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Pilot Program for Clinician Bridge Funding

Objective: To retain VA clinician scientists whose funding is ending. Specifically, this cost extension is to allow the PI to retain some staff and continue research progress during lapses in VA funding.

Eligibility: A clinician who has had a BLR&D Merit Award that expired on or after October 1, 2016 and has not secured another VA award. The PI must also:

  • Continue to resubmit for Merit Review funding
  • Continue to participate in the overall research effort at the VAMC facility
  • Continue clinical duties at the VAMC facility

Allowable Requests: PIs may requests up to $30K for 6 months. One renewal may be allowed.

Process: Requests must be submitted in the form of a modification requesting a for cost extension. Requests must utilize the ORD form entitled "Request for Administrative Project Modification" to request approval for changes in funded projects. Please refer to the this link

Questions about Pilot Program for Continuation of Clinician Funding (Clinician Bridge Funding) should be directed to

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