX002178-01A1 Recovering from Intimate Partner Violence Through Strengths and Empowerment (RISE): Tailoring and Evaluating a Patient-Centered Counseling Intervention for Women Veterans Iverson, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01HX002390-01A2 ResCU II: Improving In-hospital Cardiac Arrest Care and Discovering Keys to Super-Survivorship Iwashyna, Theodore Health Services R&D
I01BX004907-01A1 Determining the role of T cell effector functions in Alopecia Areata Jabbari, Ali Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 20-389 Planning Activities: Translational Research Development Programs in Conjunction with 10X3 Innovation Ecosystem (IE) Jackson, George Health Services R&D
IK1CX002089-01 Neurometabolic mechanisms of aberrant resting brain activity in schizophrenia Jacob, Michael Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX002157-01A2 Microbiomal Mediators of TL1A-induced-Fibrosis Jacob, Noam Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003833-01A2 Role of mitochondrial dysfunction in hyperoxia-induced pulmonary vascular endothelial injury Jacobs, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001717-01 Modulation of the Intestinal Microbiome in Obesity by a High Protein Diet Jacobs, Jonathan Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002860-01A1 Helping VA optimize its long-term care services Jacobs, Josephine Health Services R&D
I01BX004197-01A1 Early Diagnosis and Novel Treatment of Sepsis Jacono, Frank Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000713-08 Surgical Studies on Mucosal Homeostasis Jaladanki, Rao Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005117-01 Hedgehog-Induced Activation of Alloimmune T Cells During Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Jane-Wit, Dan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002798-01A1 The Pathophysiology of Delayed Graft Function Jani, Alkesh Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001464-01A1 Impact of HIV-1 and Aging on Mucosal Vaccine Responses Janoff, Edward Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004320-01A1 Complementary Mechanisms of Protection Against Pneumococcal Infection Janoff, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-22 VA CoronavirUs Research and Efficacy Studies-1 (VA CURES-1) Janoff, Edward Clinical Science R&D
14S-RCS-006 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Janowsky, Aaron Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14S-RCS-007 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Jarvis, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000727-05A2 Interaction of LOS and Innate Immunity in Neisseria Infection Jarvis, Gary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
CDA 13-265 Optimizing Testosterone Prescribing in the VA Jasuja, Guneet Health Services R&D
I01HX002556-01A1 Understanding Hormone Therapy Care Received by Transgender Veterans in VHA Jasuja, Guneet Health Services R&D
I01HX002119-01A2 Testing the efficacy of a technology-assisted intervention to improve weight management of obese patients within Patient Aligned Care Teams at the VA Jay, Melanie Health Services R&D
I01CX001403-01A1 Blood Flow Monitoring to Prevent Post-Polypectomy Induced Ulcer Bleeding. Jensen, Dennis Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005341-01 Agnostic Immunization by Immunogenic Cell Death Jessup, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003690-01 Tunable Assembly of Regulatory Immune Signals to Promote Myelin-specific Tolerance Jewell, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003359-01A2 Surface Induced Epithelial Differentiation Improves Percutaneous Device Longevity Jeyapalina, Sujeevini Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000512-05A1 Early detection of lung cancer in Veterans Jiang, Feng Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000900-05A2 PLTP as a target for lowering VLDL production Jiang, Xian-Cheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003173-01A1 Tuning Up Memory-related Brain Potentials using Real-time Neurofeedback in Older Veterans" Jiang, Yang Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001607-01A2 Disrupted Neural Connectivity in Empathy Deficits in Schizophrenia Jimenez, Amy Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX003630-01A1 Mechanisms of Stress-Induced Pain in Veterans Johnson, Anthony Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX003390-01A1 Initial Testing of Whole Health STEPS (Structured Tiered Engagement with Peer Support) Johnson, Emily Rehabilitation R&D
94 Cooperative Studies Coordinating Center - West Haven, CT Johnson, Gary Cooperative Studies
I01CX000920-04A2 Gut reservoir of E. coli ST131 Johnson, James Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX003361-01 Neural and Behavioral Predictors of Naming Therapy Outcomes in Chronic Post-Stroke Aphasia Johnson, Jeffrey Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004511-01 A Novel Mechanism for Sarcopenia in Chronic Kidney Disease Johnson, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
596 CSP #596 - Optimal Treatment for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection Johnson, Stuart Cooperative Studies
IK2HX003090-01A2 Quality of Mental Health Services for Homeless Veterans in Primary Care Settings Jones, Audrey Health Services R&D
IK2HX001908-01A2 Understanding and Improving Decision-making in Pneumonia with Informatics Jones, Barbara Ellen Health Services R&D
I01BX000904-08A1 Regulation of Cellular Phenotype Change in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Jones, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Jones, Kathryn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
CDA 10-030 Actionable Knowledge to Guide Antibiotic Stewardship Jones, Makoto Health Services R&D
I01BX003678-01A2 Inflammatory signaling in depression regulated by Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 Jope, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004768-01 Therapeutic Targeting of MDS Stem Cells Jordan, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001922-01 Pragmatic Approaches to Capture and Ascertainment of Clinical Trial Endpoints Joseph, Jacob Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX003395-01 Optimizing Cognitive Remediation in VA Mental Health Rehabilitation Settings Joshi, Yash Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001985-01A1 Deoxycholic Acid and Outcomes across Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease Jovanovich, Anna Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001030-01A1 Phosphate Lowering to Treat Vascular Dysfunction in Chronic Kidney Disease Jovanovich, Anna Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001444-05A1 Vaccinating at Mucosal Surfaces with Nanoparticle Conjugated Antigen and Adjuvant Joyce, Sebastian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004595-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Joyce, Sebastian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004820-01A1 Genetic Vulnerability for Sustained Multi-Substance Use in MVP Justice, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003751-01A1 Impact of TPO Treatment on Bone Healing and Angiogenesis in Type 2 Diabetes Kacena, Melissa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001259-01A2 Mindfulness Treatment for Anger in Veterans with PTSD Kachadourian, Lorig Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001060-05A1 Pathogenesis and Impact of Islet Amyloid Kahn, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001060-09A2 Pathogenesis and Impact of Islet Amyloid Kahn, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX003280-01A1 Promoting Antimicrobial Stewardship and Patient Safety by Implementing Interventions to Evaluate and De-label Penicillin Allergy Kakumanu, Sujani Health Services R&D
I01BX004727-01 Neuroadaptation produced by acute PTSD-like stress create vulnerability for cannabis addiction Kalivas, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX003227-01A1 Seeking Food Assistance: Food Insecure Veterans' Experiences Navigating through Systems Kamdar, Nipa Health Services R&D
I01BX000786-05A2 Mechanisms of Asbestos-Induced Alveolar Epithelial Cell Injury Kamp, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001734-01A1 Pharmacogenetic Study of Opioid Agonist Treatments in MVP Kampman, Kyle Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002947-01A2 Targeting Tau for TBI Kang, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004680-01A1 Divergent roles of Slingshot-1 in tauopathy Kang, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
ESP 05-225 Evidence Synthesis Activity Research Program Kansagara, Devan Health Services R&D
I01HX002204-01A2 Patient Centered Care for Individuals with Advanced Liver Disease Kanwal, Fasiha Health Services R&D
I01CX002010-01A1 Effect of simvastatin on hepatic decompensation and death in subjects with high-risk compensated cirrhosis Kaplan, David Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001933-01 Cross-comparison of patient-derived xenografts and derivative organoids and cell lines for translational research in hepatocellular carcinoma Kaplan, David Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001144-01A2 Behavioral and Neural Plasticity in TBI and PTSD Kaplan, Gary Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004547-01A1 Elucidating mechanisms of HIV-1 mucosal transmission Kappes, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003677-01A1 Immunotherapeutic Regulatory CD8 T cells in Autoimmune Demyelinating Disease Karandikar, Nitin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002978-01A1 Early Visual Biomarkers of Relapse and Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis Kardon, Randy Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX003002-01 Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Visual Loss Kardon, Randy Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003130-01A2 Public messaging to increase treatment seeking among Veterans at risk for suicide during transition from military service Karras, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I01HX003061-01 Understanding Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Uterine Fibroid Outcomes among Women Veterans: A mixed-methods study Katon, Jodie Health Services R&D
SDR 19-325 Women Veteran's Satisfaction with the Maternity Benefit, Maternity Care Coordination, and Barriers to Care Katon, Jodie Health Services R&D
IK2HX001559-01A2 Women Veterans' VA Maternity Care Utilization, Satisfaction, and Health Outcomes Katon, Jodie Health Services R&D
590 CSP #590 - A Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial of Lithium Augmentation and Enhanced Suicide Prevention Management in Preventing Suicide Re-Attempts in Individuals with Depression and Bi Katz, Ira Cooperative Studies
I01RX001813-01A1 Multimodal Exercise and Weight Loss in Older Veterans with Dysmobility Katzel, Leslie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003850-01A2 DNA Binding of Human and Viral Transcription Factors is Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Loci Kaufman, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005477-01 COVID19: Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies and Infection Severity Kaufman, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001245-05A2 Luminal Factors Affecting Duodenal Protection and Chemosensing Kaunitz, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6RX003075-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Kautz, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002783-01A1 Developing Behavioral and Neuroimaging Predictors of Stroke Recovery Kayser, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
N0001 CSP NODES - Boston Area Research NODE(BARN)Initiative Keane, Terence Cooperative Studies
I01CX000857-01A2 A trial of Loving-Kindness Meditation and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD Kearney, David Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001828-01A1 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Kearney, David Health Services R&D
I01BX001850-05A2 Regulation of Macrophage Activation by House Dust Mite Keegan, Achsah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0002 Aurora LPOP Site Keith, Robert Cooperative Studies
IK2BX003185-01A2 Repair of Vascular Contractility and Mitochondrial Function by NOS Recoupling Keller, Amy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001833-01A2 Advanced Materials to Improve Moisture Management for Prosthetic Socket Liners Kelly, Clay Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002875-01A1 A Web-Based Tobacco Cessation Treatment for Veterans with Mental Health Disorders Kelly, Megan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003382-01A1 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Improve Social Support for Veterans with PTSD Kelly, Megan Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002890-01A1 Development of Ultra-high-density Packaging for Implantable Neural Devices Kelly, Shawn Rehabilitation R&D
IK3HX001840-01 Trauma-sensitive yoga for female Veterans with PTSD who experienced military sexual trauma Kelly, Ursula Health Services R&D
I01BX002882-01A1 B Lymphocytes in Autoimmune Disease Kendall, Peggy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX005306-01 Cholangiocyte-Derived Endothelin Signaling Mediates Biliary Injury and Liver Fibrosis Kennedy, Lindsey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-07 Proposal to develop at-home, self-administered test for suspect or asymptomatic infections of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses Kenyon, Nicholas Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004965-01A1 Defining Breath VOC Biomarkers to Improve Respiratory Health of Exposed Veterans Kenyon, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003604-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Application Kern, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001895-01A1 Identifying, Measuring, and Facilitating Opportunities for De-intensification of Medical Services Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
C19 20-209 Developing effective strategies to improve access in the COVID-19 system recovery phase Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
SDR 19-121 Integrating Systems of VA and non-VA Care Delivery in the Evolving VA Community Care Network Kerr, Eve Health Services R&D
I01HX001900-01A1 Primary Care Quality and Homeless Service Tailoring Kertesz, Stefan Health Services R&D
I01HX002737-01A1 Risks of Cannabis Use Among Veterans on Long-term Opioid Therapy Keyhani, Salomeh Health Services R&D
IK2RX003490-01A1 Development of a Novel Couples-Based Suicide Intervention: Treatment for Relationships and Safety Together (TR&ST) Khalifian, Chandra Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004053-01A2 Impaired methylation alters lipid droplet dynamics in liver and adipose tissue: Role in hepatic steatosis Kharbanda, Kusum Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000824-05A2 SPROUTY: PUTATIVE ONCOGENE IN COLORECTAL CANCER Khare, Sharad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001409-09 REGULATORS OF EPITHELIAL TUMOR PROGRESSION Khavari, Paul Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000104-09 Innate and acquired immune responses in human COPD Kheradmand, Farrah Clinical Science R&D
L0006 Houston LPOP Site Kheradmand, Farrah Cooperative Studies
I01BX004930-01 Novel in situ custom biodegradable drug-eluting stents for endovascular surgery Kibbe, Melina Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002812-01A1 Optimizing Psychiatrist Appointment Frequencies to Improve Mental Health Access Kim, Bo Health Services R&D
C19 20-210 Applying the After Action Review Methodology to Examine Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation and Treatment Programs’ Response to the COVID--19 Crisis Kim, Bo Health Services R&D
IK2CX001984-01A1 Bone marrow fat and skeletal health in type 2 diabetes kim, tiffany Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001486-01A1 Nonsuicidal Self Injury in Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001682-01A1 Healthcare utilization patterns and associated costs for Gulf War I Era Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan Health Services R&D
I01BX004065-01A1 Building a New Therapeutic Paradigm for Hepatocellular Cancer by Dissecting the Interaction between Radiofrequency Ablation, Chemotherapy, and Immunotherapy Kimchi, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002317-01A2 Development of a Patient-Reported Measure to Assess Healthcare Engagement Kimerling, Rachel Health Services R&D
I01BX003700-01A1 G Protein Mediated Mechanisms of Beta Cell Death Dysfunction and Decompensation in Diabetes Kimple, Michelle Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX003126-01A1 Fatigue and mobility in stroke: a Biomechanical and Neurophysiological Investigation Kindred, John Rehabilitation R&D
IK6BX005239-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Kindy, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004448-01A1 Hormonal control of NASH development and progression Kineman, Rhonda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002636-01A2 Low-intensity vibration to improve healing of chronic wounds Kineman, Rhonda Rehabilitation R&D
IK6BX005382-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Kineman, Rhonda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002796-01A1 Enhanced Problem-Solving Training (E-PST) to Improve Recovery from mTBI King, Paul Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004419-01 Role of Microglial Hur in promoting neuroinflammation and ALS disease progression King, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002354-01A2 Efficacy and neural mediators of response to Trauma Management Therapy for PTSD King-Casas, Brooks Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001549-01 Rationalizing Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After Coronary Stenting Kinlay, Scott Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001799-01A2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Increase CPAP Adherence in Veterans with PTSD Kinoshita, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002828-01A2 Assessing Bone Health after SCI: Establishing Evidence for a Clinical Protocol Kiratli, Beatrice Rehabilitation R&D
COVID19-8990-20 The Role of Coated-Platelets in Hypercoagulability Associated with COVID-19 Kirkpatrick, Angelia Clinical Science R&D
I50RX002359-01 Center for Functional Electrical Stimulation Kirsch, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
B9281-S Research Career Scientist Kirsch, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004939-01 Modulation of retinoid reactivity and pathological signaling in retinal therapeutics Kiser, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004672-01A1 Whole Exome Sequencing Study of Early-Onset Ischemic Stroke Kittner, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001699-01A1 Adaptive ankle robot control system to reduce foot-drop in chronic stroke Kittner, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004655-01A1 Combinatorial Targeting of the Cell Cycle and Key Interacting Pathways in Mesothelioma Klein, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0010 Minneapolis LPOP Site Klein, Mark Cooperative Studies
I01RX002335-01A1 Testosterone and APOE genotype interactions following mild traumatic brain injury Klein, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005135-01 Diminished Sex Hormone Levels Stimulate Production of Inflammatory Bone Marrow-Derived Adipocytes Klemm, Dwight Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003015-01A1 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Veterans with Parkinson's Disease Kletzel, Sandra Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002938-01A1 rTMS as a Cognitive Rehabilitation Approach in Veterans with Parkinson's Disease Kletzel, Sandra Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001480-01 A Randomized, Double-blind Placebo-controlled Phase III Trial of Coenzyme Q10 in Gulf War Illness Klimas, Nancy Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001836-01A1 CBT-I for Psychosis: Guidelines, Preliminary Efficacy, and Functional Outcomes Klingaman, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003213-01A2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Insomnia (CBT-I) to Improve Functional Outcomes in Veterans with Psychosis Klingaman, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002456-01A1 Pivot-Flex Foot Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002974-01A1 Research Career Scientist Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003138-01A1 Lower limb prostheses for individuals who carry infants, toddlers, and other loads Klute, Glenn Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002315-01 Aligning policy and healthcare services with Veterans' values and preferences for results from Whole Genome Sequencing Knight, Sara Health Services R&D
I01RX002249-01A1 Contralaterally Controlled FES plus Video Games for Hand Therapy after Stroke Knutson, Jayme Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003190-01A2 Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes for Treatment of Contusive Spinal Cord Injury Kocsis, Jeffery Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002267-01A2 Development of a Foot-Ankle Prosthesis to Improve Physical Therapy Outcomes Koehler-McNicholas, Sara Rehabilitation R&D
IK1RX003287-01A1 Mechanisms of Impaired Speech Perception in Veterans with Non-Blast TBI Koerner, Tess Rehabilitation R&D
I21HX002997-01A1 A patient-focused intervention to promote effective insomnia treatment Koffel, Erin Health Services R&D
IK2HX001919-01A2 Improving Pain and Sleep Outcomes for Veterans with Chronic Pain Koffel, Erin Health Services R&D
I01RX003405-01A1 SCI Consortium Study: 3D Printed Scaffolds for Primate Spinal Cord Injury Repair Koffler, Yacov Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001790-01 Brain Function and Connectivity in Methamphetamine Dependence: The Link to Neuroinflammation and the Effects of Ibudilast Kohno, Milky Clinical Science R&D
I21CX001340-01 Effects of Two Exercise Programs on Bone Strength and Architecture Kohrt, Wendy Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001811-01A2 Personalized Gait Training with Feedback to Reduce Knee Pain from Osteoarthritis Kolesar, Julie Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001611-01 Clinical and Imaging Biomarker Trial of Uridine for Veterans with Suicidal Ideation Kondo, Douglas Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003762-01A1 Regulation of cutaneous immune function and anti-tumor immune responses by PPARgamma-mediated transrepressive signaling Konger, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003483-01 Genetic Associations with Hearing Loss from Cancer Treatment Konrad-Martin, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003127-01A1 Physiological, Behavioral and Predictive Correlates of Ototoxicity in Humans Konrad-Martin, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002794-01A2 Development of TransKinect: A Clinically Robust System for Transfer Assessment Koontz, Alicia Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003073-01A2 Rehabilitation of Executive Function in Aging Veterans with History of TBI Kornblith, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000705-05A2 NKLAM: An RBR E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Essential for Regulation of Innate Immunity Kornbluth, Jacki Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002986-01A1 TBI and posttraumatic epilepsy in plasticity susceptible and resistant rats Kotloski, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003687-01A1 Orexin and serotonin interactions to promote physical activity and prevent obesity Kotz, Catherine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
599 CSP #599 - Transfusion Trigger After Operations in High Cardiac Risk Patients (TOP) Kougias, Panagiotis Cooperative Studies
I01BX005351-01 The Role of PDEF in Prostate Cancer Koul, Hari Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003170-01 PARP Inhibitor for Improving Functional Recovery After TBI & Binge Alcohol Intoxication Kouzoukas, Dimitrios Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004335-01A1 Multi-organ Inflammatory Responses after Burn Trauma Kovacs, Elizabeth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002680-01A1 Therapeutic Interventions to Access Outcomes and Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease Among Veterans Kovesdy, Csaba Health Services R&D
IK2BX004341-01A1 Understanding how DOPA decarboxylase modulates tau in disease Kow, Rebecca Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004663-01 Islet Beta-Cell Dysfunction Under Metabolic Stress Kowluru, Anjan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005383-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Kowluru, Anjan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003755-01A1 Inhibiting pathological TDP-43 phosphorylation as a therapeutic strategy for ALS Kraemer, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000398-09 Lipid Trafficking for Steroidogenesis Kraemer, Fredric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001752-01A1 Effects of VHA opioid policy on prescribing and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin Health Services R&D
I01HX003063-01A1 Extended study of a long-term opioid therapy cohort: trajectories in pain care and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin Health Services R&D
IK2CX001779-01A1 Clinical Markers and Monitoring for Post-9-11 Deployment Lung Diseases Krefft, Silpa Clinical Science R&D
RCS 11-222 Research Career Scientist Award Krein, Sarah Health Services R&D
I01HX002025-01A2 Understanding Use of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICCS): System, Provider, Patient Perspectives Krein, Sarah Health Services R&D
IK2BX005199-01 Enhanced Soft Tissue-to-Bone Healing via Treatment with Novel Growth Factor NELL-1: Targeted Delivery and Biomimetic Scaffolds Kremen, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002629-01A2 Beyond lesion-language mapping in aphasia: A novel imaging-based prediction model Krishnamurthy, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002934-01A1 Multimodal Neuroimaging: Advanced Tracking of Longitudinal Aphasia Recovery Krishnamurthy, Venkatagiri Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004895-01 The role of nicotinamide mononucleotide dependent mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation in acute brain injury Kristian, Tibor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000379-05 Effect of Articular Neurotoxin on Joint Pain and Neurochemical Signature Krug, Hollis Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004588-01 High-dose targeted and non-toxic IL-2 cytokine therapy Krupnick, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2016 CSP #2016 - Adaptive Clinical Trial for Insomnia in Veterans with PTSD Krystal, John Harrison Cooperative Studies
I01RX002860-01 Bioassay to Predict the Development and Progression of Glaucoma Kuehn, Markus Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX000458-05A1 Role of TPH2 and 5HT Neuronal Loss in Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Kuhn, Donald Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002419-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Kuhn, Donald Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004340-01A2 Delayed and Progressive Emergence of CTE- and Psychiatric-like Pathologies after Repetitive Mild TBI Kuhn, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004757-01A2 Gulf War Veterans' Illness: Symptom Chronicity via Interactions of Diet andLifestyle Risk Factors with the Gut Microbiome Kuhn, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002955-01A1 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Coaching into Care with VA-CRAFT to Promote Veteran Engagement in PTSD Care Kuhn, Eric Health Services R&D
SIP 18-322 Center for Mobile Apps Research Resources and Services (C MARRS) Kuhn, Eric Health Services R&D
