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In This Issue

Technology horizons

Breakthrough in neural control

A brain-computer system has enabled people with paralysis to control robotic arms...

Impact on care

Fitness or ideal weight: Which holds the key to long life?

The work of VA researcher Dr. Peter Kokkinos and others is yielding some surprising conclusions about the extent to which cardiovascular fitness extends life ...

Key findings

Study of Vietnam-era twins yields genetic brain map

How do genes affect brain development and function? Scientists seeking clues may now have an edge thanks to a new "brain atlas" developed by VA researchers and colleagues...

New studies

Preventing colon cancer deaths: New VA study aims to find out which method works best

Up to 50,000 Veterans at 42 VA medical centers will take part in a major new study to find out which screening method works best to curb mortality from colorectal cancer...

Journal Scan

Hospital privacy curtains are haven for germs

Hospital privacy curtains are rapidly contaminated with potentially harmful germs, according to a study by VA and the University of Iowa...

MEG scans to detect brain injury

A new study by VA, the Department of Defense, and the University of California, San Diego, has yielded further evidence that a type of brain scan called magnetoencephalograhy (MEG) may be a useful tool for diagnosing traumatic brain injury...

For knee replacements, hospital ranking may not be crucial

Some key outcomes were similar for patients who had total knee arthroplasty whether or not they had the surgery at a hospital ranked as among the best for orthopedics by U.S. News and World Report, according to a VA study...

High fiber intake linked to healthier gums

A new analysis of data from the VA Dental Longitudinal Study shows that eating more fiber-especially certain fruits, vegetables, and grains-slows the progression of periodontal disease in older men...

Eye tremor may predict Parkinson's

Using sophisticated eye-tracking tests, researchers at the Richmond VA Medical Center and Virginia Commonwealth University found that patients with Parkinson's disease displayed an "ocular tremor" that may play a role in early detection ...

Career milestones

Leading physician-scientists honored by VA

At a National VA Research Week forum in Washington, DC, on April 26, VA's Office of Research and Development recognized four distinguished physician-scientists with its top annual awards for investigators...

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