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VA Cooperative Studies Program 585: Repository Information

CSP 585 Data

We have enrolled 1275 Veterans into the cohort and biorepository.

The following data and resources are available to VA and non-VA investigators through the CSPEC-Durham Data and Specimen Repository, under approved protocols:

  • Participant Survey data
  • Data Dictionary
  • Blood specimen
    • Serum
    • Buffy coat
    • DNA
  • Release form for access to VA and non-VA medical records
  • In addition, the Veterans consented to the following:
    • To be recontacted to update survey, medical provider, and contact information
    • To be recontacted about new studies
    • For the project team to access data and blood from other VA and non-VA studies

Investigator Access to Data and Specimens

The VA Cooperative Studies Program stores all project data. A process has been created for reviewing requests from researchers who wish to use the information and blood samples in new studies. Investigators are invited to submit data requests to the CSPEC-Durham Data and Specimen Repository for their IRB-approved protocols. Requests will be reviewed by the repository Scientific and Ethical Oversight Committee and the Repository Administrator. As an initial step, and ideally before IRB-review, we encourage interested investigators to contact the repository coordinators MaryBeth Grewe and Meghan O'Leary to arrange a consultation to discuss the proposed study and additional requirements. Data use agreements and/or materials transfer agreements may also be required. After these requirements are met, a limited and/or de-identified dataset will be released.

For more information about requesting CSP 585 data, please contact Kellie Sims at 919-286-0411 ext. 4055 or

Cohort Demographics

Below is a summary of the characteristics of the Veterans enrolled in CSP 585, including self-reported health conditions for Veterans who use VA for healthcare ("VA users") and Veterans who do not ("VA non-users"). The numbers in the second table indicate the percentage of participants who reported symptoms in various organ systems.

CSP 585 Cohort Demographics

*This table was created in April 2016 before enrollment ended. The n is 1267 as opposed to the full cohort of 1275 .

Sef-Reported Diagnoses by Organ System

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