I01HX001790-01A2 An RCT of a Primary Care-based PTSD Intervention: Clinician-Supported PTSD Coach Kuhn, Eric Health Services R&D
I01HX002874-01A1 Work as a determinant of health: A pragmatic trial of enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy to bolster competitive work and wellness in veterans with serious mental illness (WORKWELL) Kukla, Marina Health Services R&D
I01HX002751-01A1 Optimizing Veteran Decision-Making About Use of VA and Non-VA Health Care Kullgren, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01BX003876-01 Therapeutic potential of Palmatine in pancreatic cancer Kumar, Addanki Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004719-01 A Novel Role of DRA in IBD Pathogenesis Kumar, Anoop Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005204-01A1 Imaging Synaptic Injury in TBI using SEQUIN Kummer, Terrance Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001094-01A2 Remote Ambulatory Management of Veterans with Sleep Apnea Kuna, Samuel Health Services R&D
I01HX002580-01A2 Using Peer Navigators to increase access to VA and community resources for Veterans with diabetes-related distress Kunik, Mark Health Services R&D
I01HX001260-01A2 Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Total Joint Replacement Kuo, Alfred Health Services R&D
I01RX002751-01A2 Advanced MRI of Spinal Cord Injury Kurpad, Shekar Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002190-01A2 Investigating Multi-Level Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Quality of End-of-Life Care for Veterans Kutney Lee, Ann Health Services R&D
I01BX002943-05 The role of toxins in Clostridium difficile infection pathogenesis Lacy, Dana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002116-01 Role of Macrophages in Age-Related Macular Degeneration Lad, Eleonora Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001413-01A1 Evaluation of Efficiency and Selectivity of a Novel Computational Model of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain Lad, Shivanand Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002803-01A1 Increasing Physical Activity in COPD Through Rhythmically Enhanced Music Laghi, Franco Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002042-05 Estrogen receptor-alpha effects on right ventricular vascular density and angiogenesis in pulmonary hypertension Lahm, Timmy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2014 CSP #2014 - Comparative Effectiveness of Two Formulations of Buprenorphine for Treating Opioid UseDisorder in Veterans (VA-BRAVE) Lahoud-Bladykas, Maha Cooperative Studies
I01CX001621-01 Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: Cognitive Function and Plaque Correlates - 2 Lal, Brajesh Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000995-01A1 Role of a Novel Exercise Program to Prevent Post-thrombotic Syndrome Lal, Brajesh Rehabilitation R&D
C19 20-407 Planning Award for Surgical Procedures and COVID-19 Lal, Brajesh Health Services R&D
IK2RX002490-01A2 Brain changes underlying emotional and executive alterations in TBI Lamb, Damon Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004031-01A1 Promoting metabolic health through the reduction of dietary branched chain amino acids Lamming, Dudley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 16-195 Risk Stratified Enhancements to Clinical Care: Targeting Care for Patients Identified Through Predictive Modeling as Being at High Risk for Suicide, with the Office of Mental Health Operations Landes, Sara Health Services R&D
I01CX001647-01A1 Mechanisms of Change in Yoga and Physical Activity for Veterans Lang, Ariel Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004097-01A1 The Functional Role of Exosomes in Stem Cell Mediated Cardiac Repair Lang, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002305-01A2 PLGA Nanoparticles as a Localized Therapy for Experimental Autoimmune Neuritis? Langert, Kelly Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001894-01A2 Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship in Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Living Centers LaPlante, Kerry Health Services R&D
I01BX000333-08A1 Potential of Hematopoietic Stem Cell-Based Therapies for Complicated Fractures LaRue, Rutha Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001981-05A1 Cell Specific Mineralocorticoid Signaling, Insulin Resistance and Cardiovascular Stiffness Lastra, Guido Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004231-01A1 Dietary fatty acids, cell signals, and sucrose intake Lattemann, Dianne Figlewicz Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003782-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Lau, K. H. William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002964-01A2 Regulation of Functional Activity of Osteoclasts Lau, K. H. William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004446-01A1 Molecular Mechanisms of a Male-Specific Positive Feedback Loop in Liver Cancer Lau, Yun-Fai Chris Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004854-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Lau, Yun-Fai Chris Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002644-01A2 Distinct MHCII APC Requirements for T Cell and B Cell Effector Functions Laufer, Terri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001919-05 Development of Human Asparaginase for Cancer Therapy Lavie, Arnon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004589-01 Pharmacological and toxicological testing of a novel L-asparaginase Lavie, Arnon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003382-01A1 A Novel Relationship Between the Gut Microbiota and Pancreatic Beta Cells contributes to Gestational Glucose Homeostasis Layden, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004294-01 New strategies to restore ACE2 compensatory activity in neurogenic hypertension Lazartigues, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005475-01 COVID19: SARS-CoV-2 and ACE2 interaction in hypertension Lazartigues, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001614-01A2 Systems biology approach to the management of chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorder Lederer, Eleanor Clinical Science R&D
597 CSP #597 - Diuretic Comparison Project (Point of Care Research) Lederle, Frank Cooperative Studies
N0006 CSP NODES - Minneapolis CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Lederle, Frank Cooperative Studies
I01RX002148-01A2 Forced Convection as a Rehabilitation Strategy for Arresting Low Back Pain Ledet, Eric Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002008-01 Quantitative Prescription of Foot Orthoses: A Dose-Response Study of Kinematics in Patients with Foot and Ankle Pain using Biplane Fluoroscopy Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002970-01 Research Career Scientist Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003259-01A2 Characterizing and Restoring Joint Motion in Patients with Hallux Rigidus: Human Subject Testing Ledoux, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001683-01A1 Role of RhoA in small AAA growth Lee, Eugene Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002487-01 Efficient electronic phenotyping using APHRODITE in the Million Veteran Program Lee, Jennifer Health Services R&D
2012 CSP #2012 - Prediabetes Prospective Observational Study (PreDOS) Lee, Jennifer Cooperative Studies
IK2BX002442-01A2 Human Bone Engineering and Resorption in a Novel Mineralized Collagen Scaffold Lee, Justine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003265-01A1 MIF-mediated Mechanisms in Emphysema Lee, Patty Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004128-01A1 Endocytosis in Candida filamentation, biofilm formation and virulence Lee, Samuel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002135-01A2 Development and Validation of 10-Year Life Expectancy Calculators to Individualize Veterans’ Prevention Decisions Lee, Sei Health Services R&D
I01BX003387-01A1 The Role of Endothelial Dysfunction in Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation Lee, Timmy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002060-01A1 Identifying Networks of Transmission by Examining Routines of Action, Contact, and Thinking (INTERACT) Leecaster, Molly Health Services R&D
N0003 CSP NODES - Hines CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Leehey, David Cooperative Studies
2008 CSP #2008 - Pentoxifylline in Diabetic Kidney Disease (VA PTXRx) Leehey, David Cooperative Studies
IK2CX001255-01A2 Hippocampal oscillations, interictal discharges, and memory formation Leeman, Beth Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001949-01 Sex Effects on the Neurobiology of Eating Behaviors in Veterans with Overweight/Obesity Legget, Kristina Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002423-01A1 Understanding Mental Health Problems and Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Veterans Lehavot, Keren Health Services R&D
IK2BX004879-01 Role of Perivascular Stem Cells in Ligament Healing and Regeneration Leong, Natalie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003225-01A2 Development of a psycho-social transition program and transition assessment tools for Veterans with mental illness and/or substance use disorders leaving prison LePage, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002451-01A2 Assessing the effect of distance learning vocational rehabilitation on employment outcomes of Veterans with psychiatric illness and histories of legal convictions LePage, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002126-01A1 Personalized Life Expectancy to Encourage High Value Prostate Cancer Care Leppert, John Health Services R&D
IK2RX002920-01A1 Vagal nerve stimulation to probe inflammation and brain in posttraumatic stress Lerman, Imanuel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001355-05A2 Myocardial Infarction in the Aging Heart: Ischemia-Damaged Mitochondria, Reticulum Stress and the Transition to Heart Failure Lesnefsky, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004492-01A1 Role of ARF6 in atherosclerotic burden and severity Lesniewski, Lisa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001986-01 rTMS in alleviating Pain and Co-morbid symptoms in GWVI Leung, Albert Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002506-01A1 Long Term efficacy of rTMS in Managing MTBI-related Headache Leung, Albert Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001418-01A2 Prospective RCT of Water exchange (WE) vs. WE plus Cap-Assisted Colonoscopy Leung, Felix Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005148-01 Thrombin Cleavage of Osteopontin Suppresses Host-Anti-Tumor Immune Response in Cancer Leung, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002867-01A1 Improving Depression Management in Primary Care Leung, Lucinda Health Services R&D
I01RX002701-01A1 Immune and Genetic Controls of Tissue Regeneration in Mice and Humans Leung, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX005058-01A2 Investigating the Genomic Architecture of Anxiety and Overlap with Mental Health Disorders in the Million Veteran Program. Levey, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002316-05A1 Estrogen receptor and the cardiovascular system Levin, Ellis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002529-01A1 Are Veterans' Outcomes Better when VHA Purchases High-Quality Nursing Home Care? Levy, Cari Health Services R&D
IK3HX002815-01A2 Tailored Approaches to Reduce Distress and Improve Self-Management for Veterans with Diabetes (TARDIS) Lewinski, Allison Health Services R&D
I01BX000533-09A1 Recognition of Mtb-Infected Cells by Non-Classically Restricted CD8 T Cells Lewinsohn, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 18-313 Home Excellence Research and Outcomes Center to Advance, Redefine and Evaluate Non-Institutional Caregiving (HERO CARE) Leykum, Luci Health Services R&D
I01RX002813-01A2 Maximizing Hearing Recovery from Peri-Synaptic Damage LI, Hongzhe Rehabilitation R&D
L0012 Richmond LPOP Site Li, Howard Cooperative Studies
I01BX003385-01 Therapeutic Development in Segmental Demyelination Li, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000737-05 Macrophage-mediated gene delivery of neurotrophic factors for Parkinson's disease Li, Senlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000737-09A2 Macrophage-Mediated Gene Delivery of Neurotrophic Factors in Parkinson's Disease Li, Senlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003895-01A2 Targeting Integrins in Lung Cancer Li, Tianhong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004639-01 HDL as a therapeutic target for sepsis Li, Xiang-An Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004044-01A1 Investigating calcineurin regulation of pathological TDP-43 phosphorylation in ALS Liachko, Nicole Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000361-05A2 Mechanistic-based biomarkers of abusive alcohol consumption Liangpunsakul, Suthat Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004333-01A1 Novel Complement-targeted treatment strategies in Renal Disease Lianos, Elias Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004962-01A1 Personalized assessment of bladder cancer treatment response using urinary molecular biomarkers Liao, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002230-05A1 Gut Neuroendocrine Cell Signaling Liddle, Rodger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002462-01A1 Intraoperative Optimization and Validation of Musculoskeletal Reconstruction Lieber, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003351-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Lieber, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003030-01A1 Optimal Dosing Regimen to Recover from Muscle Atrophy Lieber, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
380 Prospective Evaluation of Risk Factors for Large Colonic Adenomas in Asymptomatic Subjects Lieberman, David Cooperative Studies
I01RX002472-01A2 Brain injury rehabilitation modality, regulation, & structural plasticity Lifshitz, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000252-08 Chromatin-based regulation of neural stem cells Lim, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004872-01 Effect of Cyclical Intermittent Hypoxia on Lung Cancer Progression Lim, Diane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001995-01A1 Effects of tDCS Paired with Cognitive Training on Brain Networks associated with Alcohol Use Disorder in Veterans Lim, Kelvin Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002022-01A1 Supplementation with Amino Acid Rehabilitative Therapy in TBI (SmART-TBI): A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial to Improve Sleep Lim, Miranda Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX002712-01A1 Sleep-wake disturbances in traumatic brain injury Lim, Miranda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003612-01A1 Feasibility of combination exercise and neuromodulation rehabilitation to improve post-stroke chronic pain Lin, Chen Rehabilitation R&D
553 CSP 553 - Adjuvant Therapy For High Risk Prostate Carcinoma: Docetazel & High Dose Calcitriol (DECAL) Lin, Daniel Cooperative Studies
IK1RX003563-01 Targeting Neuroplasticity with Brain Computer Interfaces to Maximize Motor Recovery for Veterans with Stroke Lin, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002284-05A2 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Age-Related Retinal Degeneration Lin, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002340-01A1 Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Neurodegeneration Lin, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002612-01A1 Using telehealth to expand treatment access for Veterans with opioid use disorder Lin, Lewei Health Services R&D
I01BX004083-01A1 The role of PI3K in pancreatic cancer genetics and progression Lin, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001679-01A1 Acute exercise tolerance among Veterans with Gulf War Illness Lindheimer III, Jacob Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000505-09 Neutrophil Polarization Following Myocardial Infarction Lindsey, Merry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002798-01A1 Engaging Patients to Promote Deprescribing Linsky, Amy Health Services R&D
I01BX000820-09A1 The Exocyst in Ciliogenesis and Acute Kidney Injury Lipschutz, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C0011 CSP C0011 - San Antonio VA NAVIGATE Site Liss, Michael Cooperative Studies
I01RX002797-01A2 Understanding prosthetic needs and outcomes in women Veterans with amputation Littman, Alyson Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002044-01A2 Evaluation of clinical trajectories and identification of modifiable risk factors to improve secondary prevention of amputation in Veterans with diabetes following an initial toe amputation. Littman, Alyson Health Services R&D
I01RX002135-01A2 Psychosocial Rehabilitation after Moral Injury and Loss with Adaptive Disclosure Litz, Brett Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003335-01A1 Collateral flow and stroke outcome Liu, Jialing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004600-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Liu, Jialing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003335-05A1 Mechanisms underlying dampened ischemic tolerance in type 2 diabetes Liu, Jialing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001364-01A3 Type I Interferon Regulation of PD-L1 Expression and Function in MDSCs Liu, Kebin Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003893-01A1 Psychological stress reduces endocannabinoid tone: mechanisms and possible treatments Liu, Si-Qiong June Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002281-01A1 Improving antimicrobial use at hospitals that lack infectious disease specialists Livorsi, Daniel Health Services R&D
I21RX002387-01A1 Phage and Antibiotic Combination Therapy for Use on Polymicrobial Infections Loc Carrillo, Catherine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004646-01A2 Mechanisms contributing to co-morbid psychosis in Alzheimer's disease Lodge, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004693-01A1 The Orexin System as a Target for PTSD and Comorbid Psychosis Lodge, Daniel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002061-05A2 HCV and co-morbid alcohol use disorders: a translational investigation of antiviral therapy outcomes on CNS function Loftis, Jennifer Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004192-01A1 Early Cognitive Impairment as a Function of Alzheimer’s Disease Genes and Trauma Logue, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003477-01A1 Genetic and Epigenetic Biomarkers of PTSD Logue, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001351-01A2 Accelerated Aging among Veterans with PTSD Lohr, James Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004675-01A1 Red light mediated trafficking of microvesicles as a mechanism for vasodilation Lohr, Nicole Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003862-01A2 Role of B-arrestins in bladder cancer progression and response to chemotherapy Lokeshwar, Balakrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003603-01A1 Ischemic Preconditioning to Augment muscle Function in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries Lombardo, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002867-01 Vocal cord tissue engineering: Pre-clinical scale-up Long, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003315-01A2 Epigenetic Control of Melanoma by MAGE Transcription Factors Longley, Bruce Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002513-01A1 Improving Palliative Measurement Application with Computer-Assisted-Abstraction Study Lorenz, Karl Health Services R&D
13F-RCS-008 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Lovallo, William Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002518-01A1 Chronic Pain Management and Patient-Centered Outcomes Following Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy Lovejoy, Travis Health Services R&D
I01BX003892-01A1 Characterization of Chronic Contusive Spinal Cord Injury and Promotion of Corticospinal Tract Regeneration Lu, Pengzhe (Paul) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002264-01A2 SCI Consortium Study: Enhancing Corticospinal Tract Axonal Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injury Lu, Pengzhe (Paul) Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003035-01 HuR regulates TDP-43 and FUS: implications for ALS pathogenesis Lu, Liang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C0008 CSP C0008 - Minneapolis VA NAVIGATE Site Luikart, Sharon Cooperative Studies
I01RX001966-01A1 Task-specific upper-extremity robotic training for stroke neurorehabilitation Lum, Peter Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001721-05A2 Thiamine deficiency and alcohol-induced neurodegeneration Luo, Jia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004188-01 Predicting the Breast Cancer Risk for Women Veterans Luoh, Shiuh-Wen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IIR 14-438 Pain Care Quality and Integrated and Complementary Health Approaches Luther, Stephen Health Services R&D
I01BX003188-01A1 Functionally-selective parathyroid hormone analogs as therapeutics in metabolic bone disease Luttrell, Louis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003513-01A1 Enhancing pulmonary rehabilitation in veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through internet-based cognitive-behavioral treatment for insomnia Luyster, Faith Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 10-391 Research Career Scientist Maciejewski, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01HX002697-01A1 Measuring the Longitudinal Relationshipsbetween Obesity, Weight Management Intervention, and Medical Expenditure Maciejewski, Matthew Health Services R&D
C19 20-408 ESP COVID-19 Response Team Mackey, Katherine Health Services R&D
I01BX004121-01A2 Lung Imaging based Risk Score (LunIRIS): Decision support tool for screening CT Madabhushi, Anant Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004630-01 Role of a common leptin receptor polymorphism in regulating neutrophil heterogeneity after C. difficile infection Madan, Rajat Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002946-01A1 A Novel Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment for Veterans with Moral Injury Maguen, Shira Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003934-01A1 Catestatin improves glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity in diet-induced obese mice Mahata, Sushil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003591-01 Toward wearable ultrasonic neurostimulation for daily at-home treatment of urinary urge incontinence Majerus, Steve Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003290-01A1 Locomotor Response of Persons with Upper Limb Loss to Treadmill Perturbations Major, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003090-01A2 Hybrid Electrical-Mechanical Pump for Vacuum Suspension of Prosthetic Sockets Major, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001322-01A1 Sensory-Motor Mechanisms Underlying Fall Risk in Transtibial Amputees Major, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002038-01A2 A multi-modal, physician-centered intervention to improve guideline-concordant prostate cancer imaging Makarov, Danil Health Services R&D
IK2HX001916-01A2 Improving Outcomes for Older Veterans with Chronic Back Pain and Depression Makris, Una Health Services R&D
IK2CX002041-01A2 Efficacy of Mind-Body Approaches for the Treatment of Chronic Pain with Psychological Comorbidity Malaktaris, Anne Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005300-01 Small Molecule KLF15 Agonists for Kidney Disease Mallipattu, Sandeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003698-01A1 Kr?ppel-Like Factor 15 is a novel mediator of glucocorticoid-responsive glomerular disease Mallipattu, Sandeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001971-01A2 Immune control of chronic viral infection in solid organ transplantation Maltzman, Jonathan Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005142-01A1 Foxp transcription factors in regulatory T cells Maltzman, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003304-01A2 Caveolins, Striatal Toxicity and Methamphetamine Addiction Mandyam, Chitra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002212-01 Effect of Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis in the Pathobiology of Multiple Sclerosis Mangalam, Ashutosh Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005065-01 Autophagy in Myocardial Recovery and Remission Mann, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001530-01A2 The Role of Microbial Antigen-Specific T Cells in Crohn's disease Mannon, Peter Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003272-01A2 AMP Kinase Activation in Calcineurin Inhibitor Nephrotoxicity Mannon, Roslyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-09 Identifying B cell/ T cell epitopes of virus SARS-CoV-2 to develop tests for screening and response evaluation in patients with a COVID-19 infection. Mannuel, Heather Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001405-05A2 Androgens, estrogens, and bone loss in males Manolagas, Stavros Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002978-01A1 Does Choice Equal Quality? A Mixed-Methods Comprehensive Evaluation of the Quality of Community Care through the MISSION Act vs VA care for Veterans with PTSD, Depression and Chronic Pain Manuel, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I01CX002028-01A1 Leucoselect Phytosome for Neoadjuvant Treatment of Early Stage Lung Cancer Mao, Jenny Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004092-01A1 Combinations of Grape Seed and Milk Thistle Extracts Against Lung Mao, Jenny Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX003268-01A1 Discontinuation of levothyroxine therapy for patients with subclinical hypothyroidism: a pilot randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study Maraka, Spyridoula Health Services R&D
I01BX003888-01 Functional and Mechanistic Analysis of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome to Ameliorate Ischemic Damage of Rodent Hearts in situ and Human Myocardium-on-a-Chip March, Keith Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001995-01A1 Impact of a Hospital Mobility Program on Function after Discharge Markland, Alayne Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002827-01A1 Optimizing Remote Access to Urinary Incontinence Treatment for Women Veterans Markland, Alayne Health Services R&D
I01RX001965-01 An Intracochlear Approach to Improving the Clinical DP-Gram Martin, Glen Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002300-01A1 Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea in Women Veterans Martin, Jennifer Health Services R&D
RCS 20-191 Research Career Scientist Award Martin, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I01BX002746-01A2 Rapid analysis of patient tumor cell drug responses to reduce metastatic risk Martin, Stuart Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001345-01A3 Arm Exercise versus Pharmacologic Stress Testing for Clinical Outcome Prediction Martin, Wade Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002352-01A1 Clinical Impact of Respiratory-Swallow Training on Refractory Dysphagia in OP HNC Martin-Harris, Bonnie Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003312-01 Feasibility and Acceptability of The Equus Effect: A Small Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of an Equine-facilitated Therapy Martino, Steve Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002798-01A1 Novel Regenerative Therapeutic in Chronic Complex TBI Marx, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001569-01A1 Biomarker Candidates in Gulf War Veterans: A 10-year Follow-up Investigation Marx, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002028-01A2 Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating Masheb, Robin Health Services R&D
I01HX002563-01A1 Eating Disorder Screening and Diagnostic Tools for the Veteran Healthcare System Masheb, Robin Health Services R&D
