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National VA Research Week Events: May 13 - 17, 2019





Albuquerque, NM

May 14-16

Ronald Brassford

Presenters at display tables in the lobby of the main hospital; 5/16: Researcher seminar on Excoskeletal-assisted walking device, scientific poster displays, and presentation on new electronic IRB submission system.

Ann Arbor, MI

May 13 & 16

Brian Hays

5/13: 11am-1:30pm, Research Exhibits with opening remarks by Dr. Weitzel; 5/16: Research highlight reel, Veteran panel, Grekin award presentation, cake reception.

Atlanta, GA


Gregory Kendall

4/22: Presentation by VAMC Director for 'VA Research Volunteer of the Year'.  5/14: Focus on research participant recruitment including MVP, poster displays, and tour of Clinical Studies Center on 11th floor.

Augusta, GA


Jason Tudor

Open house and poster displays, refreshments, speakers, poster awards presentations.  AGENDA

Baltimore, MD

May 15&16

Rosalia Scalia

5/15: 9-12, Public Education Research Fair for Veterans and community members (lobby balcony); 5/16: 9-10am, Compliance and funding workshop for researchers; 10-2, symposium, research presentations. AGENDA

Bay Pines, FL


Selina Meines

10-2: Interactive poster sessions, information displays, weekly bulletin announcements, videos on cctv, research banner at hospital entrance, coordinate activities with nursing research.

Bedford, MA


Deborah Croft

5?20: Poster displays at hospital crossroads area, celebration for 750,000th MVP enrollee; 5/30: research staff recognition and celebration.

Birmingham, AL

May 16&17

Jeffrey Hester

5/16: Veteran outreach activities in Clinic including listing of all studies, posters, handouts, and a True/False game for Veterans; 5/17: 11:30am, Speakers in the auditorium including Dr. Michael Birrer, Dir of comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB, Dr. James Lillard, Assoc Dean for Research Morehouse School of Medicine, Dr. Hadiyah Green, Funded VA Investigator, and guest speakers from VACO.

Boston, MA


Pallas Wahl

Research lectures in the morning, poster session in afternoon at the W Roxbury Elks Club, with raffle tickets and door prizes. A research service personnel honors and recognition ceremony; followed by an award presentation of the Kevin Rys II Award for Excellence in Research to the BHS Chief of Staff and the ACOS/R. AGENDA

Bronx, NY


Jim Connell

Continental breakfast, poster sessions, and speaker presentations. AGENDA

Buffalo, NY

May 15-16

Evangeline Conley

5/16 - Keynote presentation on 'Myocardial Viability..' by Dr. John Canty; 5/17 - Poster presentations with research investigators present for Q&A; poster contest and awards to follow.

Charleston, SC


Tonya Lobbestael

Speakers to highlight Biomedical research and career development awardees, research project presentations, Town hall led by Dr. Atkins. AGENDA

Chicago, IL

May 13-17

Valerie Creedon

5/13: N-2pm, Veterans forum, a presentation for patients; 5/14: 1-3:30pm, Speakers; 5/15: N-2pm, Integrative medicine showcase with speakers and exhibits; 5/16: N-3:30pm, Poster session, speakers and researcher presentations; 5/17: N-2pm, Third annual innovation forum. AGENDA

Cincinnati, OH


Todd Sledge

Speakers in the learning exchange from 9am-3pm, including a Research Staff Q&A, and a talk about upcoming funding opportunities.

Clarksburg, WV

May 13-17

Wesley Walls

Research poster displays, presentation by Dr. Finkel, research learning materials displays for 'INVESTED' and "SANOFI/SOLOIST' protocols.

Columbia, MO


Jeffrey Hoelscher

"Bike-4-Veterans' Health" kickoff event on the Katfish Katy's trail on the Missouri River near Columbia in coordination with the Truman VA Medical Research Foundation. This 13-mile bike ride, roundtrip to Rocheport, begins at 3 pm with live music following at the Station House. Plans include the display of 24 VA research posters with researchers, staff, and students to give the public an overview of VA research. FLYER

Columbia, SC


Bob Hallat

Research presentations, poster displays, and speakers. Keynote speaker is Dr. Darryl Wieland, Senior Research Scientist at the Durham VAMC and at Duke Univ.  AGENDA

Coatesville, PA


Kirk Fernitz

Lunch-N-Learn featuring a presentation on TBI, Psychopathology, and Substance Misuse Among Young Adults, by dr. David B. Sarwer; followed by a lunch and reception to meet with the Coatesville community members that attend.

Dallas, TX

May 13-16

Jeffrey Clapper

Research poster exhibit, poster contest, new investigator presentations and a celebration of the Distinguished Research of the Year.

Dayton, OH

May 13-17

Ted Froats

Poster displays that include researchers/teams and accomplishments at the VAMC; 5/16: Veterans outreach day; 5/31: Lunchtime speaker Dr. Jeffery Travers, VA Dermatologist.

