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National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII)

The National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII) is the preeminent organization for artificial intelligence (AI) research, implementation, policy and collaboration at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The NAII is a joint initiative of the VA Office of Research and Development and the Office of the Secretary's Center for Strategic Partnerships. Founded in 2019, the NAII continues to expand AI efforts by placing staff experienced in AI across VA medical centers (VAMCs) and offices nationwide. The promising outcomes of the NAII’s research collaborations demonstrate great potential to leverage AI to improve Veteran care.

The National Artificial Intelligence Institute is the Department of Veterans Affairs' preeminent organization for artificial intelligence research, implementation, policy, and collaboration.

Building Collaboration

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The NAII builds partnerships across government, industry, and the research community. In 2021, the NAII led the development of the VA Artificial Intelligence Strategy coordinating the collaboration of more than 20 VA offices. Consequently, VA was one of the first five federal agencies to develop an official AI strategy.

The NAII uses VA data to build VA capabilities in deep learning, trustworthy AI, privacy preserving AI, explainable AI, and multiscale AI analysis.

The NAII is committed to advancing trustworthy AI – AI that is ethical, secure and mitigates bias.

Why AI R&D at VA?

The NAII understands AI's potential for improving services to Veterans and competing in an increasingly AI-powered world. As the largest integrated health care system in the country, VA is uniquely positioned to advance AI. VA has several large data repositories that can be used for research and development (R&D), including the largest genomic knowledge base linked to health care information in the world. Since many U.S. doctors receive at least some medical training at VA, VA has opportunities to train medical professionals on the frontiers of AI technology.

Why AI at VA?

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