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AI Summit Series

VA NAII Brain Summit

Dr. Gil Alterovitz, NAII Director, welcomes experts and leaders in health care, AI and government to the inaugural VA NAII BRAIN Summit.

The National Artificial Intelligence Institute convened the inaugural AI Summit, the Brain Health and Rehabilitation through Artificial Intelligence Network (BRAIN) Summit to address the use of artificial intelligence (AI), in fall 2022, to improve brain health and rehabilitation. The conference highlighted how AI is impacting three areas of critical importance to Veterans’ health: brain cancer, traumatic brain injury (TBI) & rehabilitation, and mental health.

The Summit brought together more than 500 registrants, 70 leading health care and AI experts, and industry exhibitors. Participants were researchers, clinicians, and leaders across government, industry, and academia.

Key topics included the potential for AI to help with suicide prevention; applying AI and machine learning to address TBI and brain cancer; data privacy; AI in VA innovations and infrastructure; blockchain in health care; emerging applications and AI regulations.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Jacqueline Ward, Assistant Director of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, announced the AI Bill of Rights, which was released on October 4, 2022, and supports VA’s efforts to protect Veteran privacy and ensure the use of trustworthy AI. The AI Bill of Rights provides guiding principles for protecting the American public from the risks of AI while encouraging innovation.

The Summit also featured remarks from Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Discovery, Education and Affiliate Networks, Veterans Health Administration, VA NAII Director Gil Alterovitz, Ph.D., and prominent researchers and clinicians from government and industry. View the full agenda and featured speakers here.

Trustworthy AI is ethical, transparent, free from bias, explainable and protects privacy at every level. Implementing trustworthy AI will build public trust in AI.

Join Us for the AI Summit Series in 2023!

NAII looks forward to the AI Summit Series 2023, where we can share the latest findings, insights, and breakthroughs. Join the AI@VA Community for AI Summit updates and AI news!

Visit our Newsroom for media coverage of the 2022 BRAIN Summit.

What Participants Are Saying About BRAIN Summit 2022

BRAIN Summit 2022 Photo Gallery

Dr. Gil Alterovitz, NAII Director, addresses BRAIN Summit participants. Audience watches plenary session Speaker addresses participants
Participant waves to colleague Audience watches plenary session Speaker at podium
 Speaker at podium Two participants conversing  Speaker at podium
Four colleague participants standing together  Speaker at podium  Two speakers converse at table at the front of the plenary room
Speaker at podium Three participants talking in the hallway Speaker at podium
 Two BRAIN Summit participants talking Speakers seated at table at the front of the plenary room Two Summit participants stand side by side

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