Detroit, MI

May 16-17

Alysse Mengason

5/16: Poster presentations at Noon in the VAMC multi-purpose room and will include presentations by the researchers; 5/17: Research appreciation luncheon for research staff.


May 16-17

Will J. McCullough

Research tables, basket raffle, and guest speakers.

Gainesville, FL


Cindy Snook

Speakers and exhibits in the auditorium.

Hampton, VA

May 13-17

John Rogers

5/13-14: the new multi-site Non-Profit Corp, Baltimore Research & Education Foundation (BREF), will conduct leadership meetings in conjunction with the IRB, R&DC, researchers, and academic affiliates. 5/15: 12-2pm, Common Rule Training; 5/16, 12-1pm, 'How to submit a research project' seminar, followed by a Meet & Greet and research information tables.

Hines, IL


Richard Fox

Keynote speaker Dr. Terri Gleason and Dr. Miriam Smyth will present a listening tour from 10am-Noon; research speakers from 1:30-3:30pm; and in the main lobby/front entrance there will be an exhibit/information table with information about VA research. AGENDA

Houston, TX

May 14&17

Maureen Dyman

5/14: 7:3-9am, Opening ceremony, speakers, and research equipment showcase, breakfast, and tour of labs; 2-4pm, Social mixer for research service line faculty and staff; 5/17: 9-11am, Research expo for Veterans with posters and door prizes.

Iowa City, IA

Apr 27 & May 17

Bryan Clark

4/27: Poster session, mini-symposia for postdoc/graduate students, keynote lecture by Dr. Christopher P. Austin, Dir. Of Nat. Cntr for Advancing Translational Science at NIH; 5/17: open house featuring research projects and Centers, highlight poster winners from 4/27.

Kansas City, MO

May 16-17

Vernon Stewart

Research poster displays with researcher presentations.

Las Vegas, NV

May 13-17

Charles Ramey

5/13: 11-1:30pm, Poster presentations; 5/14: Research information tables in the lobby.

Leavenworth KS


Joseph Burks

VA Eastern Kansas, Leavenworth and Topeka, highlighting clinical trials and precision medicine biobanking efforts; 5/16: town hall meeting; super-recruitment events for MVP and All of Us programs.

Lexington, KY


Catherine Trombley

Poster session from 10-Noon in the auditorium featuring aproximately 30 posters with light refreshments.

Loma Linda, CA

May 13-17

Wade Habshey

Poster displays and information booths and tables near the canteen.

Long Beach, CA

May 14-16

Richard Beam

5/14: Career Development Award program guest speaker, Dr. Ken Myrie; 5/15: Cooperative Studies Program seminar; 5/16: Lecture by guest speaker Dr. Shlomit Aizik, Dir. Of UCI Genomic Research Cntr; poster presentations.

Madison, WI


Paul Rickert

9-3, Opening remarks by VAMC leadership, research presentations, poster session.  AGENDA

Manchester, NH

May 13-17

Kristin Pressly

Daily research messages on facility-wide screens, 5/17: Noon, Guest speaker in the VAMC Solarium - Dean Kamen, DEKA Research. FLYER

Miami, FL


Shane Suzuki

Poster session & plenary lecture with Dr. Wael El Rifai, Senior Research Career Scientist.

Milwaukee, WI


Garu Kunich

Poster presentations, displays and demonstrations at the south entrance of the hospital, including a scavenger hunt and free popcorn.

Minneapolis, MN


Ralph Heussner

Speakers from Noon-3:30pm w/ keynote speaker Dr. Ramoni; poster sessions and demonstration tables with current research topics and investigators. AGENDA

Montrose, NY

May 13-17

Lenox Okall

Information tables at both VA Hudson Valley campuses (Montrose and Castle Point), including displays and staff to provide information about the research program.

Oklahoma City, OK

May 13-17

Stacy Rine

5/13 & 5/16: 1-4pm, Research training with RCO, ISO, IRB, and Research Service; 5/14: 10-12, Research poster displays and video; 5/15: 12:3-2pm, Research appreciation; 5/17: 12-2pm, Research poster display and Research Fair with Veterans and non-profits.

Omaha, NE

May 14-17

Kevin Hynes

5/14&16: Posters in the lobby area by Starbucks; 5/15: Research week speaker, Dr. James O'Dell; 5/17: Research presentations and poster session.


Philadelphia, PA

May 14&16

Jonathan Hodges

5/14: Informatin tables by the hospital entrance; 5/16: Research building walk through in the a.m., highlighting the labs that host the Center for Neurotrauma on the 2nd and 5th floor; Presentations for Veterans and staff in the afternoon in the theater, that will focus on suicide prevention, intimate partner violence, musculoskeletal issues, TBI, PTSD, and sleep disorders.

