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VA Partnered Research Program


The Partnered Research Program (PRP), established in March 2020, is a division of the VA Office of Research and Development (ORD.) PRP is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with external organizations committed to Veterans’ health and VA’s clinical research mission to enhance Veterans’ access to high-quality multisite clinical trials.  The overall goal of the PRP is to drive VA’s transformation toward streamlined and standardized start up activities within the clinical trial landscape.

Key PRP responsibilities include:

  • Serving as the entry point for external organizations (i.e., study sponsors and CROs) seeking to conduct multisite clinical trials within the VA healthcare system.
  • Connecting interested organizations with appropriate VA resources/stakeholders to evaluate potential research collaborations.
  • Offering guidance and support to multisite clinical trial stakeholders with respect to select operational activities, including but not limited to:
    • Requests for VA Collaboration
    • Identifying Interested VA sites
    • Determining Enterprise level interest/feasibility
    • Site Selection
    • Understanding and Navigating VA specific requirements and procedures
    • Trial Start Up Monitoring, Troubleshooting
    • Negotiation and Execution of Multisite and Master Agreements (e.g., CDAs and CRADAs)
  • Conducting a program of continual improvement for externally sponsored clinical trials operations by:
    • Monitoring clinical trial start up activities and timelines
    • Identifying obstacles and challenges associated with clinical trial start up activities and taking appropriate action
    • Identifying best practices and communicating those to appropriate stakeholders
    • Developing tools and guidance materials

The PRP is currently identified as one of ORD’s key enterprise initiatives. As such, efforts are underway to enhance the capabilities of the PRP to better meet the needs of not only our partners, but our Veterans by ensuring that they have more opportunities to participate in clinical trials as part of their healthcare options. As the program grows, additional services will become available.

Organizations interested in conducting multisite trials within VA are encourage to review the Decision Tool (available on the Resources page) to determine if engaging the PRP is appropriate. General questions can be directed to

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