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Suicide Prevention Research

ORD is actively managing the portfolio topic of Suicide Prevention Research, led by Dr. Joe Constans. Important information here includes:


Peter Hunt, PhD Peter Hunt, PhD
Scientific Program Manager
Behavioral Health & Reintegration
VA Rehabilitation Research & Development
Bob O'Brien, Ph.D. Bob O'Brien, PhD
Scientific Program Manager
VA Health Services Research & Development Service
Office of Research & Development Robert.O'brien2@va.Gov
Miriam Smyth, PhD Miriam Smyth, PhD
Acting Director
VA Clinical Science Research and Development Service
Miriam Smyth, PhD
Vetisha McClair, PhD Vetisha McClair, PhD
Health Science Officer
VA Clinical Science Research and Development Service Vetisha McClair, PhD
Joseph Constans, PhD Joseph Constans, PhD
Senior Manager
Suicide Prevention
Office of Research and Development
Joseph Constans, PhD
Sumitra Muralidhar, PhD Sumitra Muralidhar, PhD
Million Veteran Program
Office of Research and Development
Sumitra Muralidhar, PhD

Portfolio Manager: Dr. Joseph Constans

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Constans

Dr. Joseph (Joe) Constans joined CSRD is September 2021 as the ORD Senior Program Manager for Suicide Prevention Research. Joe has had a 28-year career in VA, starting as a staff psychologist in 1993 and most recently completing 13 years of service as the Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development at Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (New Orleans VA). As ACOS/R, he led the effort to restart the research program at the New Orleans VA following the devasting effects of Hurricane Katrina, and then rebuilding the entire research program with a new research facility. In his own research program, Joe began his VA research career studying remediation of cognitive bias in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder. For the past 10-years, his research has concerned studying suicide and homicide prevention interventions, and his research program has been supported with funding from CSRD, HSRD, and DoD.

Joe’s efforts will be focused on expanding our ORD suicide prevention research portfolio by working with internal and external partners to encourage strong research applications and new ideas to test regarding impact on suicide prevention. More details regarding programmatic developments will continue to be posted on this webpage. Joe may be contacted at:

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