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Funded Project Details - FY2021

Project Number:

Title: Modulation of Th17 plasticity by intestinal paleobiomic fauna
Principal Investigator:

David E. Elliott

Location: Iowa City, IA
Congressional District Code: 2
Research Service: Biomedical Laboratory R&D
Project Period: July 2020 - June 2024
FY 2021 Funding Amount: $156,800
Total Award Amount
(all years):
Abstract: View full abstract and other project information on NIH RePORTER


Our microbiome influences how our immune system functions. Our microbiome has changed as a result of living in highly hygienic industrialized countries. A major change in our microbiome is loss of exposure to helminths (parasitic worms). Prior to the 1940's, helminth colonization was nearly universal and there is strong evidence that this exposure helped to shape our genome. Loss of these previously ubiquitous members of our paleobiome, can have far ranging immunologic effect. Inflammatory bowel...

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