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Centralized Interactive Phenomics Resource (CIPHER)

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CIPHER is a catalog and knowledge sharing platform of VA electronic health record (EHR)-based phenotype algorithms, definitions, and metadata that aims to optimize Veterans' health data, drive collaborative research, and improve clinical operations. CIPHER initially began as a collaborative effort within the VA to build on the Million Veteran Program (MVP) and Cooperative Studies Program (CSP) Phenotype Annotation Library. CIPHER includes an online user-interface to easily access a curated knowledgebase of standardized VA phenotype metadata. The web-based platform is also a tool for storing and sharing phenotyping methods, resources, and best practices, with the goal of enhancing collaboration and communication across the VA research, operations, and clinical communities. CIPHER is currently supported by the Million Veteran Program (MVP) on behalf of the Office of Research and Development (ORD), CSP, and VA Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI). This effort is part of an enterprise-wide approach to provide a resource for phenotypes that can be used in ORD supported research and for investigators to share their work.

The library is only accessible for users with a VA NT account.


To provide an encyclopedia of VHA EHR based phenotyping through integration of phenomics work from across the VA research community, to optimize VA data use for research and clinical operations, and to serve the VA research community.

CIPHER Fact Sheet

CIPHER Fact SheetDownload


  1. To provide a knowledgebase framework to collect, store/archive, and share phenotype definitions/data mapping/other metadata used in VA projects and publications
  2. To expedite VA science by enabling phenotype reusability and scalability across VA projects
  3. To enhance VA clinical operations by standardizing definitions and phenotypes across the VA clinical community
  4. To build a platform to encourage and enhance collaboration and communication across the VA research and clinical communities

How To

  • Browse phenotypes: Visit the Phenotype Catalogue to search by domain or use the search function at the top of the page!
  • Contribute to CIPHER: Visit the How to contribute page to find out how to showcase your work!



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