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Key findings

thumbnail Study sheds light on best fix for dangerous aorta bulges

A nine-year VA study at 42 VAMCs found similar survival rates for two surgical options to fix a common—and potentially deadly—artery problem...

thumbnail Less is more: Drawbacks seen to longer antibiotic treatment

A VA study of more than 33,000 men found that giving antibiotics for longer than a week to treat urinary tract infections did nothing to improve outcomes, compared with shorter treatment. Plus, the longer regimen increased the risk of re-infection...

thumbnail PTSD tied to changes in brain's 'amygdala'

Recent combat veterans with PTSD have less volume in an area of the brain that is critical in fear and anxiety responses, say researchers with VA and Duke University...

thumbnail Study of 10,000 Veterans with lipid problems confirms benefits of fitness, statins

In the first study of the combined effects of increased fitness and statin drugs, VA researchers found that the one-two punch is highly effective for those with abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides...

thumbnail VA study adds to evidence on health benefits of smoking bans

A new study by VA researchers shows that non-smoking policies in public places do more than avoid annoyances for non-smokers: They prevent illnesses linked to secondhand smoke...

Investigator Q&A

thumbnail The family factor: Can supportive spouses help Veterans improve their cholesterol?

Psychology researcher Corrine Voils, PhD, talks about a study that enlisted spouses in the effort to help Veterans meet their cholesterol goals...

Journal scan

thumbnail Study hints at brain chemical's role in autism

Researchers at the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center in Detroit and Wayne State University found that mice lacking the brain chemical serotonin showed behaviors typical of autism...

thumbnail Physicians-in-training benefit from protected sleep

A VA-University Pennsylvania study found that hospital interns who were allowed to sleep up to five hours during long shifts showed greater alertness in the morning...

thumbnail Exposure therapy for PTSD works in groups

Clinicians' concerns about using an "exposure" approach in group-based psychotherapy for PTSD may be unwarranted, suggests a VA review study ...

Program news

thumbnail VA Research now on Facebook

VA Research now has its own Facebook page. Learn how you can be a part of it...

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