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Office of Research & Development

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Investigators, Scientific Review and Management (ISRM)

ISRM is VA Office of Research and Development's organizational unit for review and management of funded medical research across the continuum, from preclinical to clinical and health services research. Until October 1, 2024, it will consist of:


The Biomedical Laboratory Research & Development Service conducts preclinical and clinical research to understand life processes from the molecular, genomic, and physiological level in regard to diseases affecting Veterans. It includes research on animal models and investigations of tissues, blood, or other biologic specimens from humans. It also includes studies on humans of moderately limited scope.


The Clinical Science Research and Development Service conducts research that focuses on intact human beings as the unit of examination. This includes clinical, epidemiological, and technological studies as well as interventional and effectiveness studies.


VA ORD Health Systems Research pursues research at the interface of health care systems, patients, and health care outcomes. HSR underscores all aspects of VA health care, but particularly focuses on quality, access, patient outcomes, and health care costs.


The Rehabilitation Research & Development Service is dedicated to the well-being of America's Veterans through a full spectrum of research: starting with approved rehabilitation research projects, on through evaluation and technology transfer, and finally clinical application.

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