I21BX004612-01 p75NTR ligands for ALS therapy Massa, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003127-01A1 Enhancing the Efficiency of Data Collection for Surgical Quality Improvement Massarweh, Nader Health Services R&D
I01HX002447-01A1 Comparative Effectiveness of Alternative Strategies for Monitoring Hospital Surgical Performance Massarweh, Nader Health Services R&D
I01BX000792-09A2 New Epigenetic Targets in Ovarian Cancer Stem Cells Matei, Daniela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003946-01 5HT modulation of arousal and chemoreflex responses in intact and SCI mice. Mateika, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000125-09 Intermittent hypoxia initiated plasticity in humans: A multi-pronged therapeutic approach to treat sleep apnea and overlapping co-morbidities. Mateika, Jason Clinical Science R&D
IK6CX002287-01 CSRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Mateika, Jason Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001205-01A1 Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Late-Life Depression Mathew, Sanjay Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002392-01A1 Communication and Activation in Pain to Enhance Relationships and Treat Pain with Equity (COOPERATE) Matthias, Marianne Health Services R&D
I01HX001288-01A1 Patterns and Experiences of VA Maternity Care Coordination for Women Veterans Mattocks, Kristin Health Services R&D
SDR 20-390 Community Care Research Evaluation & Knowledge (CREEK) Center Mattocks, Kristin Health Services R&D
SDR 18-319 Understanding Network Adequacy and Community Engagement in Veteran Care Mattocks, Kristin Health Services R&D
I01BX002914-01A1 Inhibition of the Fas/FasL system in experimental acute lung injury Matute-Bello, Gustavo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001321-06A1 Bioactive injectable implants for functional intervertebral disc regeneration Mauck, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003293-01A1 Hydrogel Delivery of Extracellular Vesicles to Treat Osteoarthritis Mauck, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003416-01 Research Career Scientist Mauck, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002340-01A1 Addressing inappropriate benzodiazepine prescribing among older Veterans Maust, Donovan Health Services R&D
I01BX003725-01A1 The role of the androgen receptor in insulin secretion Mauvais-Jarvis, Franck Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001634-01A1 Comparative Effectiveness of Delivery Methods for Caregiver Support and Education Mavandadi, Shahrzad Health Services R&D
I01HX002824-01A2 Caregiver SOS: An Intervention for Employed Caregivers Mavandadi, Shahrzad Health Services R&D
IK2CX001882-01A1 Breathing patterning in obstructive sleep apnea May, Anna Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001610-01 Failure of the glutamate uptake-ascorbic acid exchange drives seizure susceptibility and severity May, James Clinical Science R&D
SDR 14-204 WRIISC as a Model of Care for Chronic Multisymptom Illness McAndrew, Lisa Health Services R&D
I01HX002835-01A1 Collaborative Specialty Care for Gulf War Illness McAndrew, Lisa Health Services R&D
I01RX003254-01A1 Health Coaching for Chronic Multi-symptom Illness McAndrew, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003431-01A1 Circadian rhythms and cell survival in lithium responsive bipolar disorder. McCarthy, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003431-05A1 Circadian Rhythms in Neuronal Models of Bipolar Disorder McCarthy, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004918-01A2 In Vivo Restoration of Myocardial Conduction with Carbon Nanotube Fibers McCauley, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002996-01A2 Dietary Fat and Alcoholic Liver Disease McClain, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005109-01 Mechanism of Integrative Metabolic Regulation by Iron and Hypoxia McClain, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-03 Development of diagnostic and predictive biomarkers for COVID-19biomarkers McClain, Micah Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001850-01 Host-derived biomarker signatures for the diagnosis of acute rickettsial diseases McClain, Micah Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005128-01A1 Role of Pulmonary Osteoclast-Like Cells in Lung Injury McCormack, Francis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003221-01A2 Defining novel pharyngeal pressure metrics to predict dysphagia treatment outcomes and clinical prognosis using high-resolution manometry McCulloch, Timothy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003562-01A1 Blood flow restriction exercise to improve skeletal muscle and peripheral vascular function in person with spinal cord injuries McDaniel, John Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX004072-01A2 Targeting the myeloid lineage to inhibit exacerbation of pulmonary fibrosis due to chronic stress McDonald, Lindsay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003509-01A2 Purinergic signaling and arteriogenesis McEnaney, Ryan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003338-01A1 sTMS for Substance Use-disordered Veterans McGeary, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002534-01A2 Longitudinal Assessment of the Sleep-Suicide Link in Veterans Discharged from Inpatient Psychiatric Care McGeary, John Health Services R&D
I50RX003001-01 Translational Research Center for TBI and Stress Disorders (TRACTS) McGlinchey, Regina Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001327-01A2 Structural & Functional Brain Alterations Related to Adolescent Binge Drinking McGlinchey, Regina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000508-09A1 Guidance of pulmonary fibroblast migration during alveolar septal formation McGowan, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002619-01A2 Effects of Aging on Cortical Excitability During Motor Learning McGregor, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003581-01 Effects of Acute Exercise on Functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Measures of GABA in Aging and Chronic Stroke McGregor, Keith Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003035-01A1 Using Moral Elevation to Improve Functioning in Veterans with PTSD and Moral Injury: A Pilot Study of a Web-Based Intervention McGuire, Adam Rehabilitation R&D
RVR 19-476 Implementation of Telecare Collaborative Management of Chronic Pain in Primary Care McGuire, Alan Health Services R&D
I01HX002093-01A2 Evaluation of Recovery-oriented Acute INpatient Mental Healthcare (RAIN-MH) McGuire, Alan Health Services R&D
I01HX002443-01 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain: do Modifications Affect VEterans or implementatioN (CBT-CP MAVEN) McGuire, Alan Health Services R&D
I01HX002754-01A2 Capturing the Dynamics of Homelessness through Ethnography and Mobile Technology McInnes, Donald Health Services R&D
I01BX004613-01 CTBI:CBI Tauopathy in Mice and Human: Neurodegeneration after Repetitive Neurotrauma: Mechanisms and Biomarker Discovery McKee, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002466-05 VA Biorepository Brain Bank McKee, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003478-01A1 SNO transport regulates endothelial adhesion of RBCs McMahon, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003478-05 Aberrant RBC SNO transport and endothelial adhesion in sepsis McMahon, Timothy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003486-01A1 Pathogenic role of thrombospondin-1 in acute and chronic liver failure McMillin, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004500-01 Tuning cortical E/I balance for translational modeling of psychiatric disorders McNally, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004105-01A1 BDNF-mediated effects of rTMS on cognitive dysfunction in Veterans McNerney, Magaret Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003006-01A1 An Exploratory Investigation Utilizing Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a Tool to Decrease Pain and Improve Functioning in Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder McRae-Clark, Aimee Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002886-01A1 Developing a Novel rTMS Intervention for Transdiagnostic Psychosocial Rehabilitation: A Dose-finding Study McTeague, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004127-01A2 Alcohol-sensitized macrophages enhance colorectal carcinoma metastasis in the liver McVicker, Benita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004896-01A2 Translational Study of Blast mTBI Effects on Locus Ceruleus-Cerebellar Network Structure and Function Meabon, James Biomedical Laboratory R&D
574 CSP #574 - Extend Steroid in CAP (ESCAPe): Phase III Clinical Trial of Evaluate the Safety & Efficacy of Low-Dose Methylprednisolone Infusion in Subjects with Severe Community Acquired Pneumonia Meduri, G. Umberto Cooperative Studies
I01BX003692-01 The Role of EZH2 in Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Meeks, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003692-05 Epigenetic Regulation of Immune Evasion in Bladder Cancer Meeks, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004885-01 The role of enterocyte apical structure in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis Meenderink, Leslie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003259-01A1 Cell-free DNA is a driver of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis via TLR9 activation Mehal, Wajahat Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000282-09A2 PCSK9-A novel target for the treatment of myocardial ischemia Mehta, Jawahar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001020-05 Neuromuscular junction regeneration Mei, Lin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004434-01 Mechanisms regulating cytomegalovirus Meier, Jeffery Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003460-01 Teaching Loved Ones to Help Veterans Optimize their PTSD Care and Healing Meis, Laura Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002086-01A2 Improving Veteran Adherence to Treatment for PTSD through Partnering with Families Meis, Laura Health Services R&D
I01CX001526-01A2 Contribution of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Pericardial Fluid to Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery Melby, Spencer Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000409-05A1 Cholinergic Receptors in Aging and Early Alzheimer's Disease: Longitudinal Change Melrose, Rebecca Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX003067-01A1 Electronic Proactive Outreach for Smokers with COPD: Engaging patients to quit Melzer, Anne Health Services R&D
I01BX004651-01 Reactivating p53 Function with a Novel Structure-based Peptide as a Therapeutic Approach for Overcoming Platinum Resistance Memarzadeh, Sanaz Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-396 Changes in the Delivery of Evidenced Based Psychotherapies for Depression and PTSD as the Result of COVID-19 Pandemic Mendez, Diana Health Services R&D
I01BX001724-09A1 Functional characters of non-coding RNAs in alcoholic liver injury Meng, Fanyin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005163-01 Downregulation of Inflamm-aging for Protection Against Organ Damage in Sepsis Meng, Xianzhong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001466-01A1 Impact of Sexual Assault and Combat-Related Trauma on Fertility in Veterans Mengeling, Michelle Health Services R&D
I01BX002327-05A1 Regulatory Role of HDAC in Post-MI Ventricular Remodeling Menick, Donald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004476-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Merlin, Didier Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002526-05 Small intestinal PepT1 expression plays a critical role in maintaining intestinal homeostasis and in shaping the gut microbiota Merlin, Didier Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005188-01 Small Molecules to Promote Regeneration and Recovery Following Spinal Cord Injury Meroueh, Samy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001952-01 Examination of Biological Markers Associated with Neurobehavioral and Neuropsychological Outcomes in Military Veterans with a History of Traumatic Brain Injury Merritt, Victoria Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000552-09A1 Modifying the Internal Globus Pallidus (GPi) in Parkinson's Disease: Role of Glutamate in Restoration Meshul, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005023-01A2 Reversing Cigarette Smoke-Induced Antiviral Immunosuppression Metcalf, Jordan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
PULM-004-20S Reversing Cigarette Smoke-Induced Antiviral Immunosuppression Metcalf, Jordan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002699-01A2 Post-Hospital Intervention for Veterans with Comorbid Bipolar and Substance Use Disorders Metrik, Jane Health Services R&D
IK2HX002586-01A1 Understanding physicians' diagnostic accuracy in the EHR era Meyer, Ashley Health Services R&D
I01BX004429-01A1 Investigating a Model for PM-Induced Exacerbation of Autoimmunity Mezrich, Joshua Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002051-01A2 Health Information for Infected Veterans Midboe, Amanda Health Services R&D
I01BX003767-01A1 Discovering novel mechanisms for aging-related dementia: probing medin and abeta vasculopathy Migrino, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002691-01A2 Mechanistic role of vascular dysfunction in TBI-mediated cognitive dysfunction Migrino, Raymond Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003767-05 Discovering Novel Mechanisms and Treatment for Aging-Related Dementia: Probing Medin and Abeta Vasculopathy Migrino, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004660-01 Pathogenic Role of Malondialdehyde-Acetaldehyde Adducts in Rheumatoid Arthritis Mikuls, Ted Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003665-01A1 Role of Thyroid Hormone Signaling in Sarcopenia Milanesi, Anna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002395-01A2 Health Outcomes Associated with TBI Screening Miles, Shannon Health Services R&D
I01CX002135-01A1 Manage Emotions to Reduce Aggression - MERA: A Brief Aggression Treatment for Veterans with PTSD Symptoms Miles, Shannon Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002355-01A2 Prediction and Prevention of Hypoglycemia in Veterans with Diabetes Miller, Donald Health Services R&D
I01BX001729-05A1 Regulation of the Nox1 NADPH Oxidase in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Miller, Francis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001874-01A1 Characterization of sleep with trauma nightmares using ambulatory sleep measurement Miller, Katherine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001586-01A1 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Genetic Analysis of Oxidative Stress in OEF/OIF Veterans with PTSD and TBI Miller, Mark Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001860-01A2 Effect of Differential Fat Loads on CVD Biomarkers in Veterans with HTG Miller, Michael Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004691-01A1 Physiologic regulation of soluble Klotho levels by systemic acid/base status Miller, R. Tyler Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002292-05 Structural and biochemical studies of the insulin and IGF1 receptors Miller, W. Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002775-01A1 Implementing the Behavioral Activities Intervention (BE-ACTIV) to Reduce Depression among Veterans in Community Living Centers Mills, Whitney Health Services R&D
RVR 19-482 Research Impacting Veterans Using LTSS and Experiencing Transitions (RIVULET) Mills, Whitney Health Services R&D
IK2CX001916-01 Causal brain mechanisms of value-based attentional capture in depression Mills-Finnerty, Colleen Clinical Science R&D
I01HX001611-01A2 Assessing Hypertension Care for Aged Veterans: Balancing Risks and Benefits Min, Lillian Health Services R&D
I01HX002435-01A2 Eating disorders in Veterans: Risk, resilience, and service use Mitchell, Karen Health Services R&D
IK2BX004346-01A1 Optimizing anti-tumor immunity for maximal therapeutic efficacy in Colorectal Cancer Mitchem, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000149-09A2 Molecular basis for mechanosensitivity of esophageal enteric neurons (EMN) Mittal, Ravinder Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002441-01A2 Drug Reduction in Older Patients: The DROP Trial Mixon, Amanda Health Services R&D
I01RX002846-01A2 Neurophysiology Markers of PTSD's Presence, Severity, and Therapy Outcome Modarres, Mo Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001691-01A2 Patient Movement and Impact on Multidrug-Resistant Organism (MDRO) Transmission Mody, Lona Clinical Science R&D
2005 CSP #2005 - Veterans Affairs Lung Cancer Surgery Or Stereotactic Radiotherapy (VALOR) Moghanaki, Drew Cooperative Studies
15F-RCS-002 Research Career Scientist Award Mohan, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000357-08 Targeted Gene Therapy and Nanomedicine Approaches to Treat Corneal Diseases Mohan, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005646-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application (Renewal) Mohan, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005263-01A1 Development of 3D Printed Synthetic Bone Graft Containing Small Molecules for Sequential Activation of Hedgehog and Hypoxia Signaling for Treatment of Nonunion Fractures Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005381-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001396-05 Prolyl Hydroxylases, Epigenetics and Osteoarthritis Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002717-01A1 Impact of Mild TBI on Bone Formation Mohan, Subburaman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002324-01A1 Race/ethnic differences in guideline recommended hypertension medications in VHA Mohanty, April Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002609-02 Race/ethnic differences in guideline recommended hypertension medications in VHA Mohanty, April Health Services R&D
I01BX003685-01A1 Nanomicellar antiviral strategies for RSV infection Mohapatra, Shyam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003778-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Mohapatra, Shyam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-08 Development of predictive algorithm and AI-enhanced chest CT imagingfor the screening of hospitalized COVID-19 patients Mohapatra, Shyam Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003413-01A2 Tumor targeted engineered stem cells for treatment of lung cancer Mohapatra, Subhra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004212-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Mohapatra, Subhra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005490-01 COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Agents Mohapatra, Subhra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002431-01A2 Measuring Veterans' Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Experiences Mohr, David Health Services R&D
I01BX004774-01A1 Regulation of glucose homeostasis via the molecular clock machinery and the hepatic vagus nerve after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass Mokadem, Mohamad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX003683-01 Biomarker Validation to Improve Cognitive and Psychosocial Outcomes in Veterans with Chronic Psychosis Molina, Juan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX002095-01A1 Identifying Biomarkers of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Veterans using an Integrative Multi-Omics Approach Montalvo-Ortiz, Janitza Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002757-01A2 Preventing Suicide Among Female and Male Veterans Not Receiving VHA Services Monteith, Lindsey Health Services R&D
I21HX003074-01A1 Perspectives of Female Veterans, VHA Providers, and Family Members on Preventing Firearm-Inflicted Suicides among Female Veterans Monteith, Lindsey Health Services R&D
IK2BX003839-01A1 The Role of Bone Marrow Derived Eicosanoids in Renal Disease Progression Montford, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003117-01A1 Can services to address Veterans social determinants of health reduce their suicide risk? Montgomery, Ann Health Services R&D
I01CX002189-01A1 High-dose Testosterone in Men with Metastatic Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer and ATM or CDK12 deficiency Montgomery, Robert Clinical Science R&D
SDR1-001-19S Pilot Project to Establish Infrastructure for More Efficient Germline Screening of Veterans with Metastatic Prostate Cancer Montgomery, Robert Clinical Science R&D
MVP031 Returning Clinically Actionable Results to MVP Participants with Metastatic Prostate Cancer: a pilot study. Montgomery, Robert NULL
POPCAP-001 POPCaP Infrastructure Support Montgomery, Robert Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001963-01 Carboplatin or Olaparib for BRcA deficient prostate cancer (COBRA) Montgomery, Robert Clinical Science R&D
C19 20-397 Virtual Pain Care for High Risk Veterans on Opioids during COVID19 (and Beyond) Moore, Brent Health Services R&D
I01BX001271-05 Mechanisms underlying neuropeptide release in the extended amygdala Moore, Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005428-01 COVID-19: Characterizing trained immune responses to COVID-19 Moorman, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001043-01A2 HDL function and mortality in end stage renal disease Moradi, Hamid Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001783-01A1 Investigating the Neural Basis of Shame and Guilt in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Morey, Rajendra Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002293-01 Mapping Subject-Specific Structural and Functional Connectivity to Parse the Unique Contributions of Subconcussive Blast, Mild TBI, and PTSD Morey, Rajendra Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002906-01A1 Diagnostic Stewardship as a 'nudge' to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use for urinary tract infections Morgan, Daniel Health Services R&D
I01HX001128-01 Comparative safety and effectiveness of isolation in VHA community living centers Morgan, Daniel Health Services R&D
N0005 CSP NODES - VA Long Beach HCS CSP NODES Initiative Morgan, Timothy Cooperative Studies
I21RX003578-01A1 A Feasibility Study of Behavioral Activation in the Rehabilitation of Veterans with Post-TBI Depression Moriarty, Helene Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003512-05A2 Treating PTSD and depression: Mechanisms of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in rats Morilak, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003512-01A1 Treating PTSD and depression: Mechanisms of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy in rats Morilak, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000559-08A1 Selective negative allosteric modulators of alpha 5-GABAA receptors: novel psychotherapeutic drugs Morilak, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000972-09 Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria for Cancer Immunotherapy by Gamma Delta T Cells Morita, Craig Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002093-01 An Integrative Technology Approach to Home-based Conjoint Therapy for PTSD Morland, Leslie Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002012-01A1 Effect of Exercise on Recovery in Drug-Induced Parkinsonism and Parkinson Disease Morley, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001550-05 Lysophosphatidic acid and cardiovascular disease risk Morris, Andrew Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005637-09A1 Lysophosphatidic Acid and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Morris, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002231-01A1 Reprogramming Macrophages to Improve Vascular Healing in Diabetes Morrison, Alan Clinical Science R&D
N0002 CSP NODES - VA North Texas Health Care System NODES Initiative Mortensen, Eric Cooperative Studies
I01BX002424-01A1 Anti-arthritic activity and therapeutic use of novel joint-homing peptides Moudgil, Kamal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004049-01 Interferon Beta Initiated Development of Immunogenic T1 B cells in Lupus Mountz, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005448-01 B-cell innate and adaptive protective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 Mountz, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003340-01A1 Long-term effects of opioid use in a mouse model of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury Mouzon, Benoit Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003305-01A1 Effects of Chronic Pain, Dyspnea, and Physical Activity Promotion on Functional Connectivity of the Brain in COPD Moy, Marilyn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002855-01A2 Leveraging Technology to Address Access and Adherence to Conventional Hospital-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Veterans with COPD Moy, Marilyn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004232-01A2 Intra-renal T-cell heterogeneity in ADPKD patients Mrug, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0010 CSP NODES - VA San Diego Healthcare System Multidisciplinary CSP Node Initiative Mudaliar, Sunder Cooperative Studies
I01BX003458-01A1 Defining the role of the androgen receptor low molecular weight isoforms in bladder cancer Mudryj, Maria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004909-01 Enteroendocrine cell reprogramming during intestinal injury Muegge, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001893-01A2 Improving Glaucoma Medication Adherence Muir, Kelly Health Services R&D
I01RX002300-01 Multi-level assessment and rehabilitation of combat mild traumatic brain injury Mukherjee, Pratik Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002694-01A2 How Can We Make Invasive Non-Surgical Procedures Safer? Using Big Data to Identify Adverse Events and Opportunities to Mitigate Harm Mull, Hillary Health Services R&D
I21RX003615-01A1 Exploring Barriers and Facilitators of Employment in Veterans with Opioid Use Disorders mumba, Mercy Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002922-01A2 Targeting MNK Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer Munshi, Hidayatullah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001584-05A2 Molecular Manipulation to Enhance Anti-Myeloma Response Munshi, Nikhil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002339-01A1 Peer Support for Exercise in Older Veterans with Psychotic Disorders Muralidharan, Anjana Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001407-01A1 Mesenchymal stem cells induce regulatory T cells in patients with aortic aneurysm Murphy, Michael Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001914-01A1 The neurobiological mechanisms of untreated pain and depression to relapse risk in substance dependence Murray, Donna Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001990-01A2 How Do Wrist Surgical Salvage Procedures Limit Hand Strength? Murray, Wendy Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003610-01A1 Development of Ultrasound Imaging Phantoms Appropriate for Quantification of Muscle Fascicle Architecture and Mechanical Properties Murray, Wendy Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001826-01A1 Neurocognitive markers of short-term risk for suicidal behavior in high-risk Veterans Myers, Catherine Clinical Science R&D
IK6RX002477-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Myers, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003266-01A1 Exoskeleton footwear to improve walking performance and subject-reported preference. Myers, Sara Rehabilitation R&D
C19 20-211 A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study of the Impacts of Telemental Healthcare for High-Risk Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder during COVID-19 Myers, Ursula Health Services R&D
