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Institutional Review Board (IRB) and VA Research and Development (R&D) Committee Workshop

August 20-21, 2019 Crystal City, Virginia

PowerPoint Slides and Handouts

Day 1:

Opening Remarks- Molly Klote, MD, CIP

A Recap of Changes to 1200.01 and 1200.05-  Soundia Duche, MA, MS

The Single IRB Review Mandate: Current VA Requirements and Strategies for Jan 2020-  Molly Klote, MD, CIP

Differentiating Roles of Reviewing IRBs vs. Institutions-  Karen Jeans, PhD, CCRN, CIP; Annette R. Anderson, MS

VA Electronic Determination Aid and Determinations- Molly Klote, MD, CIP

R&D Committee and VHA Directive 1200.01: Changing Roles of the R&D Committee-  C. Karen Jeans, CCRN, PhD

Capstone Case: Exempt with Limited IRB review: A Practical Discussion of Process and Considerations-  Soundia Duche, MA MS; C. Karen Jeans CCRN, PhD

Day 2:

Break Out Sessions #1: What are the Critical Functions and Challenges of Coordinators and Committees? 

Break Out Sessions #2: What VHA Policy Changes Would Assist in Accomplishing Critical Functions and Clarify Responsibilities of the IRB and R&D Committee While Still Protecting Veterans and Upholding VA’s Mission?

Update on Research Software/Electronic Platform-  Molly Klote, MD, CIP; Angela Foster

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