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Did You Know?

VAIRRS Project Cover Sheet Update

The revised Project Cover Sheet (PCS) wizard is now available in the sandbox.

Updates include:

  • New questions for EHR access
  • COI response options updated
  • Research topic areas
  • Additional instructions and navigation tools
 IRBNet Configuration Notifications

The auto-generated notifications can be customized for your site. Please contact IRBNet Support at for more information. 

 Committee Member Recusal Function

Recusals can be noted on the Reviews and Minutes page. Under the Voting section, you can add or remove recused committee members, and the recused members will be recorded in the minutes.

VAIRRS Library Updates

We need your input! The IRB Information Sheet is currently under revision to improve clarity and response options. The draft wizard outline is currently available for review on the VAIRRS SharePoint portal under the VAIRRS Change Control Board menu option. 

To access this form, please go to (VA network access only).

The VAIRRS Strategic Advisory Council (VSAC) conducted its inaugural meeting in June. The VSAC’s first goal was the review of the VAIRRS FY2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The next goal of the VSAC is to aid in the restructuring of the VAIRRS Mentor Program. Expected improvements to the mentor program include entry/exit requirements, paid time for mentors and a collaborative platform to support mentor/mentee interaction.

RCO Module

The Research Compliance Officer (RCO) Module is now available!

All RCOs have been granted access based on responses to the RCO data call and weekly training sessions are currently underway. If you are an RCO and have not been granted access, please contact

Please visit the VAIRRS FAQs for more information about the RCO workspace.

VA Central IRB

The VA Central IRB is accepting conflict of interest (COI) documentation in the new IRBNet COI Module. If an investigator’s facility is not utilizing the COI Module, the Central IRB will require documentation to be uploaded into the IRBNet submission package.

The following forms have been updated and are available in our IRBNet Forms and Templates Library:

  • Combined Informed Consent and HIPAA Authorization
  • Informed Consent Form
  • 105 Request for Exemption
  • 116 Amendment Request Form

Please ensure that you are using these new forms for your Central IRB submissions. Beginning Monday, January 2, 2023, any package that is received with an outdated form will be returned with a request for the current form to be completed and uploaded.

REMINDER: The VA Central IRB has removed investigator signature lines from all submission forms. Adding a signature line to a VA Central IRB form is an unauthorized alternation to our approved documents. If a submission form is received with signature lines added by the Investigator, the submission will be returned for correction.

VAIRRS University

The VAIRRS team is excited to present a brand new feature to VAIRRS University, a revised training library designed to promote self-education and independent learning. This month, VAIRRS University added the "Content Navigation" column that includes a breakdown of the research investigator and administrator's perspective recordings by topics and allows users to jump to a specific time in the presentation recording. Additionally, users can now navigate through the training energizers by topic and page number.

If you would like to learn more about VAIRRS University, the recording of the VAIRRS University walk-through webinar is available. The presentation is led by VAIRRS experts who dive into the details of the new training library.

To access the program, please go to (VA network access only).

If you have questions about VAIRRS University, please contact the VAIRRS Support Team at


Click below to watch tutorials on how to create and submit COI disclosures within VAIRRS:

VAIRRS Mentor Program

Thank you to everyone who applied to be a mentor or mentee! The VAIRRS team will be reaching out to those who were selected for the first round of the Mentor Program within the next two weeks.

If you were not selected for this round, please know that you may be paired in the future. Mentor and mentee applications will remain open throughout 2023. You can also access the mentor/mentee applications via the VAIRRS Mentor Program SharePoint page at (VA network access only).

If you have questions about the VAIRRS Mentor Program, please contact the VAIRRS Support Team at 

VAIIRS Multi-Site and Expired Studies Data Validation

We are working through your data validation responses and expect to follow up this month. In most cases, we will reach out to each site to either confirm your updates or reconcile projects. If you have not already reviewed and validated your multi-site data and updated/corrected expired studies, please do so as soon as possible and notify the VAIRRS Support Team at once validation is complete.

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