I21RX003179-01 Corneal Reconstruction through an In Situ-Forming Collagen Gel Myung, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003211-01A1 Effect of Patient Priorities Care Implementation in Older Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Naik, Aanand Health Services R&D
I01BX002994-01A2 Immune Modulation and Cardiac Remodeling Nakamura, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002764-05A1 Mechanisms associated with systemic effects of cancer Nakshatri, Harikrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005244-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Nakshatri, Harikrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-12 Microsampling-based multiplexed evaluation to define determinants of host response and clinical outcomes in COVID-19 infections. Nallamshetty, Shriram Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004523-01A1 Reprogramming T Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis Napier, Ruth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001858-01 STEP UP to Avert Amputation in Diabetes Natarajan, Sundar Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003371-01 Racial Bias in a VA Algorithm for High-Risk Veterans Navathe, Amol Health Services R&D
I01CX001784-01A1 Neurosteroid Intervention for PTSD in Iraq/Afghanistan-era Veterans Naylor, Jennifer Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002299-01A2 Impact of neighborhood and workforce deprivation on diabetes outcomes in Veterans: a spatio-temporal analysis Neelon, Brian Health Services R&D
I01HX001588-01A2 Vet-COACH (Veteran peer Coaches Optimizing and Advancing Cardiac Health) Nelson, Karin Health Services R&D
I01HX002425-01A2 Measuring the impact of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) on Veteran outcomes Nelson, Richard Health Services R&D
I01BX005001-01 Identification of Novel Cellular/Molecular Mechanisms and Arrhythmia Targets in Heart Failure Nerbonne, Jeanne Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003897-01A1 Chemoprotection and imaging for aminoglycoside and chemotherapy toxicities Neuwelt, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003279-01A2 Dopamine D2 Receptor Splice Variants and Autoreceptor Function Neve, Kim Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001939-01A2 Improving Mind/Body Health and Functioning with Integrative Exercise Neylan, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001720-01A1 Mechanisms of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Vein Wall Fibrosis Nguyen, Khanh Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001901-01 Tailoring Stress Cardiac MRI for Women with Ischemic Heart Disease Nguyen, Kim-Lien Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001575-01 Systemic and Tumor-Directed Therapy for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer Nickols, Nicholas Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005628-01 BMPR2 mutations, Neointimal Transformation and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Nicolls, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002094-01A1 CTBI: Traumatic brain injury-induced inflammation effects on cognitive evaluations and response inhibition: Mechanisms of increased risk for suicidality Niculescu, Alexander Clinical Science R&D
I01RX000180-05A2 Restoration of Cognitive Function with TDCS and Training in Schizophrenia Nienow, Tasha Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005093-01A1 Pathogenic role of a protein complex of liver origin as regulator of a proinflammatory program that drives hepatic and intestinal injury in alcoholic liver disease Nieto, Natalia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001422-01 Novel Interventions for Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Niles, Barbara Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003212-01A2 Inhibitory G protein (Gi) signaling in bone disease and repair Nissenson, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000157-06A1 Neurophysiological and MRI Studies of Schizophrenia Niznikiewicz, Margaret Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002825-01A2 Graded Intensity Aerobic Exercise to Improve Cerebrovascular Function and Performance in Aged Veterans Nocera, Joe Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002412-01A1 Combining Topiramate and Prolonged Exposure for PTSD and Alcohol Use Disorder Norman, Sonya Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000141-09 Melanoma Resistance to Apoptosis: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential Norris, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002919-01 AMPREDICT PRO-Predicting Prosthetic Mobility and Matching Prosthetic Characteristics to Patient Functional Goals Norvell, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002960-01 Improving Dysvascular Amputee Outcomes by Enhancing Shared Decision Making Through the Development and Implementation of a Patient Decision Aid and a Decision Support Tool Norvell, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004297-01 Diabetes-Related Changes Affecting Bone Quality Nyman, Jeffry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005062-01A1 Validation of pre-clinical models of musculoskeletal healing following trauma Nyman, Jeffry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000105-05A1 Targeting F-box protein 048 in acute lung injury Nyunoya, Toru Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001811-01 Extracellular matrix-adipocyte metabolic crosstalk and diabetes O' Rourke, Robert Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX005061-01 Leveraging nanotechnology and skin delivery to drive selective immune tolerance for Multiple Sclerosis Oakes, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000294-09A1 Molecular mechanisms of glucocorticoid-induced bone loss O'Brien, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002095-04 Novel Functions for Ras family GTPases OBryan, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002095-08A1 Novel Functions for Ras family GTPases OBryan, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003195-01A1 Role of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor in Regulating Neuroinflammantion and Mental Health O'Connor, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
594 Comparative Effectiveness in Gout O'Dell, James Cooperative Studies
IK2RX003376-01A2 Translational Modeling of Brain Injury Rehabilitation to Maximize Recovery. O'Donnell, John Rehabilitation R&D
SDR 16-192 Teledermatology Mobile Apps: Implementation and Impact on Veterans' Access to Dermatology Oh, Dennis Health Services R&D
I01BX003224-01A2 Role of Vitamin D in cutaneous DNA repair Oh, Dennis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002450-01 Remote and automated evaluation of skin disease Oh, Dennis Health Services R&D
IIR 18-032 Optimizing the value of community care for Veterans with advanced kidney disease O'Hare, Ann Health Services R&D
C19 20-404 Use and effectiveness of remdesivir for treatment of COVID-19 Ohl, Michael Health Services R&D
I01HX002193-01A1 Effectiveness of a Rescue Medication in Preventing Opioid Overdose in Veterans Oliva, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I21RX002533-01A1 Camera System Development for Pressure Injury Screening in Veterans with SCI Olney, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003222-01A1 Refinement of the Comprehensive Mobile Assessment of Pressure (CMAP) System for Prevention of Pressure Injuries Olney, Christine Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000656-09 Modulation of Immune Defenses in Pathobiology of CNS Infection Olszewski, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003615-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Olszewski, Michal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003262-01A2 Proximal Differentiation Therapy for K-Ras-Induced Lung Adenocarcinoma Onaitis, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004585-01A1 Blocking lung cancer progression with peptide delivering cell therapy platforms ONeil, Richard Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002762-01A1 Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive Functioning Deficits in Veterans with PTSD O'Neil, Maya Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004468-01A1 Regulation of Muscle Mitochondrial Protein Homeostasis by Insulin/IGF-1/FoxO Signaling O'Neill, Brian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003865-01A2 Therapeutic Potential of Targeted Mucosal Heme Oxygenase-1 in Colitis Onyiah, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX001512-01A2 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Veterans with History of TBI Orff, Henry Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001800-01A1 Statins for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Frailty Orkaby, Ariela Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001269-01A1 Functional impact of HDL transport of microRNA in rheumatoid arthritis Ormseth, Michelle Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX003804-01 Alzheimer's disease-associated tau toxicity induces cellular senescence in the brain. Orr, Miranda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004974-01 Precancer Niche Formation in the Fallopian Tube Orsulic, Sandra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004720-01 A multivalent vaccine for Staphylococcus aureus Oscherwitz, Jon Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002198-05A1 Mechanism of Quinolone Resistance Osheroff, Neil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
MVP-DOE1 Using Big Data and Precision Medicine to Assess and Manage Suicide Risk in U.S. Veterans Oslin, David NULL
SDR 16-348 Precision Medicine in Mental Health Oslin, David Health Services R&D
I01CX001507-01 Topiramate Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder in African Americans Oslin, David Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002853-01A1 Paternal Toxicant Exposure Impacts Testicular-Placental Crosstalk Osteen, Kevin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004740-01A1 Advancing Non-Invasive Diagnostics and Treatments of Deployment-Related Chronic Lung Disease in Gulf War Veterans Osterholzer, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003349-01A2 Achieving Competitive Customized Employment through Specialized Services - Veterans: ACCESS-VETS Ottomanelli, Lisa Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003268-01A1 Influence of aromatase on neuromuscular plasticity resulting from testosterone plus locomotor training after spinal cord injury Otzel, Dana Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002848-01A2 Repetitive Acute Intermittent Hypoxia for Spinal Cord Repair Oudega, Martin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001807-01A1 Maximizing Spike - Timing Dependent Plasticity after Spinal Cord Injury Oudega, Martin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002790-01A2 Effects of 12-weeks of High-intensity Resistance Aerobic Circuit Exercise Training on Epigenetic Aging and Inflammation in Older HIV-infected Veterans Oursler, Kris Ann Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001239-01 Center for Mental Healthcare and Outcomes Research (CeMHOR) Owen, Richard Health Services R&D
I01HX001121-01 Adapting and Implementing the Blended Collaborative Care Model in CBOCs Owen, Richard Health Services R&D
I01HX002457-01A1 Cost Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Morbidity from Opioid Dependency Owens, Douglas Health Services R&D
IK2BX002929-01A2 Targeting the BMP pathway in metastatic cancer Owens, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004699-01A2 Neural Substrates of Binge Drinking Ozburn, Angela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004558-01A2 Integrating 3-D Intravascular Sensors with Fractional Flow Reserve for Lipid-Rich Plaques Packard, Rene Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002961-01A1 Neuromodulation for Exercise Adherence in Older Veterans Padala, Kalpana Rehabilitation R&D
C19 20-398 COVID-19 Impact on Biopsychosocial Factors of Loneliness in Rural Older Veterans and Caregivers Padala, Prasad Health Services R&D
I01RX002638-01A2 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Apathy in Mild Cognitive Impairment Padala, Prasad Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001356-01A1 Neural Circuitry Underlying Alcohol Use Disorders in Men and Women Veterans Padula, Claudia Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005002-01 Cinnamon and traumatic brain injury Pahan, Kalipada Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004982-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Pahan, Kalipada Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004334-01A2 The Role of Mesoaccumbens Dopamine in Pain and Prescription Opioid Addiction Pahng, Amanda Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001777-05A1 Oxygen, Pulmonary Innate Immunity and Alveolar Epithelial Cell GM-CSF Paine, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 19-500 HIV Translating Initiatives for Depression into Effective Solutions – Hyb Painter, Jacob Health Services R&D
I21RX003186-01 Feasibility Study of Compassion Meditation Intervention for Older Veterans in Primary Care with Anxiety or Mood Disorders Palmer, Barton Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003840-01A1 Potentiation of Immunotherapy with targeted nanoporphyrin in bladder cancer Pan, Chon-Xian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002912-01A2 Kidney Protection by AMPK Pan, Jenny Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002899-01A2 An eHealth intervention to increase depression treatment initiation and adherence among Veterans referred for mental health services Panaite, Vanessa Health Services R&D
I01BX000197-09A1 Cholesterol, Its Metabolites, and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Pandak, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
14F-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Pandey, Subhash Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004517-01 Cellular signaling in alcoholism Pandey, Subhash Biomedical Laboratory R&D
COVID19-8900-23 G6PD deficiency predicts outcomes from COVID19 infection amongst veterans at highest risk for severity of illness Pandit, Lavannya Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX002945-01A2 Mild intermittent hypoxia: A therapeutic modality to mitigate co-morbidities and promote recovery of respiratory motor function in spinal cord injured patients with sleep apnea Panza, Gino Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX003091-01 Defining Optimal Care for Urinary Stone Disease in the Veterans Health Administration Pao, Alan Health Services R&D
IK2RX002673-01A2 Physiological Assessment of Auditory Processing Disorders in TBI Papesh, Melissa Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002872-05 Targeting Burkholderial β-lactamases: Structure, function, and regulation PAPP, KRISZTINA Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6RX003134-01 Senior Research Career Scientist Pardue, Machelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002615-01 Dopamine treatments for diabetic retinopathy Pardue, Machelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002408-05A2 Secretory phospholipase A2 enhances metabolic rate Park, Edwards Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004981-01 CSF1 Receptor-Mediated Tumor Microenvironment in Lung Cancer Park, Gye Young Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001065-05 Mechanisms of Sympathetic Overactivity in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Park, Jeanie Clinical Science R&D
IK3HX002055-01A1 Mobile Health Strategies for Veterans with Coronary Heart Disease Park, Linda Health Services R&D
IK2BX004532-01 Mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus-induced changes in cutaneous T cell networks Parlet, Corey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003933-01A2 Regulation of Renal Injury and Fibrosis by the Plasminogen Receptor, Plg-RKT Parmer, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003785-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003005-01A2 Novel Prophylactic and Therapeutic Interventions for Stress-Induced Depression Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004583-01 CMA: Immune/inflammatory priming in exacerbating responses to GWVI stressors: implications for GWVI treatments Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005054-01 Validation of Immune Dysfunction in Model of Social Stress: Implications for Major Depression Disorder in Veterans Pasinetti, Giulio Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004904-01A1 Mitochondrial metabolism as a target of breast cancer therapy Passaniti, Antonino Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000837-09A1 StarD5, a protein that translocates cholesterol to the plasma membrane, is a novel target for Colon Cancer Patel, Bhaumik Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004584-01A1 Unique Non-Saccharide Mimetics of Sulfated Glycosaminoglycan Target Colon Cancer Stem Cells Patel, Bhaumik Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005229-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Patel, Hemal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001963-05 AKIP1 regulation of PKA and NF-KB in the heart Patel, Hemal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX003208-01 Tuning the Delivery and Response of Injectable Stem Cells for Cartilage Repair Patel, Jay Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003836-01 Adipose stem cells niche in obesity Patel, Niketa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005387-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Patel, Niketa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001677-01A1 Corticospinal Efficacy as a Prognostic Indicator for Walking Recovery Post-stroke Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003609-01 Paired Associative Stimulation to Facilitate Plantarflexor Power Following Stroke Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003543-01 Research Career Scientist Patten, Carolynn Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003240-01A2 Optimizing Biomechanics of Surgical Correction for Lumbar Flatback Deformity Patwardhan, Avinash Rehabilitation R&D
IK6BX005233-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Peachey, Neal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004557-01 Deciphering Genetic and Environmental Influences on Visual Disorders in the Million Veteran Program Peachey, Neal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004299-01A1 PGI2 inhibition of pulmonary innate allergic immune responses Peebles, Ray Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003007-01 Multidimensional Evaluation of Neural Dynamics in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness using EEG Pellizzer, Giuseppe Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001773-01A1 Biomarkers of Impulsivity in Parkinson's Disease Pellizzer, Giuseppe Clinical Science R&D
I21HX003391-01 The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Veteran Caregivers: A Mixed Methods Study to inform the VA Caregiver Support System Penney, Lauren Health Services R&D
IK2CX001510-01 Neural Links of Approach Bias Modification in Heavy Drinking Veterans Pennington, David Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001242-01 Center for Comprehensive Access & Delivery Research and Evaluation (CADRE) Perencevich, Eli Health Services R&D
RVR 19-477 Targeting and Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship During End-of-Life Care Perencevich, Eli Health Services R&D
I01RX002474-01A2 Grasping Function after Spinal Cord Injury Perez, Monica Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002252-01A2 Cannabinoids for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Use Perrine, Shane Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001049-01 Multimodal Biological Assessment of Gulf War Illness Peskind, Elaine Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003087-01A1 Mild TBI and Biomarkers of Neurodegeneration Peskind, Elaine Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001951-01A1 Balance Control Mechanisms, Age-Related Changes, and Methods for Improvement of Balance During Gait Peterka, Robert Rehabilitation R&D
I50HX001236-01 Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety (IQuESt) Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
I01HX002034-01A2 Improving the Measurement of VA Facility Performance to Foster a Learning Healthcare System Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
I01HX002975-01A2 Medicaid Expansion and Quality, Utilization and Coordination of Health Care for Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Petersen, Laura Health Services R&D
IK2RX002341-01A2 Protective Step Training in People with Multiple Sclerosis Peterson, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001517-01A2 Optimal Treatment of Veterans with PTSD and Comorbid Opiate Use Disorder (OUD) Petrakis, Ismene Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003367-01 Novel Diagnostic Tests for Renal Cell Carcinoma Petros, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002714-01 Immune-mediated pathways in pathogenesis of abdominal aortic aneurysm Pham, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005075-01A1 Targeted nanotherapy for the prevention of post-traumatic osteoarthritis Pham, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002334-01A1 Does VA Home-Based Primary Care Reduce Costs Among Veterans Eligible for Independence at Home? Phibbs, Ciaran Health Services R&D
I01HX002274-01A3 How nursing staff skill mix, education and experience modify patient acuity-based estimates of required unit staffing Phibbs, Ciaran Health Services R&D
I01RX002450-01A2 Combined Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Virtual Reality for PTSD Philip, Noah Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001737-01 Diabetic Complications and Genetic Variants in the Million Veterans Program Phillips, Lawrence Clinical Science R&D
RCS 03-155 Research Career Scientist Award Piette, John Health Services R&D
I01HX002183-01A2 Improving Sleep as a Strategy to Reduce Suicide Risk Among at-Risk Veterans: A Real World Clinical Trial Pigeon, Wilfred Health Services R&D
IK2RX002686-01A2 Comorbidity of PTSD and Alcohol Dependence: Endocannabinoid Regulation Piggott, Veronica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004758-01A1 Complement system and suicidal behavior Pillai, AnilKumar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002765-01 Healthcare providers and public reporting of Community Living Center (CLC) quality: Investigating responses and opportunities for intervention through the PROACTIVE mixed-methods study Pimentel, Camilla Health Services R&D
IK2HX003184-01A1 Applying Positive Deviance Methods to Harness Optimal Practices for Effective Pain Management in Community Living Centers Pimentel, Camilla Health Services R&D
I01CX001627-01A1 An electrophysiological predictor of SSRI response in Veterans with PTSD Pineles, Suzanne Clinical Science R&D
C0009 CSP C0009 - Palo Alto VA NAVIGATE Site Pinto, Harlan Cooperative Studies
I01BX004560-01 CMA: Cancer Stem Cells in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Pisegna, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003772-01A2 Cellular Sources of Self Antigen in SLE Pisetsky, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003079-01 Effectiveness and Implementation of eScreening in Post 9/11 Transition Programs Pittman, James Health Services R&D
I01CX000916-05 Signaling Pathways and Therapeutic Targeting of Leukemic Cells Platanias, Leonidas Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001832-01A2 Improving Psychosocial Functioning in Older Veterans with PTSD Pless Kaiser, Anica Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002876-01A2 Neuronal Subtype Specific Epigenetic Regulation in Schizophrenia Plevan (Dracheva), Stella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003625-01A1 The role of ADAR2-associated RNA editing in pathogenesis of ALS Plevan (Dracheva), Stella Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004911-01A1 Mitochondrial Dynamics and Steroidogenesis Plewes, Michele Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005154-01A2 Skeletal complications to a TREM2 variant associated with Alzheimer's Disease Plotkin, Lilian Biomedical Laboratory R&D
BLDR-001-20S Development of Glycolysis Inhibitors for Prostate Cancer Plymate, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003324-05 Targeting the Metabolome in Androgen Receptor-driven Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer Plymate, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR-PLYMATE Translational Development of Highly Selective Enzyme Inhibitor 1676 for Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Plymate, Stephen Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002911-01 Does Protecting Service-Connected Disability Income Motivate Return to Work in Veterans with TBI and PTSD Pogoda, Terri Health Services R&D
I01HX002162-01A1 Improving Access to Supported Employment for Veterans with Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Pogoda, Terri Health Services R&D
I01RX003129-01A1 Development of the Osseointegrated Neural Interface for prosthetic control into a pre-clinical translational sheep model. Poore, Samuel Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX002897-01A1 Developing Comprehensive Screening and Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Portnoy, Galina Health Services R&D
IK2BX004183-01 Engineered T Cells Targeting Abnormal Glycans in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Posey, Avery Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001400-01A2 The Vitamin D-Gelsolin-S1P Axis in Rheumatoid Arthritis Postlethwaite, Arnold Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001310-01A1 Toxoplasma gondi, the kynurenine pathway, and suicidal behavior in veterans Postolache, Teodor Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002403-01A1 Toward 3D printed microfluidic artificial lungs for veteran rehabilitation Potkay, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003114-01A1 Automated control of artificial lung systems to meet patient metabolic needs Potkay, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003178-01 A Wearable CO2 Removal Device for Veteran Rehabilitation from Lung Disease Potkay, Joseph Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004634-01 Central Mechanisms Regulating Macronutrient Intake Potthoff, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005209-01 Impact of social isolation on cognitive function and neural circuitry abnormalities Powell, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000666-09 Islet alterations in type 2 diabetes Powers, Alvin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005240-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Pozzi, Ambra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002025-05 Role of Collagen Binding Receptors in Glomerulosclerosis Pozzi, Ambra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004697-01A1 Co-targeting MADD and Wnt/β-catenin signaling in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Prabhakar, Bellur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001095-01A2 Evaluation of the Oral and Lung Microbiota and Inflammation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Frequent Exacerbators Pragman, Alexa Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001372-01A2 HIF-Mediated Detrimental Consequences of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Prchal, Josef Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX003845-01 A Novel Small Molecule Inhibitor of Sclerostin to Improve Surgical Spine Fusions In Vivo Presciutti, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002546-01 Benchmarking Hospital Quality: Template Matching versus Conventional Regression Approaches Prescott, Hallie Health Services R&D
I01HX002572-01A2 Combined Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Brief Cognitive Therapy to Reduce Veteran Suicide Primack, Jennifer Health Services R&D
