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Summer 2014

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Ongoing Research thumbnailDEKA advanced prosthetic arm gains FDA approval
A futuristic prosthetic arm funded by the military, developed by a private company, and rigorously tested by VA is now approved by the FDA ...
Key Findings thumbnail Study: 9 in 10 users happy with PTSD Coach smartphone app
It's been downloaded more than 150,000 times by people in more than 80 countries. It's received high ratings from both iPhone and Android users. It's even won two big awards. But the PTSD Coach smartphone app had never been formally studied in a sample of Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder–until recently ...

thumbnail Fluoride initiative takes bite out of cavity rate
Thanks to a performance measure launched in 2009, VA is doing a better job of providing preventive fluoride to those Veterans at highest risk for cavities ...

thumbnail Male breast cancer: A rare disease, on the rise
Male breast cancer, though still rare—accounting for less than 1 percent of all cancers in men, and less than 1 percent of all breast cancer—is on the rise, and VA researchers are helping to understand the phenomenon ...

thumbnail Are computers a third wheel in the exam room?
VA is redesigning its pioneering electronic medical record. As part of the process, researchers are gathering input from end users: clinicians who use the technology every day with patients ...
Technology Horizons thumbnailA look ahead to the future of rehabilitation research
During 2014, VA's Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development is celebrating a half-century of publishing. To mark the milestone, JRRD is running a series of guest editorials that look back to the early years of rehabilitation research and discuss the progress that's occurred since. What about the future? VA Research Currents asked experts in rehabilitation to share their views on what lies ahead ...

thumbnailTracking eye movements may help in diagnosis of otherwise invisible TBI
With the widespread availability of commercial eye-tracking cameras, experts are revisiting an age-old approach to detecting brain injury ...
Impacts on Care thumbnail Cardiologist says small tweak to stent technique can up success rate
Dr. Barry Uretsky, a VA cardiologist in Little Rock, hasn't built a better mousetrap, but he has discovered what he thinks is a better way to implant a coronary stent...

thumbnail High heels a snap with new prosthetic foot
A team including VA researchers is hoping to give Veterans with lower-limb amputations more options for footwear, and they are starting with high heels...

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