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BLR&D and CSR&D Just-in-Time (JIT) Forms, Templates, and Instructions

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Below are the files associated with each JIT requirement, numbered according to the JIT Guidance for Investigators

1. Quad Chart

2. VA Research Support Agreement Regarding Completion of JIT Requirements

3. R&D Committee Approval

  • None

4. VA Research Support Agreement Regarding Intellectual Property

5. Human Subjects Research

6. Animal Subjects Research

7. Biosafety and Laboratory Safety

8. Verification of Employment

  • None

9. Verification of Employment for CADE Physicians

  • None

10. Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Distribution of Time and Effort

11. Other Support

12. Overlap Concerns

  • None

13. Off-site Research

14. Conflict of Interest

  • None

15. Clinical Trial Registration

  • None

16. Contract Issues

  • None

17. Miscellaneous

  • None

18. Career Development Award Agreement

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