I01HX002972-01 Mobile App for the Prevention of Suicide Primack, Jennifer Health Services R&D
COVID19-8990-16 An investigation of ADAMTS13 in COVID Prodan, Calin Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000340-10A1 Stroke and Coated-Platelets - A Translational Research Initiative Prodan, Calin Clinical Science R&D
380B Prospective Evaluation of Risk Factors for Large Colonic Adenomas in Asymptomatic Subjects Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
2006 CSP #2006 - Genomics of Gulf War Illness in Veterans Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
602 CSP Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
585 CSP #585 - Gulf War Era Cohort and Biorepository (Pilot) Provenzale, Dawn Cooperative Studies
I01BX004480-01A1 SIRT3 Deficiency-mediated Metabolic Dysregulation in Comorbid Alzheimer's Disease Pugazhenthi, Subbiah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RCS 17-297 Research Career Scientist Award Pugh, Mary Jo Health Services R&D
I01RX003442-01 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Data and Biostatistics Core Pugh, Mary Jo Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003443-01 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Phenotypes of Persistent Comorbidity in Post‐9/11 Era Veterans with mTBI Pugh, Mary Jo Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004202-01A1 Novel mechanisms for Alzheimer disease prevention and or treatment Puglielli, Luigi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002620-01A1 Transcranial Direct Current stimulation for post-stroke gait rehab Pundik, Svetlana Rehabilitation R&D
IVI 19-486 Evaluating the Implementation of a Novel Whole Health Pathway: A Model for Engaging Veterans in VA and Community Wellness Programs Using Telehealth and Web-based Technology Purcell, Natalie Health Services R&D
I01HX002475-01A2 Defining Quality of Care in Lung Cancer Puri, Varun Health Services R&D
VA SHIELD VA SHIELD: Virtually Coordinated National COVID-19 Biorepository Pyarajan, Saiju Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-478 Addressing Barriers to Mental Health Treatment Initiation and Engagement Pyne, Jeffrey Health Services R&D
I01RX002089-01A2 Novel Pharmacological and Non-pharmacological Interventions for Bone Loss in SCI Qin, Weiping Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004160-01 Mechanisms of Therapeutic Resistance in Prostate Cancer Qiu, Yun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003859-01A1 Mitochondrial metabolic modulation to minimize ischemic damage in donor heart Quader, Mohammed Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003440-01A2 A novel estrogen modulator for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease Quinn, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002307-01A1 Sensitization of lung cancer to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors Rabinowich, Hannah Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003928-01A2 Exosomes in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Atherosclerosis Raffai, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005692-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Raffai, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001907-01 Machine Learning and Longitudinal Analyses of Metformin Response Among Veterans Raghavan, Sridharan Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004249-01A1 Neuronal Mechanisms of Obesity-Induced Hypertension Rahmouni, Kamal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001978-01A2 Examination of a Safety Aid Reduction Protocol for Treatment Resistant PTSD among Veterans Raines, Amanda Clinical Science R&D
N0008 CSP NODES - Portland CSP Network of Dedicated Enrollment Sites Initiative Raitt, Merritt Cooperative Studies
I01RX001694-01A2 Aging & Urethral Sphincter Dysfunction: Role of Wnt-B Catenin Signaling Pathways Rajasekaran, Mahadevan Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003455-01A1 Feasibility Testing of Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation as a Novel Intervention toImprove Urogenital Function in Prostate Cancer Survivors Rajasekaran, Mahadevan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003308-01A1 Enhancing Neural Circuit Plasticity to Promote Recovery After TBI Ramanathan, Dhakshin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003051-01A1 Use of a Novel Tissue Oxygen Tension Biosensor to Reliably Predict Healing of Lower Extremity Amputations for Rapid Facilitation of PatientMobility Ramasunder, Shalini Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003420-01A1 Molecular Impact of Platinum Drugs on the Proteasome and SQSTM1_P62 Complexes_A Paradigm Shift in Resistance Ramesh, Rajagopal Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001560-01A1 Influence of T Cell Clonality on PD-1 Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Ramnath, Nithya Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002007-01 Induction of Senescence using Dexamethasone to re-sensitize NSCLC to anti-PD1 therapy Ramnath, Nithya Clinical Science R&D
L0001 Ann Arbor LPOP Site Ramnath, Nithya Cooperative Studies
IK2BX004614-01A1 The mechanism of cardio-protection from a sulfonylurea receptor isoform 2 splice variant (SUR2A-55) and its role in regulating ROMK activity, the putative mitochondrial ATP sensitive potassium channel Ramratnam, Mohun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003507-01A2 Gpx4 and ferroptosis inhibition in retarding ALS Ran, Qitao Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004903-01A1 Rational Combination of MAP4K4 Inhibition and Immunotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer Rana, Ajay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004855-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Rana, Ajay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003296-01 Elucidation of MLK3 Signaling in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Rana, Basabi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001222-05A2 Muscle stem cell therapy for volumetric muscle loss Rando, Thomas Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002324-05 Regulation of Muscle Fibrosis in Response to Injury and Aging Rando, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003198-01 Targeting mPGES-1/5-LOX for Prevention of CRC in High-Risk Veterans Rao, Chinthalapally Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003014-01A2 Impact of Stress on Alcoholic Gut Injury Rao, Radhakrishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001695-01A1 Acid-base balance and kidney, bone, and muscle health in Veterans with preserved renal function Raphael, Kalani Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001149-05A2 Lipid raft localization of Gsa as a biomarker for depression and therapeutic response Rasenick, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004475-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Rasenick, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001149-09 Lipid raft localization of Gs: a biomarker for depression and therapeutic response Rasenick, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001725-09 Manipulating a Virulence Switch to Combat Acinetobacter baumannii Infections Rather, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004470-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Rather, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001725-05 A Novel Mechanism Regulating Virulence in Acinetobacter baumannii Rather, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002642-01A2 From Military to Community Life: Reintegrating Veterans with Invisible Injuries Rattray, Nicholas Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002625-01A2 Improving Function Through Primary Care Treatment of PTSD Rauch, Sheila Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003674-01A2 Mechanisms and Treatment of Kidney Fibrosis Rauchman, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002129-01A2 M3R, MMP1 and Colon Cancer Dissemination Raufman, Jean-Pierre Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004890-01A2 Muscarinic Receptors Regulate Colon Cancer Stem Cell Function and Invasiveness Raufman, Jean-Pierre Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX005178-01A1 Toxicology study of emissions from a burn pit simulator Ravi, Nathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003313-01 Topical Drug Delivery for Treating Macular Degeneration Ravi, Nathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000131-09A2 FoxM1 in tumor cell Raychaudhuri, Pradip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003415-01A1 Harnessing the Autophagy-Lysosomal Biogenesis Response in Macrophages to Treat Atherosclerosis Razani, Babak Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001804-05A1 Decreased CNS leptin activity in co-morbid depression and obesity Reagan, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002664-05 Immune basis for hippocampal cholinergic deficits in pyridostigmine-treated rats Reagan, Lawrence Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003271-01A2 Hepatic eNOS and Mitochondrial Function in NASH Rector, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2 Plaque Regression and Progenitor Cell Mobilization with Intensive Lipid Elimination (PREMIER) Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
92 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center, Hines, IL Reda, Domenic Cooperative Studies
IK2RX001851-01 Motivational Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Intervention and Biomarkers Reddy, Lena Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002814-01A1 Developing an Online Therapeutic Intervention for Chronic Pain in Veterans Reilly, Erin Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000801-01A2 CAM in Veterans with Gulf War Illnesses Reinhard, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
SPLD-001-19 VA NIH Investigative Deep Phenotyping Study of Gulf War Veteran Health (Project IN-DEPTH) Reinhard, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
IK3HX002054-01 Palliative Care Interventions for Outpatients Newly Diagnosed with Lung Cancer: Phase II Reinke, Lynn Health Services R&D
I01HX001096-01 Building an Optimal Hand Hygiene Bundle: A Mixed Methods Approach Reisinger, Heather Health Services R&D
I01BX003656-01A2 Study the role of oxysterol sulfates in NAFLD development Ren, Shunlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001818-01A2 Erythromycin-doped nanofiber coating to increase implant longevity Ren, Weiping Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002908-01A1 Improving Therapeutic Options for Hypoxia-related Depression with an Animal Model Renshaw, Perry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000812-05 Brain Bioenergetic Response to Hypoxic Stress in Bipolar Disorder Renshaw, Perry Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002936-01 Validation of patient reported outcomes for female Veterans with upper limb amputation Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002707-01 Needs, Preferences and Functional Abilities of Veterans and Service Members with Upper Limb Amputation Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX003097-01 Research Career Scientist Resnik, Linda Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002006-01 A Phase 2 study of a Checkpoint Inhibitor in Men with Progressive Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Characterized by a Mismatch Repair Deficiency or Biallelic CDK12 Inactivation Rettig, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8900-15 HITCH CT-best supportive care Rettig, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
NACHO-001 Next Generation Sequencing Ascertainment for Choosing Oncology Treatment (NACHO) Rettig, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001532-01A1 Cardiovascular Mechanisms of Exercise Intolerance in Diabetes and the Role of Sex Reusch, Jane Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002046-05A1 Targeting Microvascular Contributors to Impaired Functional Exercise Capacity in Diabetes Reusch, Jane Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21BX003760-01A2 The Role of Interleukin-17 Cytokines in GWVI Patients with IBS Reynolds, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001920-01A2 Prevention of Suicide in Veterans Through Brief Intervention and Contact (VA-BIC) Riblet, Natalie Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX003216-01A2 Developing Assessments and Interventions for Phantom Limb Pain in Veterans with Amputations Rich, Tonya Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002106-05A1 Genetic basis and mechanisms underlying binge-level methamphetamine intake Richards, Tamara Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-009 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Richards, Tamara Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004538-01A1 Does Necroptosis Play a Role in Inflammation and Aging Richardson, Arlan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005238-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Richardson, Arlan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003207-01A1 Passive leg movement: A tool to assess vascular health and guide rehabilitation Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
E9275-L Senior Research Career Scientist Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002323-01A1 Vascular Endothelial Function: A Potential Therapeutic Target in Alzheimer's Disease Richardson, Russell Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003471-01 Therapeutic Targeting of PTPN13 in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Riches, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002301-05 Combining Immune Therapy with Targeted Therapies to Improve Melanoma Survival Richmond, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005225-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Richmond, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX003841-01A2 Role of p73 in COPD Pathogenesis Richmond, Bradley Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003724-01A1 Endocrine Actions of Sclerostin Riddle, Ryan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003821-01A1 Immunogenetic control of autoimmune biliary disease Ridgway, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004968-01A1 Pharmacological Npt2a inhibition as a treatment for hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease Rieg, Timo Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003482-01A2 Novel Copolymer-based Cell Membrane Stabilizers to Attenuate Myocardial Infarction Riess, Matthias Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002109-01A2 Self-management of blood pressure medication for hypertensive veterans Rifkin, Dena Health Services R&D
CDA 16-158 Improving Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork for Veterans with COPD: Mixed Methods Study Rinne, Seppo Health Services R&D
I01BX004312-01 Neuronal exosomes to identify biomarkers and pathology of deployment-related TBI Risbrough, Victoria Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003312-01 Design and Optimization of Novel Antimalarial Drugs Riscoe, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004857-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Riscoe, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003312-06 Pharmachin Optimization and Testing Riscoe, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005403-01A1 Long-term effects of binge drinking on astrocyte-synaptic interactions Risher, Mary-Louise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002505-01A2 Glial mechanisms of ethanol-induced damage: plasticity and pathology Risher, Mary-Louise Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001164-05 CARP-1: A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Breast Cancer Rishi, Arun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004015-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Rishi, Arun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004931-01A2 CARP-1: A Potential Therapeutic Agent for Breast Cancer Rishi, Arun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003040-01A2 Validation Studies of CRF Receptor 1 as a Target for AD Rissman, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003436-01A2 Dendritic Cell Regulation by Sphingosine-1-phosphate in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Rivera-Nieves, Jesus Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004713-01A1 Investigating the IL-4/13 Axis in Osteoarthritis Robinson, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002689-01A2 Targeting Mast Cells in Post-Traumatic Joint Rehabilitation and Osteoarthritis Robinson, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001478-09 Harnessing the anabolic potential of Wnt signaling to improve bone health Robling, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003783-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Robling, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003474-01 One treatment, multiple targets: Prism adaptation and left brain stroke rehabilitation Rodriguez, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003093-01A2 Intention Treatment for Anomia: Investigating Dose Frequency Effects and Predictors ofTreatment Response to Improve Efficacy and Clinical Translation Rodriguez, Amy Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001789-01A2 Nitrous Oxide for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Phase IIa Trial Rodriguez, Carolyn Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001601-01A2 Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers through Manipulating the Skin Microbiota Roghmann, Mary-Claire Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003015-01A2 Lipid Rafts: Mechanosensors of the distal nephron Rohatgi, Rajeev Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004858-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Rohrer, Baerbel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003050-05A1 RPE Cell Bystander Effects Contribute to AMD Pathology Rohrer, Baerbel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000444-09 Complement Factor H-based Therapeutic Strategies in Macular Degeneration Rohrer, Baerbel Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001714-01A1 Targeting airway inflammation from concentrated animal feeding operation dust Romberger, Debra Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003294-01 Improving exercise capacity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients through uphill walking Romberger, Debra Rehabilitation R&D
N0009 CSP NODES - The InterMoutain CSP NODE for the Advancement of Clinical Research Initiative Romesser, Jennifer Cooperative Studies
I01CX001696-01A1 Platelet Reprogramming During Inflammation Rondina, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002678-01A1 Impacts of Organizational Variations on Access Management Rose, Danielle Health Services R&D
I21RX003336-01 Quantifying Post-Stroke Community Participation: Filling the Gap between Ability and Reality Rose, Dorian Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002004-01A1 A Novel Strategy to Decrease Fall Incidence Post-Stroke Rose, Dorian Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003152-01 Targeting Functional Improvement in rTMS Therapy Rosen, Allyson Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002646-01 Make Versus Buy- Examining the Evidence on Access, Utilization and Cost: Are We Buying the Right Care for the Right Amount? Rosen, Amy Health Services R&D
RCS 97-401 Research Career Scientist Award Rosen, Amy Health Services R&D
IK2BX003628-01 Endothelial Healing is Inhibited by PI3 Kinase-Induced Activation of TRPC6 Rosenbaum, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004454-01 Mutations in Osteoprotegerin Cause Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease Rosenthal, Ann Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002180-05 Interaction of environment and genetics in predisposition to inflammatory arthritis Rosenzweig, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001618-01 Engaging Veterans and Family Supporters in PACT to Improve Diabetes Management Rosland, Ann-Marie Health Services R&D
I01BX003256-01A2 Neo-antigens and the function of HLA-DR alleles in autoimmune arthritis Rosloniec, Edward Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004897-01 Perm1 in skeletal muscle dysfunction induced by disuse and heart failure Ross, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002962-01A1 Age-related changes in neuroplasticity impede recovery in post-stroke depression: a novel exercise and brain stimulation paradigm to prime neuroplastic potential Ross, Ryan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003540-01A1 Priming the Rehabilitation Engine: Aerobic Exercise as the Fuel to Spark Behavioral Improvements in Stroke Ross, Ryan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003480-01A1 Regulation of neuro-cardiovascular function during stress Rossi, Noreen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000851-05 Exercise Training and Blood Pressure in Hypertension: Integrated Mechanisms Rossi, Noreen Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX000570-09 Effectiveness of Hypoglycemic Medications Among Veterans with CKD Roumie, Christianne Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002395-04A1 Dissecting cis regulation of gene expression in schizophrenia. Roussos, Panagiotis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004189-01 Large-scale transcriptome and epigenome association analysis across multiple traits Roussos, Panagiotis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003222-01A2 Mechanisms of NAD Metabolism and Chronic Inflammation in HIV-1 Transgenic Rat Models Royal, Walter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
HBCU CRS Core Recruiting Site for HBCU Royal, Walter Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003801-01A2 Identification of the growth-promoting PKD/YAP axis as a novel target for the statins in intestinal epithelial cells. Rozengurt, Enrique Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001968-01A1 Treatment of Veterans with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction with Probenecid Rubinstein, Jack Clinical Science R&D
I50HX001245-01 Center of Innovation in Long Term Services and Supports for Vulnerable Veterans Rudolph, James Health Services R&D
L0013 Salisbury LPOP Site Ruiz, Jimmy Cooperative Studies
I01BX002551-05A2 Mechanisms of microvascular thrombosis in inflammation Rumbaut, Rolando Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002551-01A2 Platelets and microvascular thrombosis in inflammation Rumbaut, Rolando Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002101-01 Photosensitivity as a preclinical assessment for treatment of post-traumatic headache Russo, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004677-01A1 Determining the value of PBP 7/8 as an antimicrobial target for XDR-A. baumannnii Russo, Thomas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001965-01A1 Promotion of Successful Weight Management in Overweight and Obese Veterans Ryan, Alice Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002870-01A1 Progressive Activity-Based Rehabilitation in Veteran Cancer Survivors with Chronic Pain Ryan, Alice Rehabilitation R&D
N9273-L Senior Research Career Scientist Ryan, Alice Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001461-01A2 Resistive Training Combined with Nutritional Therapy after Stroke Ryan, Alice Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001205-05 Basic Mechanisms in Hearing Loss of Cochlear Origin Ryan, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002744-01 Genome-wide association study of tinnitus in the Million Veterans Program with emphasis on traumatic brain injury Ryan, Allen Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001205-09 Basic Mechanisms on Hearing Loss of Cochlear Origin Ryan, Allen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX002662-01A2 Objective measurement of cognitive systems during effortful listening Ryan, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002604-05A1 Renal mechanisms of hypertension in autoimmune disease Ryan, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004038-01A2 Mechanistic studies of disease progression in aortic aneurysms Sadeghi, Mehran Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001786-06A1 PPARgamma agonism in lung immune response Sadikot, Ruxana Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002185-01A2 Online and Shared Decision-Making Interventions to Engage Service Men and Women in Post-Deployment Mental Health Care Sadler, Anne Health Services R&D
I01HX002332-01A2 Mentored Enhanced Implementation and Evaluation of National VA Mandates To Prevent The Spread Of C Difficile infection Safdar, Nasia Health Services R&D
I01HX002666-01A1 Effect of Expanding Barrier Precautions for Reducing Clostridium difficile Acquisition in VA. Safdar, Nasia Health Services R&D
I01BX005072-01 Ion channel regulation of pancreatic islet cell function Sah, Rajan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001075-08 Neurovascular signaling and associated forebrain circuits in PTSD Sah, Renu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001586-01A2 Opening the Black Box of Cultural Competence Saha, Somnath Health Services R&D
I21HX003376-01 Applying Novel Analytic Methods to Address the Impact of Race on Patient-Provider Communication Saha, Somnath Health Services R&D
I01BX002661-05 Sleep and PTSD Sahota, Pradeep Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001142-05 Physiological and Pathological Aspects of Intestinal Vitamin B2 Absorption Said, Hamid Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15S-RCS-004 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Said, Hamid Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50HX001241-01 Center for Clinical Management Research (CCMR) Saini, Sameer Health Services R&D
SDR 18-151 Evaluation of a National Randomized Program of Proton Pump Inhibitor De-Prescription Saini, Sameer Health Services R&D
RVR 19-470 Reducing Use of Low-Value Services and Enhancing Appropriate Care in the VA Healthcare System Saini, Sameer Health Services R&D
I01BX004525-01A2 Engineering of broadly reactive seroantibodies Sajadi, Mohammad Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002867-05 Regulation of Intestinal Sodium Absorption in Health and Disease Saksena, Seema Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK1RX003554-01 Myoelectrolytically controlled device in acute rehabilitation after stroke Salameh, Ahlam Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001937-01A2 Brain connectivity and genetics as predictors of opioid abuse treatment outcomes Salas, Ramiro Clinical Science R&D
I21RX002588-01A1 A Virtual World/Neurofeedback Real Time Functional MRI Approach to PTSD Treatment Salas, Ramiro Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001793-05A1 Mechanisms of action: the effects of lipoic acid on macrophages,endothelial cells and CNS function in MS Salinthone, Sonemany Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004167-01A2 mTOR-Mediated Desaturation of Fatty Acids in Hepatic Insulin Resistance. Salmon, Adam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003374-05 Mechanisms that impact metastatic progression of triple negative breast cancer Samant, Rajeev Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003374-01A1 Impact of N-Myc interactor on metastatic progression of breast cancer. Samant, Rajeev Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50HX001240-01 Informatics, Decision-Enhancement and Analytic Sciences Center Samore, Matthew Health Services R&D
I01BX002647-05 Osteoarthritis and Knee Joint Pain Sampen, Hee-Jong Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000901-05A1 Cellular mechanisms for increased gluconeogenesis in type 2 diabetes mellitus: the role of lipid induced pyruvate carboxylase acetylation in increasing hepatic gluconeogenic capacity. Samuel, Varman Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001326-05 Low Molecular Weight Protein Nephrotoxicity Sanders, Paul Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001953-01A1 Improving Treatment Algorithms for Veterans with Oropharyngeal Cancer Sandulache, Vlad Clinical Science R&D
