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VAIRRS dashboards

VAIRRS provides dashboards that offer users customized and tailored data, metrics, analytics and decision-making tools. The VAIRRS approach to dashboards ensures they are self-updating and automated without the need for service providers to update metrics or sources.

Benefits of Dashboards
  • Consolidated overview of the research data
  • Ability to run custom reports for data analysis and reporting
  • Ability to leverage data for decision-making
  • Easy data auditing capabilities

Current Dashboards available to the field:

  • National Researcher Dashboard

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the dashboard portfolio. The National Researcher Dashboard was published in October 2022 for all VA researchers. As a researcher, you will have the necessary tools to search the national IRBNet dataset for active research projects. The National Researcher Dashboard is located here.

National Researcher Dashboard

Reminder: if you have not already requested access to your facility's dashboard, you can request access here. Please submit all feedback to

VAIRRS Dashboard Screen

Sample dashboard of local facility

COVID-19 dashboard

VAIRRS Dashboards FAQs
  1. Who can have access to Dashboards?
    Any VA employee can request access to a VAIRRS Dashboard.

  2. How is the data for my facility being used?
    VAIRRS uses the data in the dashboards for regular reporting, leadership briefs, and decision making. The VAIRRS goal is create a trustworthy authoritative data set so that the data in the dashboards can also be leveraged for auditing purposes.

  3. Where does the data in the dashboards come from?
    Most of the data in the dashboards is pulled from the data and wizards in IRBNet. If a dashboard is pulling data from an additional source, it will be defined in the VAIRRS data dictionary.

  4. How often is the data in dashboards refreshed?
    The data in the dashboards are updated on a weekly basis and updates from the prior week will reflect on the following Monday.

  5. If a site has a multi-site IRB, will they have access to the studies reviewed for other sites in the Field Staff Dashboard?
    Individuals should only have access to the studies reviewed at their own site.

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