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Did You Know?

VAIRRS Project Cover Sheet Update

The revised Project Cover Sheet (PCS) wizard is now available in the sandbox.

Updates include:

  • New questions for EHR access
  • COI response options updated
  • Research topic areas
  • Additional instructions and navigation tools
 IRBNet Configuration Notifications

The auto-generated notifications can be customized for your site. Please contact IRBNet Support at for more information. 

 Committee Member Recusal Function

Recusals can be noted on the Reviews and Minutes page. Under the Voting section, you can add or remove recused committee members, and the recused members will be recorded in the minutes.

VAIRRS Library Updates

The most recent Change Control Board (CCB)-approved changes to the VAIRRS Standard Library include:

  • 16 A IRB Amendment Form– Updates to Section VII – Additional Reviews
VAIRRS Strategic Advisory Council

The VAIRRS Strategic Advisory Council (VSAC) conducted its inaugural meeting in June. The VSAC’s first goal was the review of the VAIRRS FY2022-2024 Strategic Plan. The next goal of the VSAC is to aid in the restructuring of the VAIRRS Mentor Program. Expected improvements to the mentor program include entry/exit requirements, paid time for mentors and a collaborative platform to support mentor/mentee interaction.

RCO Module

The Research Compliance Officer (RCO) Module is now available!

All RCOs have been granted access based on responses to the RCO data call and weekly training sessions are currently underway. If you are an RCO and have not been granted access, please contact

Please visit the VAIRRS FAQs for more information about the RCO workspace.

VA Central IRB

The following forms have been updated and will be available in our IRBNet Forms and Templates Library on November 14, 2022:

  • Combined Informed Consent and HIPAA Authorization
  • Informed Consent Form
  • 105 Request for Exemption
  • 116 Amendment Request Form

Please ensure that you begin using these new forms for your next Central IRB submission. Beginning Monday, January 2, 2023, any package that is received with an outdated form will be returned with a request for the current form to be completed and uploaded.

REMINDER: The VA Central IRB has removed investigator signature lines from all submission forms. Adding a signature line to a VA Central IRB form is an unauthorized alternation to our approved documents. If a submission form is received with signature lines added by the Investigator, the submission will be returned for correction.

VAIRRS University

VAIRRS is preparing to launch the VAIRRS University this December! VAIRRS University is an educational initiative designed to optimize VAIRRS-specific training for VA research employees to foster an educated and self-reliant end-user group. VAIRRS University, which can be accessed via the VAIRRS SharePoint, is a revised training library designed to promote an environment of self-education and independence to make it easier for end-users to locate training that meets their needs.

Within the university, end-users can reference curriculum tailored to their user role within VAIRRS (e.g., Researcher/Investigator, Administrator/Submission Coordinator, etc). Users can also reference different categories of training resources, including VAIRRS user guides, IRBNet energizers, training videos and more.

More information and demonstrations of the updated training platform will be shared in the coming months.

COI Module

ORD has introduced an optional financial conflict of interest (COI) module in IRBNet that is available for use by VA facilities. The COI module includes a smart form version of the OGE Form 450-alt VA – Research Financial Disclosure of Interest Statement. The IRBNet COI module is optional and has no separate ORD Research Financial Conflict of Interest Directive associated with it. The proposed directive is still in the review process phase, and the publication date will be determined in the coming weeks. VA facilities are not required to use the IRBNet COI module at this time, and VA sites may continue to use their current review processes. VA sites may decide locally if the module supports their existing process and, if so, whether they would like to use the module. COI administrator training will be provided to any site that chooses to adopt the module.

The IRBNet COI module webinar, which aired on October 18, 2022, is available on the ORD Webinar Archive.

VAIRRS Mentor Program

VAIRRS is pleased to announce the revamping and launch of the VAIRRS Mentor Program beginning in 2023! The purpose of the VAIRRS Mentor Program is to aid facilities that require advisory support from a subject matter expert within VA research.  

Online applications will be available for individuals who would like to be a mentor and sites who would like to be mentees beginning January 2023 with an expected program launch date of April 2023. All mentor and mentee application submissions will be reviewed by the VAIRRS Strategic Advisory Council (VSAC) and ORPP&E leadership. 

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