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For general information about VA SHIELD, please contact us via e-mail:, and we will respond as quickly as possible

For information about how to donate specimens from a VA Medical Center (VAMC) or site, complete this form and a VA SHIELD representative will contact you.

1. How do you envision using VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository?

2. Does your site currently have existing remainder clinical specimens that could be donated to VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository?

3) What types of specimens may your VA site be interested in donating/transferring to VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository?

4) What type of storage conditions will the specimens you plan to deposit for donation require at VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository? Please state in the comment boxes what types of specimens you plan to store at each temperature.

5) What type of specimen collection tubes will you require from VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository for the collection and shipment of your specimens to VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository?

6. What scientific questions interest you/your site for which you would seek specimens from VA SHIELD/Central Biorepository for future research?

A representative from VA SHIELD will contact you at the contact information provided. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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