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Instructions to Dispose Equipment

Excess Equipment: Local Research Office at originating station must forward VA Form 10-1274 (Research Equipment Available to VA REQUIP Program) to the local Property Manager/Office of Acquisition and Materiel Management (OA&MM) to excess the equipment and appropriately update the research property records.

Equipment with acquisition cost less than $5,000 may be turned over to the Office of Acquisition and Materiel Management directly without reporting it to the REQUIP Program.

NOTE: This does not prohibit the reporting of new or excess useful equipment to REQUIP with a current value of less than $5,000. However, this request must be made via e-mail to the Coordinating Officer for approval at

Transfer Equipment: The receiving facility is responsible for all shipping and packing costs. A completed VA Form 134 (Combination Requisition and Shipping Ticket) and shipping instructions on VA Form 222 (Request for and Notice of Shipment) must be sent to the shipping facility (origination site) by the receiving facility. A Government Bill of Lading will then be generated by the shipping facility using the obligation number provided by the receiving facility. (VA Handbook 7343, Part 4, Subparagraph 8, Ref 307-59)

The shipping facility (origination site) is responsible for proper crating or packing of equipment items.

NOTE 1: All stations are urged to have delicate/fragile equipment professionally packed and prepared for shipment, when necessary, and shipped by moving companies in order to assure transfer of equipment in good condition.

NOTE 2: The transfer process is strictly a station to station function. The REQUIP Coordinating Officer and Program Manager will have no further input after the final decision is made for the equipment assignment.

Links to Forms

Note: Word documents not "form-fill"; must be printed, completed, and sent as PDF file attachments to

These PDF forms are available for download on the VA intranet at (VA network access only)

  • VA Form 134 - Combination Requisition and Shipping Ticket
  • VA Form 222 - Request for and Notice of Shipment
  • VA Form 10-1274 - Research Equipment Available To VA REQUIP Program
  • VA Form 10-1274A - Inquiry On Availability Of An Instrument From VA REQUIP Program

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