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Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center (MAVERIC) & CSP Coordinating Center – Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center (MAVERIC) was established in 1997 as one of three epidemiological research centers (ERICs) within the VA by CSP to conduct observational, population-based research. MAVERIC's mission is to improve the health of veterans and enhance health care delivery in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) by promoting the conduct of VA-based population research relevant to the needs of veterans; facilitating the transfer of vital epidemiological information to VHA providers and administrators; and educating the next generation of population researchers. In addition, MAVERIC has supported and participated in several national and local educational activities to develop clinical and scientific researchers practicing in their field.

In 1998, MAVERIC was successful in securing laboratory space to establish a Core Laboratory. The mission of the laboratory is to provide blood specimen collection, processing, and storage capability for ongoing MAVERIC projects. The MAVERIC core laboratory continues to support local as well as national cohort studies and serves as the CSP Genetic Tissue Core Laboratory.

MAVERIC was recently established as a CSP Coordinating Center for multi-site clinical trials in 2002 and is one of five coordinating centers in the VA. As part of its effort to manage clinical trial and epidemiological study data, MAVERIC has installed state-of-the-art electronic systems that allow for real-time data management and clarification with less paperwork.

The first component of this system is an "electronic data capture system", an application that allows nurses at VA hospitals across the country to send information about patients enrolled in clinical trials to MAVERIC through the internet. This web based technology offers a unique, easy to use, secure and advantageous approach to the management of clinical trial information.

The second electronic tool currently deployed at MAVERIC is an electronic Clinical Trial Management System. Again, this is a web based tool that helps researchers locally and nationally share information and documents about a research project. Together these tools allow the VA to conduct research safer, faster and less expensively than using equivalent paper-based systems.

Facilities and Staff

The MAVERIC is an independent entity with 10,000 square feet of newly renovated space located on the 13th & 14th floors, C & D wings of the VA Boston Healthcare System (VABHCS). The MAVERIC staff includes project managers, biostatisticians, computer programmers, database managers, program and staff assistants, career development awardees, preventive cardiology fellows, internal medicine fellows, physicians, quality assurance personnel, and administrative personnel who all contribute to CSP studies.

An additional 8,000 square feet in the basement of the research building located at the VABHCS houses the Core Laboratory facility. The laboratory is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art biological specimen collection and processing center. The laboratory provides both local and national VA researchers a convenient, high-quality, low-cost mechanism to include biological specimen handling, storage and analysis in clinical studies. Laboratory capabilities include: coordination of collection, processing, shipment, and storage of serum, plasma, buffy coats and other biological specimens; extraction of DNA from blood, tissue, or serum buffy coat; extraction of RNA and genotyping. Staff includes a scientific director, laboratory technicians, and administrative personnel.

Academic Affiliations

Key Personnel

Ryan Ferguson, DSc, MPH
Michael Gaziano MD, MPH 
Gregory Muldoon 
Associate Center Director, Administrative Operations


Lafayette City Center
2 Avenue de Lafayette
Boston, MA 02111
Phone: (857) 364-4201
Fax: (857) 364-4424

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