I50RX002357-01 Center for Limb Loss Prevention and Prosthetic Engineering Sangeorzan, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002885-01A1 Novel treatment of sleep apnea by upper airway and respiratory muscle training Sankari, Abdulghani Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002198-01A2 Improving Access to Sleep Apnea Care: A Pragmatic Study of New Consultation Models Sarmiento, Kathleen Health Services R&D
RVR 19-483 Promoting Safe and Effective Use of Health Information Technology (HIT) Sauer, Brian Health Services R&D
SDPTSD Can Service Dogs Improve Activity and Quality of Life in Veterans with PTSD? Saunders, Gabrielle Cooperative Studies
C0003 CSP C0003 - Charleston VA NAVIGATE Site Savage, Stephen Cooperative Studies
RVR 19-479 Promoting Effective, Routine, and Sustained Implementation of Stress Treatments 3.0 (PERSIST 3.0) Sayer, Nina Health Services R&D
I01HX002599-01 Shared Contributions to Outcomes and Retention in EBPs for PTSD (SCORE PTSD) Sayer, Nina Health Services R&D
IK2BX003240-01A1 The influence of ApoE4 on signaling Sayre, Naomi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004533-01 The Interaction of Diabetes and Estrogen on Skeletal Muscle Bioenergetics Scalzo, Rebecca Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005051-01 Development of new therapies for cancer and other diseases and conditions using analogs of growth hormone-releasing hormones (GHRH) Schally, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
PPO 20-121 Identifying Risk Factors for New Persistent Opioid Use Among Veterans Following Treatment for Early Stage Cancer Schapira, Marilyn Health Services R&D
I01HX001898-01A2 Incorporating Veterans' Preferences into Lung Cancer Screening Decisions Schapira, Marilyn Health Services R&D
I01CX001820-01A1 Cognitive control-related brain activation in veterans and service members with PTSD Scheibel, Randall Clinical Science R&D
SDR 20-373 WISDOM for VA: Passive Recruitment Facilitation Scheuner, Maren Health Services R&D
I01HX002278-01A1 Precision Medicine Care Coordination in the Veterans Health Administration Scheuner, Maren Health Services R&D
97 Pharmacogenomic Analysis Lab(PAL)-Little Rock Schichman, Steven Cooperative Studies
IK2RX001817-01A2 Design and Application of Custom Waveforms to Restore and Control Satiety Schiefer, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003598-01 Toward Closed-Loop Control of Homeostatic Blood Pressure Following Spinal Cord Injury Schiefer, Matthew Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001925-01 Traumatic Brain Injury in Parkinson’s Disease: A Longitudinal Study Schiehser, Dawn Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003154-01A1 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Parkinson's Disease: A Longitudinal Study Schiehser, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003258-01A1 Neural Mechanisms of Impulsivity and Attention Following Traumatic Brain Injury Schindler, Abigail Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-480 Cataloging and Evaluating Mental Health Care Quality Measures for Better Comparative Performance Management Schmidt, Eric Health Services R&D
I01BX000159-09A2 Neoplastic interactions of hepatitis C virus with telomerase. Schmidt, Warren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004594-01A2 The role of Enterococcus faecalis in alcoholic liver disease Schnabl, Bernd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004938-01 Control of Circuit Hyperexcitability by Endogenous Opioids in Epilepsy Schnell, Eric Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004868-01 5-HT1F receptor agonism as a novel therapeutic strategy following spinal cord injury Schnellmann, Rick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003224-01 Enhanced Mitochondrial Function to Increase Effectiveness of Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Schnellmann, Rick Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000851-05A2 5-HT Stimulation of Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Acute Kidney Injury Schnellmann, Rick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
591 CSP #591 - Comparative Effective Research in Veterans with PTSD (CERV-PTSD) Schnurr, Paula Cooperative Studies
IK2BX005218-01 The Role of Epigenetics in Mitochondrial Biogenesis-Mediated Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury Scholpa, Natalie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002780-01 Implementing Risk-aligned Bladder Cancer Surveillance Schroeck, Florian Health Services R&D
I01HX002370-01A2 Chronic Antibiotic Suppression after Prosthetic Joint Infection: A Target for De-implementation Schweizer, Marin Health Services R&D
I21RX002395-01A1 Neurobiological and Psychological Benefits of Exercise in Fibromyalgia and PTSD Scioli-Salter, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX000704-01A2 Neurobiological and Psychological Benefits of Exercise in Chronic Pain and PTSD Scioli-Salter, Erica Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001877-01A2 Autoimmunity in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Scofield, Robert Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001451-09 Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies in Autoimmune Disease Scofield, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002699-01A2 Cognitive and Psychotherapy in PTSD: Mechanisms and Functional Outcomes Scott, James Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002279-01A2 Recommendations and Interventions for and Changes in the Ocular Health and visual Function of Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Scott, Steven Health Services R&D
SDR 21-141 Developing and Testing a COVID-19 Vaccination Acceptance Intervention Seal, Karen Health Services R&D
I01BX005442-01 COVID-19: Multi-Omics Approach to Identify Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for Risk and Resilience to Adverse Outcomes Searles, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005353-01A1 Characterization of DNA repair in genomic and transcriptomic evolution of early lung carcinogenesis Sears, Catherine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002592-01 Assessing Treatment Delay and Resource Use to Improve Value of Pre-Surgical Care Sears, Erika Health Services R&D
I01CX001449-01A1 Frequent, Low-Dose Erythropoietin: A Mechanistic Approach to Mitigate Adverse Cardiovascular Effects of Erythropoietin Therapy in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Segal, Mark Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX003282-01A2 Investigation of Embodiment for Upper Limb Amputees Segil, Jacob Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003396-01A2 Impacts of nicotinamide riboside on functional capacity and muscle physiology in older Veterans Seldeen, Kenneth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003066-01A1 Novel training environment to normalize altered finger force direction post stroke Seo, Na Jin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004921-01 Role of EPAC Signaling in Melanoma Progression Setaluri, Vijayasaradhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005390-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Shafer, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001074-01A2 Anti-inflammatory therapy during percutaneous coronary intervention Shah, Binita Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002118-01A1 Medical Imaging of Peripheral Nerve Injury and Repair Shah, Sameer Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX002027-01A1 Optimization of Helicobacter pylori-related Disease Outcomes in Veterans Shah, Shailja Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002286-05A1 Discovering a novel therapy for RA patients Shahrara, Shiva Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002086-01A2 Subthalamic deep brain stimulation to modulate vestibular heading perception in Parkinson’s disease. Shaikh, Aasef Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004513-01A2 Role of Alcohol as a risk factor in the induction of Pancreatic Carcinogenesis Shankar, Sharmila Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004091-01A1 PARP-mediated gene regulation in alcohol drinking behavior Sharma, Rajiv Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003171-01A2 Programming Durable Immune Responses in Lung Cancer Sharma, Shervendra Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002195-01A1 Dynamic Changes in Erythrocyte 2,3 DPG as a Driver of Cardiac Dysfunction in End Stage Kidney Disease Sharma, Shilpa Clinical Science R&D
I01CX000245-04A2 Who benefits from colon cancer screening? Analysis of three clinical trials Shaukat, Aasma Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001783-01A1 Interpersonal Therapy for Veterans with PTSD Shea, Mary Tracie Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002006-05A2 Megalin, mitochondrial intracrine signaling and the kidney Sheikh-Hamad, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
ESP 05-226 Evidence Synthesis Activity Research Program Shekelle, Paul Health Services R&D
I01CX000176-06 MR Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Schizophrenia Shenton, Martha Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002107-01A2 Improving Primary Care Anxiety Treatment Engagement and Effectiveness Shepardson, Robyn Health Services R&D
I01HX003206-01A1 Improving Anxiety Treatment Engagement and Effectiveness in Primary Care-Mental Health Integration: Multi-site Hybrid I RCT of a Brief Veteran-Centered Anxiety Intervention Shepardson, Robyn Health Services R&D
IK2HX002591-01A2 Increasing mental health services use through enabling resources & family support Shepherd-Banigan, Megan Health Services R&D
COR 20-199 Virtual Care Consortium of Research (VC CORE) Sherman, Scott Health Services R&D
I01HX002455-01A1 Comparing an opt-out to an opt-in approach for smoking cessation in VA primary care clinics Sherman, Scott Health Services R&D
I01CX001122-04A1 Multisensory Processing of Human Speech Measured with msec and mm Resolution Sheth, Sameer Clinical Science R&D
145 Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center - Palo Alto, CA Shih, Mei-Chiung Cooperative Studies
2002 Effects of Metformin on Outcomes of Patients with Pre-diabetes and Atherosclerosis Shih, Mei-Chiung Cooperative Studies
I01HX002100-01A1 Improving Diabetes Care through Effective Personalized Patient Portal Interactions Shimada, Stephanie Health Services R&D
I01HX002289-01A1 Measuring, Mining and Understanding Communication Behaviors: Markers for Quality Healthcare Shimada, Stephanie Health Services R&D
I01HX002477-01A2 Diabetes Disparities: Texting to Extend Treatment (DD-TXT) Shimada, Stephanie Health Services R&D
I01RX002789-01A2 Optimization & Pre-clinical Testing of Implantable, In-Line High Density 32-Channel Connector Shire, Douglas Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001304-01A1 VA Vascular Injury Study (VAVIS): VA-DoD extremity injury outcomes collaboration Shireman, Paula Health Services R&D
I21RX003470-01A1 The use of qEEG in predicting relapse among AUD Veterans to improve treatment and function Shirk, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001803-01A2 Repeated Ketamine Treatment to Accelerate Efficacy of Prolonged Exposure in PTSD Shiroma, Paulo Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000798-09 Sleep Neurobiology and Circuitry Shiromani, Priyattam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004216-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Shiromani, Priyattam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004133-01A1 Mechanisms of imbalanced inward and outward arteriovenous fistula remodeling Shiu, Yan-Ting Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001471-01A1 Role of IL-6 and IL-1b in immune dysfunction during aging, HIV, and HCV infection Shive, Carey Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005507-01 COVID19: Respiratory SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence and the association of humoral immune responses with clinical outcomes in veterans and employees in the Cleveland VA Medical Center Shive, Carey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001655-05A1 Analysis and therapy of age-dependent proteostasis failure in neurodegeneration Shmookler Reis, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004851-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Shmookler Reis, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001514-01A2 Novel Combination Therapy for Osteoporosis in Men Shoback, Dolores Clinical Science R&D
L0005 Durham LPOP Site Shofer, Scott Cooperative Studies
I01RX003420-01A1 Optimizing Delivery of a Known Therapeutic Agent, Dexamethasone, to Improve Microelectrode Recording Performance Shoffstall, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002191-01A2 Nursing Unit Design and Hospital Falls Shorr, Ronald Health Services R&D
I01BX000638-09A1 Pathogenesis of Nerve Injury: Role of Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases-1 (TIMP-1) Shubayev, Veronica Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002639-01A2 A Patient-centered, System-based Approach to Improve Informed Dialysis Choice and Outcomes in Veterans with CKD Shukla, Ashutosh Health Services R&D
I01CX001661-01A1 Hydroxychloroquine for the Management of CVD in CKD Shukla, Ashutosh Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002324-01A2 Addressing Sleep Apnea Post-Stroke (ASAP) Sico, Jason Health Services R&D
IK6BX005245-01 BLRD Senior Research Career Scientist Renewal Application Siegel, Jerome Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-214 Incidence, Risk Factors, and Prognosis of COVID-19 Associated Acute Kidney Injury Siew, Edward Health Services R&D
SDR 18-194 Advancing the Phenotyping of Acute Kidney Injury for the Million Veteran Program Siew, Edward Health Services R&D
IK2RX003407-01A1 Retinal microvasculature as a predictor of neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis Silbermann, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
IIR 17-144 ORCATECH Collaborative Aging (in Place) Research Using Technology Silbert, Lisa Health Services R&D
I21RX003303-01A1 Improving Sleep Apnea Treatment Adherence after Brain Injury: A Feasibility Study Silva, Marc Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001930-01A1 Ectopic Lipid in Skeletal Muscle is Associated with Glucose Intolerance in Veterans with HIV Silver, Heidi Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001283-01A2 Parenchymal and airway CD4 T cells in protection against pulmonary tuberculosis Silver, Richard Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003060-01A2 Therapeutic potential and the critical site of action of non-addicting glibenclamide in neuropathic pain Simard, J. Marc Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002827-01A1 Deployment of a Mobile Broadband BCI Simeral, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001542-01A1 Anti-depressant response in neurobiologically defined psychiatric veteran groups Simmons, Alan Clinical Science R&D
SDR 20-197 Coordinating Hub to Promote Research Optimizing Veteran-centric EHR Simon, Steven Health Services R&D
IK2HX002861-01A2 Development and Testing of a Veteran-Centered Lethal Means Safety Suicide Prevention Intervention Simonetti, Joseph Health Services R&D
I01RX003283-01A2 An Evaluation of MBSR and CBT for Veterans with Chronic Pain Simpson, Tracy Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002513-01A2 Screening of Above Elbow Amputees for Advanced Prosthetic Devices Sinclair, Sarina Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002761-05 Claudin-3, Gut Dysbiosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Singh, Amar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003401-01A1 Mechanisms of Neuroprotective Therapy in TBI Singh, Avtar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005190-01A1 Mechanism of Vascular Impairment in Neurocognitive Disorders Singh, Avtar Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002439-01A1 Measuring and Improving the Safety of Test Result Follow-Up Singh, Hardeep Health Services R&D
I01BX002829-05 Immunomodulation and Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis Singh, Inderjit Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002090-01A1 Neurorestorative Therapy for Stroke Injury Singh, Inderjit Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX001461-01A1 STorytelling to Improve DiseasE outcomes in GoUT: The STRIDE-GO Study Singh, Jasvinder Health Services R&D
I01RX002745-01 Genetics of Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement Recovery: Key to Precision Rehabilitation Singh, Jasvinder Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004045-01A2 Investigation of therapeutic potential of exogenous ubiquitin following myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury Singh, Krishna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002175-05A2 Renal Oxygenation and Mitochondrial Function in the in the Pathophysiology of Kidney Disease Singh, Prabhleen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004455-01 CMA: Marker-assisted prevention and risk stratification (MAPRS): Artificial Intelligence Endoscopy for Colorectal Cancer Prevention (CMA1) Singh, Satish Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001146-05 Artificial Intelligence for the Management of Colorectal Neoplasia Using Combined-Modality Spectroscopy and Enhanced Imaging Singh, Satish Clinical Science R&D
592 CSP #592 - Efficacy and Safety of ICD Implantation in the Elderly Singh, Steven Cooperative Studies
IK2HX002484-01 Optimizing Bacteriuria Management in Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury Skelton, Felicia Health Services R&D
IK2BX003518-01A1 Functional Immunoimaging in the GI Tract Skupsky, Jonathan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003105-01 Teachable Moment to Opt-out of Tobacco (TeaM OUT): A Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Intervention Slatore, Christopher Health Services R&D
RVR 19-481 Patient-Centered Decision Support for Veterans Making Choices About Where to Get Their Health Care:"Should I Stay or Should I Go? Slatore, Christopher Health Services R&D
I01BX004542-01A1 Optogenetics: A tool to probe mechanism and an agent to block TBI-induced epileptogenesis. Slevin, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001967-01 An efficient, exposure-based treatment for PTSD compared to Prolonged Exposure: A non-inferiority randomized trial Sloan, Denise Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004293-01A1 CYP11A1-derived secosteroids as therapeutic agents in UVB induced skin cancer Slominski, Andrzej Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002701-01A2 A Randomized Controlled Trial of MISSION-CJ for Justice-Involved Homeless Veterans with Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Smelson, David Health Services R&D
I01RX002981-01A1 Developing a rational strategy for visual rehabilitation after cortical lesions Smirnakis, Stelios Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX005221-01 CMA: Network plasticity in acquired epileptogenesis Smirnakis, Stelios Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003392-01A1 GRPR/PSMA Targeting Agents for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Smith, Charles Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001375-01A2 Functional and Structural Neuroanatomy of Past Remembrance Smith, Christine Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001424-01 Assessing Actigraphy-Determined Movement Variability as a Novel Objective Marker of Suicidal Ideation and Behavior Risk in Veterans and Its Role in Integrated Suicide Risk Assessment Smith, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002794-01A1 Identifying Best Practices for Medication-Based Suicide Prevention Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Medically-Serious Adverse Events Smith, Eric Health Services R&D
I21RX003447-01A1 Mechano-active annular repair device for treating disc herniation Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX001476-01A1 Tissue-Engineered Constructs for Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002274-01A1 Tissue Engineered Total Disc Replacement in a Large Animal Model Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002274-05 Tissue Engineered Total Disc Replacement in a Large Animal Model Smith, Harvey Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002155-01A1 The Genetic Origin of Hereditary Prostate Cancer Smith, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
2007 CSP #2007 - National Vietnam Veteran Longitudinal Study (NVVLS) Registry Smith, Nicholas Cooperative Studies
603 CSP Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) Smith, Nicholas Cooperative Studies
256 CSP 256 - Vietnam Era Twins Registry Smith, Nicholas Cooperative Studies
I01RX002777-01A1 Efficacy of a coupler-based fitting approach for experienced users receiving replacement hearing aids Smith, Sherri Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002547-05A1 Dynamic Chemical Regulation of Voltage-gated Sodium Channels Smith, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004671-01A1 Serum Amyloid as a Critical mediator between inflammation and thrombosis Smyth, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001862-05A2 Epithelial Sodium Channel Trafficking Snyder, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX003571-01A1 Development of a Recovery Oriented Treatment for Post Acute Suicidal Episode (PASE) Veterans Sokol, Yosef Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002277-01 Veterans Affairs seamless phase II/III randomized trial of STAndard systemic theRapy with or without PET-directed local therapy for OligoRecurrenT prostate cancer (VA STARPORT) Solanki, Abhishek Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001000-05A2 The role of collecting duct chloride transporters in salt absorption and blood pressure homeostasis Soleimani, Manoocher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004444-01A2 Control of beta cell identity by the mitochondrial life cycle Soleimanpour, Scott Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX001542-01A1 Evaluating and Improving Osteoporosis Care for Male Veterans Solimeo, Samantha Health Services R&D
I01BX002334-05 Understanding the multifaceted functions of MG53 in heart failure pathogenesis Song, Long-Sheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004037-01A1 Interaction of GCSF with the Endocannabinoid System in Promoting Brain Repair Song, Shijie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003304-01A1 Bright Light Therapy for residual daytime symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea Soreca, Isabella Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001508-01 Neurocircuitry of Prospective Memory in Veterans with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Sorg, Scott Clinical Science R&D
SDR 98-578 VA Information Resource Center (VIREC) Supplmental Souden, Maria Health Services R&D
SDR 20-188 EHR Modernization and Research Impact Souden, Maria Health Services R&D
I01CX000935-01A2 PTSD and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Risk in OIF/OEF Veterans Soufer, Robert Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002010-01A1 Identification and treatment of brain regions causing post-traumatic headache Sowers, Levi Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003523-01 Investigation of cerebello-thalamic circuits for the treatment of headache Sowers, Levi Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 14-232 HSR&D Career Scientist Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
I01HX002314-01A1 Choosing Wisely: Barriers to De-Implementation, Patterns, and Costs of Low Value Preoperative Testing for Veterans Undergoing Low Risk Procedures Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
I01HX003121-01A1 Addressing the Gap in Feasible, Valid, and Important Quality Measures for the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
I01HX003122-01A2 Can suicide theory-guided natural language processing of clinical progress notes improve existing prediction models of Veteran suicide mortality? Sox-Harris, Alexander Health Services R&D
I01RX002682-01 Lipoic acid for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis Spain, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001825-01 Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Insulin Treated Hospitalized Veterans with DM2 at Higher Risk for Hypoglycemia Spanakis, Ilias Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001956-01A1 Regulation of cutaneous wound healing by GCN2 Spandau, Dan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003055-01A1 Highly challenging balance program to reduce fall rate in PD Sparrow, David Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002545-01A1 Exercise training to improve cognitive function_523_Sparrow Sparrow, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003378-01A1 An RCT of a telemedicine intervention for hypokinetic dysarthria in PD Sparrow, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001991-01A2 Shock Waves and Injectable Gelatin Matrix for Cartilage Repair Spector, Myron Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001443-01A2 Spontaneous EEG Activity in Psychosis Spencer, Kevin Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003162-01 Detection and Amelioration of Gamma Oscillation Abnormalities in Blast-Related Brain Injury_523_Spencer Spencer, Kevin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000168-10A1 Maladaptive Remodeling in Aging Myocardium Spinale, Francis Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001843-01 Deviant Synchronization of Neural Functions in Schizophrenia Sponheim, Scott Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003299-01A1 Use of a Powered Orthotic Exoskeleton to Promote Mobility Through Improved Squat, Knee Flexion and Loading of the Paretic Leg in Persons with Chronic Stroke Spungen, Ann Rehabilitation R&D
2003 CSP #2003 - Exoskeleton Assisted-Walking in Persons with SCI: Impact on Quality of Life Spungen, Ann Cooperative Studies
I01RX003228-01A2 Design Improvements and Evaluation of a Knee Stress-Relief Powered Exoskeleton for Veterans with Knee Osteoarthritis Spungen, Ann Rehabilitation R&D
IK6CX001644-01 CSR&D Research Career Scientist Award Squire, Larry Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000136-08 Mechanism of GDNF regulation of Hepatic Steatosis Srinivasan, Shanthi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002095-01A2 Optimizing treatment response in VA Specialized Intensive/Inpatient PTSD programs Sripada, Rebecca Health Services R&D
I01BX005459-01 COVID-19: HDL's Role in Innate Immunity and Cardiovascular Protection with COVID-19 Stafford, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003666-01A1 Purkinje Cell Rhythmicity, Synchrony, and Enhancing Function in Cerebellar Disorders Stahl, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000207-09 Novel viral immune interference mechanisms: HCV as a model system Stapleton, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002348-01A1 Nutritional (High Protein) Perihabilitation in Older Veterans Undergoing Surgery Starr, Kathryn Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004024-01A1 Purinergic control of calcium flux in podocytes Staruschenko, Alexander Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001495-01 6-week trial of oxytocin for co-occurring cocaine and opioid use disorders Stauffer, Christopher Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003851-01A2 Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis via Targeted Inhibition of the FXII-uPAR-pAkt2 Axis in Neutrophils Stavrou, Evi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002922-01A2 Continuous Wearable Monitoring Analytics to Improve Outcomes in Heart Failure - LINK-HF2 multicenter implementation study Stehlik, Josef Health Services R&D
