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Palo Alto Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) for Genomics - Palo Alto, CA

Established in 2015, the Palo Alto Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) for Genomics is located on the campus of the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System. The ERIC is tasked with taking advantage of recent advances in obtaining data from a person's genes and applying it to the rich data associated with the electronic medical record. Specifically the ERIC has the following goals:

1. To establish a robust infrastructure for large-scale genomics efforts. The ERIC is dedicated to develop an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective pipeline for analysis of data generated from looking at a person's genes that is scalable to projects as large as the Million Veteran Program. Populated with a multidisciplinary team of geneticists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, biologists and clinicians, this will be a resource for clinical genomics research within the VA network.

2. To optimize current methodologies as well as develop novel tools to comprehensively analyze whole genome sequence data. The ERIC uses state-of-the-art statistical methodologies to identify genetic signatures and pathways relevant to diseases as well as to integrate existing clinical data to eventually produce information regarding a patient's risk for disease. This will be used to develop novel methodologies to visualize and probe genetic data as well as combine results with other forms of clinically- and biologically-relevant data.

Academic Affiliations:

Stanford University

Key Personnel:

Philip Tsao, Ph.D.

Lawrence Leung, M.D.

Lori Churby
Genomics Program Manager


Palo Alto Epidemiology Research and Information Center (ERIC) for Genomics
VA Palo Alto Healthcare System
3801 Miranda Ave. (151A)
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Phone: (650) 814-8552

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