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Just-in-Time Process to Release Funds

VA-ORD is transitioning to eRA Commons for Just-in-Time (JIT) starting January 2022. Any application for which JIT has been initiated in the VA JIT Document Manager will complete JIT using that system. Awards that have compliance document requirements later in the project period (i.e., phased awards), will have terms and conditions, or milestones added to the eRA notice of award. Documentation for later phases can be uploaded through eRA Commons to the Grant Folder which also holds the documentation submitted through the JIT system.

Following an intent to award notification from eRA, VA-ORD will indicate the applicable JIT areas for the application in the eRA Commons JIT module. When JIT is released, a notification will then be sent to the applicant, who will be able to upload the necessary information in eRA Commons as a PDF. Individuals with the Signing Official (SO) role can also upload documents and are the only individuals who can submit documents to VA-ORD on behalf of the research office and the applicant.

All JIT documents must be submitted within 180 days of the initial notification. The system will document all steps in the JIT review process and notify the applicant and SO by e-mail whenever there is a change in JIT area status or whenever the overall application status has changed. Reminder emails will be sent to the applicants at 90 days and 150 days after the initial notification.

Please contact the funding service with any JIT related questions:

Help for Applicants and Signing Officials
JIT Training Video
JIT Reference Guide
Guidance Documents
JIT Guidelines
MOU Regarding Distribution of Time and Effort
Quad Chart Instructions
ACOS/R Assurance
ACOS/R Assurance Secondary Site
PI Assurance
PI Assurance Secondary Site
Quad Chart
ORD JIT Extension Request Template
Other Support Information Sample Format

*Download these PDFs to your desktop and open in Adobe Acrobat to enable electronic signatures. Convert completed documents to flat file PDFs for submission.

JIT Websites
eRA Commons JIT
(eRA Commons JIT requires a login. Please contact your research office for assistance with access.)
VA JIT Document Manager
(This is a VA Intranet site and also requires a login – if you have VA network access and a login for the VA JIT Document Manager, please copy and paste this link into your browser.)

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