I01CX001038-05 The neuropathology of mild traumatic brain injury in Alzheimer disease Stein, Thor Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003375-01A1 Knee Joint Resurfacing with Anatomic Tissue Engineered Osteochondral Implants Steinberg, David Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002037-01A1 Developing and Validating a Spiritual Assessment Tool for Seriously-ill Veterans Steinhauser, Karen Health Services R&D
I01RX002931-01A2 Determination of factors that influence addiction-related outcomes following brain injury Stemper, Brian Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002651-01A2 Effect of Myofunctional Therapy on Outcomes in Mild to Moderate Sleep Apnea Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002328-01A2 Self-Management of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Settings for Veterans with Sleep Apnea Stepnowsky, Jr., Carl Health Services R&D
I01BX001957-05 Targeting the Bone Microenvironment to Reduce Tumor-induced Bone Disease Sterling, Julie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002251-01 Improving Rehabilitation Outcomes After Total Hip Arthroplasty Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001978-01A1 Improving Function in Older Veterans with Hospital-associated Deconditioning Stevens-Lapsley, Jennifer Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003401-01A2 Improving Vocational Outcomes of Veterans with Psychiatric Disorders: Career Counseling & Development Stevenson, Brian Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX003271-01A1 Evaluation of noise-induced injury and restorative agents in the vestibular periphery Stewart, Courtney Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003295-01 Are Women at Increased Risk of Developing Secondary Physical Conditions Associated with Lower-Limb Amputation and Long-Term Prosthesis Use? Stine, Rebecca Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001993-01A1 Inhibition of chronic neuroinflammation reduces neurological deficits after TBI Stoica, Bogdan Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003379-01A2 Caloric restriction promotes sustained neurological recovery after TBI Stoica, Bogdan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004866-01A2 MicroRNA-regulated Pathways Control Chronic-Progressive Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration Following TBI Stoica, Bogdan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001189-01A2 Cognitively Augmented Behavioral Activation for Veterans with Comorbid TBI/PTSD Storzbach, Daniel Rehabilitation R&D
IK2CX001861-01A1 Identifying integrated circuit mechanisms of PTSD: Multimodal neuroimaging fusion of fear inhibition and cognitive control Stout, Daniel Clinical Science R&D
I01BX002539-01A2 Differential cardioprotection by mitochondrial Ca2+ sensitive potassium channels Stowe, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002032-01 Examining the Effect of Sleep Disruption on Emotion Regulation and Trauma-Related Symptoms in Veterans Straus, Laura Clinical Science R&D
15F-RCS-010 Research Career Scientist Award Strecker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002774-05A2 Role of the basal forebrain in sleep loss induced attention impairments Strecker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005714-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Strecker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001577-01A1 A Randomized Control Trial Treating Depression with Yoga and Coherent Breathing Versus Walking in Veterans Streeter, Chris Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001266-01A2 Lipid Profiles and Management in Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Streja, Elani Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8990-18 Impact of renin-angiotensin system inhibitors on outcomes of COVID-19 Streja, Elani Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001652-01A1 Examination of mu opioid mediated pain vulnerability in combat mild Traumatic Brain Injury Strigo, Irina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004089-01 Novel selective substituted aminofurazans kinase inhibitors for Drug resistant Bacteria Striker, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
15F-RCS-011 Senior Research Career Scientist Award Strong, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001641-05A1 Detoxification of Biogenic Aldehydes in Parkinson's Disease Strong, Randy Biomedical Laboratory R&D
RVR 19-474 Data to Improve Veteran's Outcomes (DIVO) in SCI/D Stroupe, Kevin Health Services R&D
I50HX001237-01 Center of INovation for Complex Chronic Healthcare (CINCCH) Stroupe, Kevin Health Services R&D
I01HX002331-01A1 Impact of the VA Medication Copayment Redesign Stroupe, Kevin Health Services R&D
I01BX003938-01A1 Mitochondrial-Targeted Antioxidant-Encapsulating Nanoparticles as a Promising Therapeutic Strategy in Regulating Outflow Resistance Stubbs, Evan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002548-01A2 Leveraging Novel Sources of Data with Analytic Morphomics to Improve Delivery of Specialty Care to At-Risk Veterans with Liver Disease Su, Grace Health Services R&D
I01CX001460-01A1 Defining how Microbes Drive Abnormal T Cell Responses in Rheumatoid Arthritis Su, Laura Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005422-01 COVID-19 Related Tissue Immunopathology Su, Laura Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004315-01A2 Novel strategy to enrich brain DHA through diet: Potential application for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease Subbaiah, Papasani Biomedical Laboratory R&D
INV 19-058 The Missing RxLink: Veteran Prescription use in Private Sector Community Pharmacies Suda, Katie Health Services R&D
I01HX002452-01A1 Improving Veteran Health by Increasing Dental Stewardship of Antibiotics and Opioids Suda, Katie Health Services R&D
I01BX002930-05 Renal Cancer Metastasis: Molecular Mechanisms to Therapy Sudarshan, Sunil Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001772-01 Neural Metabolic Stress in mTBI and PTSD Sullivan, Danielle Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000669-09A1 A Ribozyme Rescue Strategy for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration Sullivan, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001790-05 Effect of Type II Diabetes on Bladder Function Sullivan, Maryrose Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003405-01A1 mitoNEET as a therapeutic target for TBI Sullivan, Patrick Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002891-05 SPAK inhibitor ZT-1a for ischemic stroke therapy Sun, Dandan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004625-01 Microglia in White Matter Repair after TBI Sun, Dandan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005647-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Sun, Dandan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004824-01 Microbiome and intestinal barrier in ALS therapy Sun, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001481-01 Shedding light on glaucoma: optogenetics regulation of ciliary phosphoinositides Sun, Yang Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003443-01A2 Regulation of intestinal NaCl absorption Sundaram, Uma Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004739-01A2 Optimization and preclinical characterization of anthranilamide derivatives for Alzheimer prevention Suo, William (zhiming) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
N0007 CSP NODES - VA Palo Alto Health Care System NODES Initiative Suppes, Patricia Cooperative Studies
I01RX003248-01A1 Effects of Physical Activities on Pain and Functional Recovery in Low Back Pain Suri, Pradeep Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002014-01A1 Developing Benefit-Based Performance Measurement for VHA Sussman, Jeremy Health Services R&D
I01CX000623-05 Role of Gfi-1 in Myeloma Bone Disease Suvannasankha, Attaya Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8900-02 VA electronic health record (EHR) analysis of COVID-19 risk factors for future prevention and carestrategies Suzuki, Ayako Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004884-01A1 Ischemia-induced injury to neuronal processes: role of cofilin-actin rod formation Swanson, Raymond Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004039-01A2 Role of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-12 and IL-23 in secondary damage after spinal cord injury Swartz, Karin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX000566-05 Frontal Lobe Injury and Executive Control of Cognition and Emotion Swick, Diane Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001397-01A2 Neurosteroids in PTSD - Biomarkers to Therapeutics Szabo, Steven Clinical Science R&D
IK1RX003122-01A1 Psychological Trauma, Head Injury and Genetics: Detecting Changes in Cognition and Functioning in a Longitudinal Study of Veterans Szabo, Yvette Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002039-01 Predicting Suicidal Behavior in Veterans with Bipolar Disorder using Behavioral and Neuroimaging Based Impulsivity Phenotypes Szeszko, Philip Clinical Science R&D
IK6BX004208-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Szymusiak, Ronald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001556-05A2 Impact of Corticotropin Releasing Factor on Sleep Regulation Szymusiak, Ronald Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002130-01A2 Improving Transplant Medication Safety through a TEchnology and Pharmacist (ISTEP) Intervention in Veterans Taber, David Health Services R&D
I01BX003951-01 Mechanisms and therapeutic interventions of postoperative gastric ileus Tache, Yvette Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004360-01A1 Translational Research Career Development: Overcoming Resistance to Radiotherapy Takiar, Vinita Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002763-01A2 Developing Tools for Dialysis Decision Support in Older Adults Tamura, Manjula Health Services R&D
I01BX004859-01A1 Validation of Swine Model for Testing a Novel Therapy for Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation using Nanoformulated Calcium Chloride to Suppress Cardiac Ganglionated Plexi Tan, Alex Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002969-01A2 Deconstructing Spasticity after Spinal Cord Injury Tan, Andrew Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004120-01 Pathogenesis of sepsis-induced dysfunction of innate immunity Tan, Xiao-Di Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003644-01 Upstream regulation of TAZ and YAP in sarcomas: towards combinatorial therapy targeting the Hippo Pathway Tanas, Munir Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004973-01A1 Validation of a novel animal model of post-traumatic epilepsy Tang, Cha-Min Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004975-01 The effect of adventitial vein cells on vein graft neointimal hyperplasia Tang, Gale Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0018 Charleston LPOP Site Tanner, Nichole Cooperative Studies
I01BX004275-01A1 Mechanisms linking obesity and abdominal aortic aneurysm Tannock, Lisa Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005118-01A1 Role of amygdala inhibitory circuit neuromodulation in stress disorders Tasker, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003756-01 The efficacy of β-aminoisobutyric acid myokine to reduce bone loss after spinal cord injury Tawfeek, Hesham Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003592-01 Somatosensory stimulation therapies for movement disorders Taylor, Dawn Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX003403-01 The role of IL-17 neutrophils and lymphocytes during diabetic retinopathy Taylor, Patricia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002204-01 The role of IL-17A in the onset and progression of diabetic retinopathy in VA patients Taylor, Patricia Clinical Science R&D
SDR 17-306 Complementary and Integrative Health for Pain in the VA: A National Demonstration Project (NIH-VA-DOD joint Initiative) Taylor, Stephanie Health Services R&D
I01BX004314-01A1 Novel adrenergic mechanisms in heart failure therapy Teerlink, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004659-01 Immune responses to islet amyloid in beta-cell death Templin, Andrew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002160-01A2 Improving Veteran Functioning with Intensive Transdiagnostic CBT for Anxiety Teng, Ellen Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002449-01A2 Using Behavioral Economics to Enhance Appointment Reminders and Reduce Missed Visits Teo, Alan Health Services R&D
C19 20-216 Adapting Caring Contacts to Counteract Adverse Effects of Social Distancing Among High-Risk Veterans During the COVID-19 Pandemic Teo, Alan Health Services R&D
I21HX003259-01 Increasing Help-Seeking Behavior Among Transitioning Veterans at Risk for Suicide with Online Gatekeeper Training: A Pilot Study of PsychArmor S.A.V.E. Teo, Alan Health Services R&D
I01BX002880-01A2 Mechanisms of Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Induced Airflow Obstruction during Allergic Lower Airway Inflammation Teodorescu, Mihaela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001660-05A2 Innate inflammation in osteoarthritis Terkeltaub, Robert Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001787-01A1 Molecular imaging of neuroinflammation in repetitive mild traumatic brain injury Terry, Garth Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003056-01A1 Sirtuins in Lung Aging and Fibrosis Thannickal, Victor Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003181-01 A new therapeutic approach for somatosensory tinnitus Theodoroff, Sarah Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002149-01 Evaluating Possible Auditory and Psychological Biomarkers of Sound Intolerance Theodoroff, Sarah Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX001775-01A2 Evaluating Cash Benefit Programs for Veterans' Long Term Care Thomas, Kali Health Services R&D
IK2CX001865-01A1 Impact of Diabetes on Cognitive and Perfusion Inefficiencies in Preclinical AD Thomas, Kelsey Clinical Science R&D
L0016 St. Louis LPOP Site Thomas, Theodore Cooperative Studies
IK2CX002049-01 Quantifying and improving radiotherapy outcomes among Veterans Thompson, Reid Clinical Science R&D
IK2CX001589-01 An adjunctive family intervention for individual PTSD treatment Thompson-Hollands, Johanna Clinical Science R&D
I21HX003237-01 Reaping the Wisdom of Positive Deviants to Increase the Reach of Family Involvement in PTSD Treatment Thompson-Hollands, Johanna Health Services R&D
I01HX001759-01A2 De-Intensifying Unnecessary Medications in VA CLC Residents Nearing End of Life Thorpe, Carolyn Health Services R&D
I01HX003039-01 Use and costs of low-value health services by Veterans in VA and non-VA settings Thorpe, Carolyn Health Services R&D
I01HX003059-01 Outpatient Palliative Care and Prescribing Safety and Quality at End-of-Life Thorpe, Joshua Health Services R&D
I01BX002567-05 Sexual dimorphism, hepatic mitochondrial adaptations, and hepatic steatosis Thyfault, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002412-05A1 Immune Responses in Neuronal Cell Death Tian, Ning Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX003393-01A1 Optimizing Cardiac Rehabilitation by Integrating Sleep Therapeutics Tighe, Caitlan Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002833-01A2 Long-Term Opioid Therapy: Screen to Evaluate and Treat (Opioid-SET) Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
RCS 00-001 Research Career Scientist Award - Quality and Care of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Treatment Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
I01HX002024-01A1 Improving Outcomes among Medical/Surgical Inpatients with Alcohol Use Disorders Timko, Christine Health Services R&D
IK2CX001785-01A1 GVHD quantitative assessment in skin of Veterans post-HCT Tkaczyk, Eric Clinical Science R&D
I01BX005342-01A1 Impact of N-Acetylgalactosamine-4-Sulfatase (Arylsulfatase B) on the Progression of Melanoma Tobacman, Joanne Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004842-01 Bypassing cellular stress pathways in frontotemporal dementia and ALS Todd, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004763-01A1 T-type calcium channel inhibitors and alpha lipoic acid as novel therapies for treating pain post-surgery Todorovic, Slobodan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005235-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Tomlinson, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004256-01A1 Role of complement in TBI Tomlinson, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001141-05A1 Impact of Comorbidities on Stroke Outcomes and Treatments Tomlinson, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002418-06A2 Novel sterile inflammatory pathways in alcoholic hepatitis Torok, Natalie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001762-01 Neuromarkers of Treatment for Comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder Townsend, Andrea Spadoni Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003449-01A1 Immersive Virtual Reality to Improve Outcomes in Patients with Stroke: A Pilot Study Tran, Johanna Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002595-01A2 Bacteriophage to treat multidrug‐resistant UTI in Persons with Spinal Cord Injury Trautner, Barbara Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002171-01A1 Less is More: Improving Antimicrobial Stewardship for Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Trautner, Barbara Health Services R&D
IK2RX003069-01A2 Improving the Assessment and Treatment of Chronic Pain in Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Travaglini, Letitia Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000853-10 Oxidized Lipids and UV Immunosuppression Travers, Jeffrey Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001904-01A1 Validation of Mesoscopic Imaging to Predict Cutaneous Carcinogenesis and its Therapeutic Response Travers, Jeffrey Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX001805-01A2 Vasomotor and Sudomotor Activity During Heat Stress in Spinal Cord Injury Trbovich, Michelle Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001414-01A2 Reducing Hippocampal Hyperactivity and Improving Cognition in Schizophrenia Tregellas, Jason Clinical Science R&D
IK6CX002178-01 CSR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Tregellas, Jason Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX003079-01A2 Improving Collaborative Decision Making in Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Treichler, Emily Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001999-01 Targeting Oxidative Stress to Prevent Vascular and Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction during Disuse Trinity, Joel Clinical Science R&D
I50RX001871-06 Advanced Platform Technology Center Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003056-01A2 Stimulation combined with externally powered motorized orthoses for stroke Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002275-01 Hybrid neuroprosthesis with power assist for walking in SCI Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
A9259-L Senior Research Career Scientist Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003566-01A1 Functional and Neuroprotective Effects of Restoring Lower Limb Sensation after Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Triolo, Ronald Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002543-01A1 Impact of VA Disability and Health Benefits on Long-Term Diabetes Outcomes among Vietnam-Era Veterans Trivedi, Amal Health Services R&D
I21RX002902-01A1 Enhancing functional capacity in older adults with short session high intensity interval training Troen, Bruce Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004369-01A2 High intensity interval training and nicotinamide riboside treatment to enhance functional capacity and reduce frailty during aging Troen, Bruce Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001996-05A1 Molecular mimicry in immune mediated neurologic disease Tsao, Jack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
144 Cooperative Studies Program Epidemiology Center - Palo Alto Tsao, Philip Cooperative Studies
I01BX003362-03A1 Genetics of Cardiometabolic Diseases in the VA Population Tsao, Philip Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004205-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Tsukamoto, Hidekazu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001991-05A1 Molecular Mechanisms of Stellate Cell Activation in Liver Fibrosis Tsukamoto, Hidekazu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002065-01A1 Contributions of mild traumatic brain injury to neurodegeneration due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy and alzheimer's disease Turk, Kate Clinical Science R&D
I01BX000113-08 Barrier Dysfunction in Severe Surgical Diseases Turner, Douglas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001019-01A3 Role of keratinocyte-derived cytokines in epidermal injury and atopic dermatitis Turner, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002141-01 Role of skin injury-induced inflammation in wound healing Turner, Matthew Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004669-01 Fermented wheat germ proteins;mechanistic, immunologic and pre-clinical canine studies Tuscano, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50RX001706-06 RR&D Gordon Mansfield Spinal Cord Injury Consortium Tuszynski, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I50RX001706-01 The VA Gordon Mansfield SCI Consortium Tuszynski, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001972-01A1 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Homeless OEF/OIF/OND Veterans Twamley, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001592-01 Cognitive Rehabilitation for Older Veterans with Mild Cognitive Impairment Twamley, Elizabeth Clinical Science R&D
IK6RX003504-01 Research Career Scientist Twamley, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003323-01 TTI-0102, a Cysteamine Precursor for Mild to Moderate TBI: Dosing and Feasibility Study Twamley, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003355-01 Peripheral Interfaces in Amputees for Sensorimotor Integration Tyler, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
A9280-S Research Career Scientist Tyler, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000963-05A2 Mechanisms of Virus-induced Injury in the Brain and Spinal Cord Tyler, Kenneth Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001506-05A1 Mechanisms of Interferon-alpha Neurotoxicity Tyor, William Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001466-01A1 Xanthine oxidoreductase in impaired diabetic wound healing. Tzeng, Edith Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002987-01A1 Long Term Aerobic Exercise to Slow Progression in Parkinson's Disease Uc, Ergun Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002350-01A2 Provider Supported Self-Help Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (Tele-Self-CBTI) Ulmer, Christi Health Services R&D
I01BX003747-01 Ectopic Lipids in the Pancreatic Alpha Cell Link Insulin Resistance to Hyperglycemia Unger, Roger Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001968-05A1 Regulation of hepatic gene expression and metabolism by FoxO proteins Unterman, Terry Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX000834-01A1 Utilizing the RESCUE Stroke Caregiver Website to Enhance Discharge Planning Uphold, Constance Health Services R&D
I01CX001398-01A2 Ezetimibe as a Safe and Efficacious Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Uprichard, Susan Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002837-01A1 Plasticity in the Spinal Cord to Enhance Motor Retraining after Stroke Urbin, Michael Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003298-01A1 mHealth Assessment of Recurrent Clinical States in Bipolar Disorders (MARCS-BD) Urosevic, Snezana Rehabilitation R&D
IK2BX004905-01 Using CRISPR-Cas9 genetic abscission in vivo to study the role of GABA-A receptors of the thalamic reticular nucleus in regulating non-rapid-eye-movement sleep and drug induced sleep Uygun, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004545-01A1 Development of Potent Inhibitors of proto-oncogene PELP1 for Treating Advanced Breast Cancer Vadlamudi, Ratna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX002009-01 Using Intradialytic Blood Pressure Slopes to Guide Ultrafiltration in Hemodialysis Patients Van Buren, Peter Clinical Science R&D
RVR 19-472 Advancing Measurement of Veteran Function and Independence: Pursuing a Set of Measures Around the Patient Centered Theme of Home Time Van Houtven, Courtney Health Services R&D
I01BX004453-01A1 Activation of the Sarcoplasmic/Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPase (SERCA) as a Therapeutic Intervention for Sarcopenia Van Remmen, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005234-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Van Remmen, Holly Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005112-01 Preclinical Translational Studies with DRHQ Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000226-09 Immunoregulation of Myelin-Specific T Lymphocytes Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004209-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000226-13 Immunoregulation of Myelin Specific T Lymphocytes Vandenbark, Arthur Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004529-01 Nanoparticles Mitigate Chronic Behavior and Neuropathology Vandevord, Pamela Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002625-01A1 Access to and Choice of VA or Non-VA Health Care by Veterans of Recent Conflicts Vanneman, Megan Health Services R&D
I01HX002362-01A2 Veteran Access to Emergency Care Vashi, Anita Health Services R&D
I01HX003171-01 Telehealth for Acute Care in VA Vashi, Anita Health Services R&D
IK2CX001262-01A1 Clinical safety and efficacy of pharmacogenetics in Veteran care Vassy, Jason Clinical Science R&D
MVP030 MVP Return of Actionable Results- Familial Hypercholesteremia (MVP-ROAR-FH) Vassy, Jason NULL
566 CSP #566 - Neuropsychological and Mental Health Outcomes of OIF: A Longitudinal Cohort Study Vasterling, Jennifer Cooperative Studies
I01RX002293-01A2 Behavioral or Solifenacin Therapy for Urinary Symptoms in Parkinson Disease Vaughan, Elizabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002527-01A1 Reducing Potentially Inappropriate Medication Prescribing for Older Patients: Enhancing Quality of Provider Practices for Older Adults in the Emergency Department (EQUIPPED) Vaughan, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I21HX003116-01A1 Assessment of cardiotoxicity in Immunity Checkpoint Blockers and other cancer therapies Vaughan-Sarrazin, Mary Health Services R&D
I01BX003890-01A2 Revealing Susceptibility Factors for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Vazdarjanova, Almira Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004658-01A1 The Multiple Roles of Lysyl Oxidase in Arteriovenous Fistula Failure Vazquez-Padron, Roberto Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002073-05A1 Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Adaptive Response to Host Reactive Species Vazquez-Torres, Andres Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002073-09 Molecular Analysis of Bacterial Adaptive Response to Host Reactive Species Vazquez-Torres, Andres Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005384-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Vazquez-Torres, Andres Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003789-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Vedantam, Gayatri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001183-05A1 Gastrointestinal Colonization of Diarrheagenic Clostridium difficile Vedantam, Gayatri Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004344-01A1 Neuroprotection after TBI Vemuganti, Raghu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005690-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Vemuganti, Raghu Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX002702-01A1 Interactive Effects of Aging and Blast Exposure on Central Auditory System Venezia, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001748-01 Value-Based Decision-Making Following Medial Temporal Lobe Lesions Verfaellie, Mieke Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001596-01A1 Future-Oriented Cognition in PTSD Verfaellie, Mieke Clinical Science R&D
