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The VAIRRS Support Team is here to answer any questions related to the VAIRRS program, resources, training and VA processes. Please feel free to reach out to us at The VAIRRS User Group Listserv is also available if you would like to reach out to other users. Email the VAIRRS team to be added to the listserv.

IRBNet support is available at for technical issues and questions related to IRBNet. For regulatory questions or questions about processes subject to regulatory guidance, visit the ORD Policies and Guidance page. 

Training resources and the VAIRRS Toolkit are available on the VAIRRS SharePoint portal (VA network access only).

The VAIRRS Change Control Board meets monthly to review requested changes and potential new forms and letter templates. Please submit your suggestions to  Reminder: It is expected that all VAIRRS sites will use the standard library and supplement with local forms as necessary.

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