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Action: You Spoke, We Listened, What We Are Doing

VAIRRS concern

Question 1: We received feedback regarding the outside compensation question in the Study Tracking Team (STT) wizard to clarify if outside compensation question is related to the research project that the wizard is connected to.  

Question 2: Continuing Review and Annual Report reminders are too general and lead to confusion on submission requirements.

VAIRRS solution

Answer 1: We updated the language in the Study Tracking Team wizard to state clearly that we are asking about outside compensation related to the project the wizard is connected to.  The language was updated to the following “If salaried by VA, does the VA employee also receive outside compensation directly from a VA non-profit corporation or affiliate for this research project?”

Answer 2: Reminder messages may be customized based on your local submission procedures.  Remember, Continuing Review reminders are sent to Active projects with a Project Expiration Date.  Annual Report reminders are sent to projects with a Next Report Due date.

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