IK6CX002289-01 CSRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Verfaellie, Mieke Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002161-01 Lifestyle Intervention plus Metformin to Treat Frailty in Older Veterans with Obesity Villareal, Dennis Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001665-01A2 Testosterone Therapy and Bone Quality in Men with Diabetes and Hypogonadism Villareal, Reina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003230-01A2 Excess O-GlcNAc modification of proteins and myocardial fibrosis Villarreal, Francisco Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX002137-01A2 Measuring and improving specialty care coordination in VA Vimalananda, Varsha Health Services R&D
I01HX002225-01A1 Determining and targeting reasons for low statin use to improve guideline-concordant statin therapy in high-risk patients Virani, Salim Health Services R&D
I01HX002917-01A1 Optimizing Renin Angiotensin System Blocker Use among Veterans with Kidney Disease Virani, Salim Health Services R&D
I01CX002084-01A2 TP-R: a novel mediator of obesity-linked insulin resistance in humans Viswanathan, Saraswathi Clinical Science R&D
I01HX003138-01 Risk and Resilience Factors related to Suicidal Ideation during Transition from Military to Civilian Life: Secondary Analyses of the TVMI Cohort Study Vogt, Dawne Health Services R&D
RCS 14-443 Research Career Scientist Award Voils, Corrine Health Services R&D
I01BX004237-01A2 Microglial Phagocytosis of Dendritic Spines in Veterans with Schizophrenia Volk, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003005-01A1 Optimizing Critical Care for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure: A Mixed-Methods Study Vranas, Kelly Health Services R&D
I01HX003282-01A1 Optimizing Pain Management in End-Stage Renal Disease Among Veterans (OPERA-Vets):Balancing Benefits and Harms of Opioids Wachterman, Melissa Health Services R&D
I01RX002259-01A1 A Dominantly Inherited AD network In Vitro Trial with a Gamma-Secretase Modulator Wagner, Steven Rehabilitation R&D
146 CSP Health Economics Resource Center Wagner, Todd Cooperative Studies
RCS 17-154 Career Scientist Award Wagner, Todd Health Services R&D
I01HX003106-01 Utilization and Health Outcomes for Veterans with Expanded Health Care Access Wagner, Todd Health Services R&D
I21RX003189-01A1 Combining attention and metacognitive training to improve goal directed behavior in Veterans with TBI waid-ebbs, Julia Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001815-01A1 NAPS: Niacin for Parkinson's Disease Wakade, Chandramohan Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001613-01A2 GPR109A and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Niacin in Outcome Measures Wakade, Chandramohan Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004995-01A1 Targeting metabolism in AML Wald, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21HX002829-01 Emergency Departments Treating Veteran for Suicide (ED-VeTS) Waliski, Angela Health Services R&D
I01HX002220-01A1 Advanced Prediction Models to Optimize Treatment and Access for Veterans with Hepatitis C Waljee, Akbar Health Services R&D
IK2RX002688-01A2 Adipose-derived stem cell-conditioned medium therapy in a mouse model of ALS Walker, Chandler Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX002892-01A1 Computerized game-based vestibular rehabilitation: assessment of feasibility and motor learning Walker, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003750-01 Virtual-Reality Assessment and Treatment of Binocular Vision Impairment in Traumatic Brain Injury Walker, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004527-01A1 Impact of Sterilizing and Non-sterilizing Antibiotics on M. tuberculosis rRNA Synthesis Walter, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000803-05A1 Ron Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling in Breast Cancer Waltz, Susan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6RX002706-01 Research Career Scientist Wambaugh, Julie Rehabilitation R&D
IK2RX002165-01A1 The epigenetics of exercise and physical activity in COPD Wan, Emily Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001391-01A2 Defining omic-signatures in recurrent Clostridium difficile infection Wang, Gary Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004536-01A1 hAAT-engineered Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Chronic Pain Wang, Hongjun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000332-09 Posttranscriptional Control of Gut Mucosal Defense and Homeostasis Wang, Jian-Ying Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004213-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Wang, Jian-Ying Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003523-01A1 Epigenetic Mechanism Linking Diabetes and Cognitive Dysfunction Wang, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004743-01 Development of dihydrocaffeic acid and malvidin- 3 - glucoside for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders Wang, Jun Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003192-01 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Opiate Exposure Crosstalk: Neuropathological, Neurobehavioral, and Neuroproteomic Assessments Wang, Kevin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001859-01A2 Repetitive mTBI-induced neurobehavioral changes and CTE-like proteinopathy Wang, Kevin Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001685-01A1 Ghrelin Agonists Multiple Beneficial Effects on Parkinson's Non-Motor Symptoms Wang, Lixin Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003824-01 Pathological protein generation in cerebral small vessel disease Wang, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003855-01 Transformation of NOTCH3 protein in cerebral small vessel disease Wang, Michael Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001455-01A2 MicroRNA regulation of angiogenesis in aging Wang, Qingde Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004252-01 CD47 as a therapeutic target for obesity Wang, Shuxia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
L0014 San Francisco LPOP Site Wang, Sunny Cooperative Studies
I01BX003275-01A2 Innate Pattern Recognition Receptor and Acetaminophen-induced Liver Injury Wang, Xiang-Yang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003232-01A1 Mechanisms of Breaking Indolence in Squamous Cell Carcinoma Wang, Xiao-Jing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003232-05 Mechanisms and Therapeutic Targets of SCC Metastasis Wang, Xiao-Jing Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002650-05 Targeting histone deacetylase 3 for chronic kidney disease Wang, Yanlin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001456-01A1 Dysregulated Immune State in PTSD Contributes to Microglial Inflammation Wang, Zhewu Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004371-01 Hi-jacking the kynurenine pathway: A new path used by cisplatin resistant non-small cell lung cancer to survive and evade immune surveillance under high ROS Wangpaichitr, Medhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX003057-01A2 Evaluating a Prescribing Feedback System for Acute Care Providers Ward, Michael Health Services R&D
IK2BX004219-01A1 Migration and signaling in ILC2 in asthma: Male and female differences Warren, Kristi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002515-01A1 Mitigating Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience Washington, Donna Health Services R&D
SDR 20-402 Multi-level Factors Underlying VA Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Covid-19 Infection and Complications Washington, Donna Health Services R&D
SDR 20-403 GAO project phase 1 – Determination of Completeness and Accuracy of VHA Race/Ethnicity Data Washington, Donna Health Services R&D
I01RX002905-01A2 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to Improve Functioning in Veterans with PTSD Watts, Bradley Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004899-01A1 Dynamic regulation of axonal trafficking and surface distribution of Nav1.7 in sensory neurons Waxman, Stephen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I50RX002999-01 Center for Restoration of Nervous System Function Waxman, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003201-01 Shaping Pain:The Pain Resilience Project Waxman, Stephen Rehabilitation R&D
I21RX003452-01A1 Assessing Women Veterans" Needs for Mobility Devices Weaver, Frances Rehabilitation R&D
RCS 98-354 Research Career Scientist Award Weaver, Frances Health Services R&D
2017 CSP #2017 - A Prospective, Pivotal Study to Characterize the Efficacy and Safety of a Percutaneous Osseointegrated Prosthesis (VA-POP) Webster, Joseph Cooperative Studies
I01BX004848-01A1 SRSF3 degradation in liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma Webster, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005224-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Webster, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002709-01A2 SRSF3 Loss and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Webster, Nicholas Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX002901-01A1 Treatment of tracheal stenosis by drug eluting, bioabsorbable stent Weidenbecher, Mark Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002808-01A1 Optimizing Outcomes for Older Veterans with Chronic Low back Pain Syndrome: Aging Back Clinics Weiner, Debra Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002287-01A1 A Human Factors Investigation of Health Information Exchange: Tools to Support Providers’ Coordination of Medications Weiner, Michael Health Services R&D
I50HX001235-01 VA HSR COIN Weiner, Michael Health Services R&D
IRP 20-001 Integrating an Audit and Feedback Program to Prevent Contextual Errors into the Ambulatory Care Setting Workflow Weiner, Saul Health Services R&D
I01BX004694-01 Role of macrophage evolution in hepatic adaptation to alcohol. Weinman, Steven Biomedical Laboratory R&D
2015 CSP #2015 - Multicenter, Randomized, Double-blind Comparator Study of Antipsychotics Pimavanserin and Quetiapine for Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (C-SAPP) Weintraub, Daniel Cooperative Studies
I21RX003471-01A1 Power Hungry: Fuel Cells Harvesting Biofluids for Renewable Power of Wearable Medical Devices Weir, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002830-01A1 Artificial Digit Replacements for Women Veterans with Individual Digit Loss Weir, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
IK6RX002996-01 Research Career Scientist Weir, Richard Rehabilitation R&D
COVID19-8900-01 COVID-19 and Kidney Disease in the Veteran Population Weisbord, Steven Clinical Science R&D
I21HX003111-01 Validating the GRACE 2.0 Score Derived from Administrative Data to Define Appropriateness of Invasive Care for the Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome Weisbord, Steven Health Services R&D
I01HX003303-01 Patterns, Processes, and Outcomes of Kidney and Liver Transplantation in an Era of Enhanced Community Care for Veterans Weisbord, Steven Health Services R&D
I01BX002788-01A1 Molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii Weiss, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002271-01A2 Point of Care Elastographic Sonoangiography (eSA) Weitzel, William Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000105-09 Bone Formation and the Immuno-Skeletal Interface Weitzmann, Mervyn Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003368-05 Molecular Regulation of Breast Cancer Progression Wells, Alan Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001146-05A1 Cellular Circadian Clocks in Mood Disorders Welsh, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004289-01A2 Mechanisms of Alveolar Mitochondrial Damage and Resolution in Pneumonia Welty-Wolf, Karen Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004440-01A2 Investigating a novel regulatory pathway for opioid-induced synaptic plasticity and behavior Wemmie, John Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004633-01 CMA:Pulmonary and Systemic Effects of Deployment Related Particulate Matter Exposures Wendt, Christine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002660-01A2 Extracellular Matrix Induction of Renal Stem and Progenitor Cell Development Wertheim, Jason Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX002105-01A1 Discriminating Causes of Creatinine Change in Acute Heart Failure Wettersten, Nicholas Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003391-01A2 Endothelial Cell Mineralocorticoid Receptor and Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis Whaley-Connell, Adam Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I21RX003593-01A1 Comparison of Exercise Mode on Disruptions in Calcium Homeostasis Wherry, Sarah Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX004420-01A1 Immunogenetic determinants of HPV-related head and neck cancer in Veterans White, Donna Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001430-01A2 Sex hormones and HCV-related liver disease progression White, Donna Clinical Science R&D
IK2RX002488-01 Molecular characterization of a rat model of chronic mild traumatic brain injury White, Todd Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX003877-01 Targeting Platelet Endocytosis and Exocytosis to Control Thrombosis Whiteheart, Sidney Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX001830-01A1 Factors and Outcomes Associated with Inappropriate Prescribing of Phosphodiesterase-5-Inhibitors for Pulmonary Hypertension Wiener, Renda Health Services R&D
RVR 19-491 Whole Health Approach to Implementing Shared Decision Making (LCS WISDOM) Wiener, Renda Health Services R&D
I01HX002684-01 Achieving appropriate, safe, and patient-centered lung cancer screening Wiener, Renda Health Services R&D
I01CX000565-05A1 Cognitive and Brain Changes in Preclinical Alzheimer's Disease Wierenga, Christina Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004665-01 Targeting Kinases in Novel Preclinical Models of Adrenocortical Carcinoma Wierman, Margaret Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX003444-01 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Neuroimaging Core Wilde, Elisabeth Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX001985-01A2 Combined Regenerative and Rehabilitation Therapies for Extremity Trauma Willett, Nick Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX001426-05A1 Modulation of junctional signaling by BVES in colorectal carcinoma Williams, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001426-09 Modulation of Junctional Signaling by BVES in Colorectal Carcinoma Williams, Christopher Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002287-01 Development of a Unique Antibiofilm Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcer Infections Williams, Dustin Rehabilitation R&D
I01HX002465-01A2 Evaluating Practice Facilitation to Optimize Alcohol-Related Care and HCV Treatment Outcomes in HCV Treatment Settings Williams, Emily Health Services R&D
I01CX001141-01 CAP - Consortium to Alleviate PTSD- STVHCS Biomarkers & Genomics Core Williamson, Douglas Clinical Science R&D
I01RX003140-01A1 Transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation improvement of sleep quality in veterans with PTSD with or without history of mild TBI Williamson, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX002171-01 Dysregulated Polyamine Metabolism in H. pylori-associated Gastric Inflammation and Disease Progression Wilson, Keith Clinical Science R&D
I01BX001374-05A1 Neural Basis of Individual Differences in Fear Extinction Wilson, Marlene Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000536-09 Extracellular vesicles from parasite and host in leishmaniasis Wilson, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001983-05A1 Innate inflammatory cells in leishmaniasis Wilson, Mary Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004258-01 Metabolic consequences of cystinuria and genome engineering therapeutics Wilson, Matthew Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001025-01 Prediction of CVD Risk in Veterans Wilson, Peter Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004821-01A1 Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Prediction, and Genetics in the Million Veteran Program Wilson, Peter Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001025-06A1 Investigation of Heart and Vascular Outcomes in Older Veterans Wilson, Peter Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX002398-01A1 A Personalized mHealth Approach to Smoking Cessation for Veterans Living with HIV Wilson, Sarah Health Services R&D
IK2HX002066-01A2 Strategies to Reduce Unnecessary Noninvasive Imaging Winchester, David Health Services R&D
C19 20-217 Effectiveness of telehealth to adequately manage ACSC such as admission for congestive heart failure (CHF) Winchester, David Health Services R&D
I01BX003853-01A1 Elucidating molecular mechanisms of psychological well-being Wingo, Aliza Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK4BX005219-01 BLR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application Wingo, Aliza Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001276-01A2 PTSD-Related Accelerated Aging in DNA Methylation and Risk for Metabolic Syndrome Wolf, Erika Clinical Science R&D
I01RX002705-01A1 Neuromodulation as a Therapy for PTSD following Chronic TBI Wolf, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX003498-01 Chronic Focal and Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury: Mechanisms Underlying Epileptogenesis and Progressive Dysfunction Wolf, John Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001812-01A1 Corticospinal control of spinal reflex plasticity Wolpaw, Jonathan Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002540-01A2 Measuring the Value of Improving Access to Community Care Wong, Edwin Health Services R&D
I01HX002121-01A2 Identifying Value-Driven Approaches to Strengthening the VA Physician Workforce Wong, Edwin Health Services R&D
I01CX001895-01A2 Epigenetic Regulation of Differentially Expressed Genes in Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma Wong, Henry Clinical Science R&D
COVID19-8100-05 Viral and immune dynamics of SARS-CoV2 infection in moderate and severe CoVID19 Wong, Joseph Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004845-01A1 Genome engineering of stem cells for kidney regeneration Woodard, Lauren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX002797-01 In Situ Reprogramming of Induced Nephron Progenitor Cells for Kidney Regeneration Woodard, Lauren Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2RX003227-01 Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial: fMRI Assessment of PercutaneousElectrical Neural Field Stimulation for Fibromyalgia in Veterans Woodbury, Anna Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002028-05 The Role of Exogenous Type VII Collagen on the Healing of Skin Wounds Woodley, David Biomedical Laboratory R&D
CDA 18-192 Veteran Engagement Implementation Strategies to Prevent Rural Veteran Suicide Woodward, Eva Health Services R&D
IK4CX002090-01 CSR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application Woolley, Joshua Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001761-01A2 A pharmaco-imaging approach to predicting social functioning and clinical responses to oxytocin administration in schizophrenia Woolley, Joshua Clinical Science R&D
IK2HX003139-01A2 Improving Access Through Targeted Delivery of Telemedicine Wray, Charlie Health Services R&D
I01RX001311-01A2 Overcoming Exercise Intolerance in Veterans with Heart Failure: The Role of NO. Wray, David Walter Rehabilitation R&D
L0015 Seattle (Puget Sound) LPOP Site Wu, Daniel Cooperative Studies
IK6BX004210-01 BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application Wu, Mack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000799-09 Molecular Control of Gut Permeability in Trauma Wu, Mack Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IRP 20-003 Implementation Trial Evaluating On-site In-person Versus Remote Video-Assisted Facilitation to Train Providers on the Implementation of Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) in Heart Failure (HF) or HF-S Wu, Wen-Chih Health Services R&D
I01BX002049-05A1 Molecular and Genetic Studies of Bladder Tumorigenesis Wu, Xue-Ru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004479-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Wu, Xue-Ru Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX003781-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003635-01 Malondialdehyde-acetaldehyde adducts and lung injury Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005413-01 Lung Innate COVID-19 Defense Specific to Veterans Risk Characteristics Wyatt, Todd Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2HX003080-01A2 Improving Mental Health for Veterans with Dementia: Provider Training in Caregiver Engagement Wyman, Mary Health Services R&D
I01CX000593-05A2 Affective Neuroscience of Motivation in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Wynn, Jonathan Clinical Science R&D
I21RX003171-01A1 New Applications of Neuroplasticity Biomarkers in Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury or Schizophrenia Wynn, Jonathan Rehabilitation R&D
IK2HX003007-01A1 Expanding access to opioid use disorder treatment with buprenorphine in rural primary care settings Wyse, Jessica Health Services R&D
COVID19-8900-06 Diluting SARS-CoV-2 and receptor interaction: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) andAngiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB) Xia, Weiming Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004730-01 Exploring Alzheimer Therapeutics Xia, Weiming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003527-01A1 Profiling Alzheimer's Biomarkers Xia, Weiming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002900-01A1 Molecular mechanisms of Insulin resistance under chronic stress Xiang, Yang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX005100-01A1 Desensitization of beta1 adrenergic receptor-nitric oxide signaling in cardiac diseases Xiang, Yang Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002777-01A2 Transcriptional Repression of MMP7 by FXR in Intestinal Epithelial Cells Xie, Guofeng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX000838-05A1 APPswe as a risk factor for osteoporosis Xiong, Wen-Cheng Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003705-01A1 Cardiolipin as a Novel Target for Neuroprotection after Spinal Cord Injury Xu, Xiao-Ming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002356-04 Constructing a growth-promoting pathway for functional regeneration after SCI Xu, Xiao-Ming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX004597-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application for Xiao-Ming Xu, PhD Xu, Xiao-Ming Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX002687-01A1 Exercise and NT-3-mediated lumbar motoneuron plasticity and recovery after SCI Xu, Xiao-Ming Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002903-01A1 Targeting Tcf/Lef-transcriptional program in leukemic stem cells Xue, Hai-Hui Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX001636-01A1 Vascular Disease Risk Factors and MS Progression: A Study of Brain Metabolism Yadav, Vijayshree Rehabilitation R&D
I01CX001955-01A1 MitoQ for Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis: A Placebo Controlled Trial Yadav, Vijayshree Clinical Science R&D
I01CX002096-01 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Epidemiology Study Yaffe, Kristine Clinical Science R&D
IK2BX004961-01A2 Role of Dysregulated Sphingolipid Metabolism in Alcohol- and Cigarette Smoke-Induced White Matter Degeneration Yalcin, Emine Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004883-01 Enhancing diagnosis of Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy via detection of alpha-synuclein seeding activity Yamasaki, Tritia Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX003754-01A1 Identifying Approaches to Enhance Bone and Cartilage Regeneration Yang, George Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2BX004642-01 Dissecting the mechanism of how dominant negative MYH7 mutations lead to genetic cardiomyopathies Yang, Kai-Chun (Daniel) Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX004871-01 Defining renal S1P/sPRR/AT1R pathway in salt-sensitive hypertension Yang, Tianxin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK6BX005223-01 BLR&D Research Career Scientist Award Application Yang, Tianxin Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01HX002133-01A2 Comparative Effectiveness of Split-dose Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Regimens Yang, Yu-Xiao Health Services R&D
IK2CX001875-01A2 Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress in Veterans with Schizophrenia Yang, Yvonne Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002611-01A2 Quantifying the Burden of Disease and Healthcare Need in Veterans and Civilians Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I50HX001232-01 Center for the Study of Healthcare Innovation, Implementation and Policy Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
RCS 05-195 Research Career Scientist Award Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
SDR 10-012 Women's Health Research Consortium/Practice-Based Research Network Yano, Elizabeth Health Services R&D
I01CX001822-01A2 Stratification of Pancreatic Cancer Subpopulations for Effective Immunotherapy Yao, Qizhi Clinical Science R&D
I01BX004281-01A1 Telomere loss and T cell aging in HBV vaccine response in HCV-infected individual Yao, Zhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX002670-01A2 Premature T cell aging and vaccine failure in chronic viral infection Yao, Zhi Biomedical Laboratory R&D
IK2CX001884-01A1 Optimizing Psychotherapy for Older Veterans with Chronic Pain Yarns, Brandon Clinical Science R&D
I01RX001449-01A1 Higher-Than-Replacement Testosterone Plus Finasteride Treatment After SCI Yarrow, Joshua Rehabilitation R&D
I01RX002447-01A2 Locomotor Training with Anabolic Adjuvants for Musculoskeletal Recovery After SCI Yarrow, Joshua Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX002678-01A2 Tead1 - A Regulator of Quiescence and Proliferation in Pancreatic Beta Cells Yechoor, Vijay Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01BX001103-05A1 Rechargeable Infection-responsive Anticandidal Denture Materials Yeh, Chih-Ko Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01CX001219-01A1 Evaluation of Glucocorticoid-Related Prognostic and Diagnostic PTSD Biomarkers Yehuda, Rachel Clinical Science R&D
I01BX003441-01A2 Astrocytic LRP-1 Modulates Blood-Brain Barrier Function Yepes, Manuel Biomedical Laboratory R&D
SDR 15-196 Predictors of Response to Insomnia Treatments for Gulf War Veterans Yesavage, Jerome Health Services R&D
I01BX004837-01A1 Role of nitro-fatty acids in BBB stabilization and post-stroke neurovascular protection Yin, Kejie Biomedical Laboratory R&D
C19 20-399 Delaying Cardiovascular Procedures to Curb the Spread of COVID-19 among Veterans: Variation in VHA Practice Patterns and Outcomes Yong, Celina Health Services R&D
IK2HX002236-01A2 Optimizing Access, Appropriateness, and Quality of Minimally Invasive Procedures for Veterans Yong, Celina Health Services R&D
IK4CX002091-01 CSR&D Research Career Development Transition Award Application Yoon, Gihyun Clinical Science R&D
I01CX001379-01A2 Ketamine for The Rapid Treatment of Major Depression and Alcohol Use Disorder Yoon, Gihyun Clinical Science R&D
I01HX002653-01A1 Veterans' Choice in Hospital Care Yoon, Jean Health Services R&D
I21RX003314-01A1 Treating Stimulant Addiction with Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Yoon, Jong Rehabilitation R&D
I01BX000976-08 Molecular Mechanisms of Age-related Muscle Loss Yorek, Mark Biomedical Laboratory R&D
I01RX000889-05A2 Diabetic Neuropathy: Function-Structure of Corneal Nerves to Assess Injury-Repair