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VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS)

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The VA Innovation and Research Review System (VAIRRS) is the VA's enterprise instance of IRBNet. VAIRRS will be used by all VA medical centers with research programs and will provide an enterprise platform to support the management of research oversight committees. The transition to this new online submission and review system began in October 2020. As of September 2021, 106 VA research sites have been onboarded with the support of the Office of Research Protections, Policy, and Education (ORPP&E).

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VAIRRS is uniquely positioned to assist VA facilities in the conduct of VA research and can withstand the changing pressures of their research needs, including:

  • Oversight needs of the research programs and institutions
  • Collaborative needs of dually appointed VHA investigators
  • Regulatory changes of the new Common Rule (2019)

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