Phoenix, AZ

May 13-17

Cynthia Dorfner

5/13: 8-11am, Outreach tables; 5/14: 8-11am, Poster presentations; 5/15: 11-12:30, Poster presentations at Univ of AZ Downtown Campus and speakers at UofA-PHX from 1-3 pm; 5/16: 11:30am-12:30pm Luncheon & band. AGENDA

Pittsburgh, PA

May 13-17

Kathleen Pomorski

Kickoff event to include the Young Investigator Contest sponsored by the Veterans Research Foundation of Pittsburgh along with research poster displays. Remarks by speakers, scientists, and Veterans who have participated in research studies will focus on achievements at the VAPHS. Events will be followed by a luncheon where awards will be presented to the Young Investigator winner as well as to outstanding staff members. 

Portland, OR


Daniel Herrigstad

Guest speakers, researcher presentations, poster displays and refreshments in sky walk.

Providence, RI

May 13-17

Winfield Danielson, III

Information tables each day in main lobby; 5/14: lunch, movie and popcorn; 5/15: 1:3-4pm, poster presentation and symposium; 5/16: speakers including Dr. Jennifer Primack as keynote speaker. AGENDA

Reno, NV

May 13-17

Glenna Smith

Focus on recruiting for the Million Veteran Program with guest speakers and presentations to the CBOCs.

Salem, VA

May 13-17

Jeremy Robbins

5/13: Presentation by Dr. Amy Kilbourne on Accelerating Innovation, Implementation, and Sustainability to Real-World Practice; 5/14: Presentations with networking opportunities; 5/15: Research Week thank-you drive; 5/16: Poster session, luncheon, and keynote lecture by Dr. Schwartz, Chief Cardiology; 5/17: Review of current VA-funded research at grand rounds.  AGENDA

Salt Lake City, UT


Jeremy Laird

Poster presentations, speakers, lunch, training credits available for staff. AGENDA

San Antonio, TX

May 13&15

Mary Rodriguez

5/13: Demonstrations and presentations on cutting-edge technology, i.e., 3-D printing of apmutee socket; Exo Skeleton suit Re Walk system for SCI patients; 5/15: Speaker presentations on the links between gut bacteria and prostate cancer, and the new era of predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory medicine, recruitment sign-ups, refreshments. AGENDA

San Diego, CA

Nat 14-16

Cindy Butler

Research symposium and fair at the LaJolla VAMC; A road show to the Mission Valley and Oceanside CBOCs; super recruitment efforts for the VAMCs 20th thousand MVP Veteran enrollment; information tables and displays. AGENDA

San Juan, PR

May 14,16,17

Rafael Contreras

5/14: Opening ceremony with speakers and music; 5/16: Tea and coffee chat; 5/17: Introductory research program graduation with special planned activities.

Seattle, WA

May 13-15

Tammy Begasse

Research fair in Veterans Lobby; 5/17: speakers, award presentations including 2018 Middleton Award to Dr. William Banks; congressional representation confirmed from Sen. Patty Murray and Congresswoman Kim Schrier. AGENDA

Shreveport, LA


Shannon Arledge

Researchers will be presenting posters and distributing handouts about their research during a medical center wide reception in the Bldg 33 conference room. Representatives from the R&D Cmte will be present to talk about the Human Research Protection Program.

Sioux Falls, SD


Shirley Redmond

tentative date is 5/24 with a research open house, poster presentations with researchers, a Lunch & Learn session for staff, and an additional poster session with academic partners at a later date.

St. Louis, MO


Marcena Gunther

Speakers include a keynote by Dr. William Powderly, J. William Campbell Professor of Medicine. Dr. Wade Martin, staff physician, will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award; Research Committee members will also be recognized during the event. AGENDA

Syracuse, NY

May 16-19

Robert McLean

Information table at the VAMC sponsored Program Fair, and will highlight the local research program as well as possible continued recruitment for the MVP.

Tampa, FL

May 15-16

Karen Collins

5/15: 3:30-7 pm, Research symposium at the University of South Florida rotunda and will include speakers, research highlights and a reception; 5/16: Research day at the VAMC from 11-3, including poster presentations, demonstrations of rehab equipment (exoskelatons, virtual assisted rehab, pressure ulcer monitoring system), videos with Veterans using rehab equipment, Veteran garden and farm display, refreshments.

Tucson, AZ


Stanley Holmes

A research week resource fair will be held in the R.E.Lindsey auditorium and include slide show/videos, speakers, and research information tables.

Tuscaloosa, AL

May 13-17

Damon Stevenson

Open house on 5/16, N-2pm, including door posters, study abstracts, manuscripts and other creative work.

Washington, DC

May 13-16

Gloria Hairston

Poster presentations in the VAMC Atrium from 11 am - 1 pm; 5/16: Annual meeting sponsored by the Institute for Clinical Research from 1:15-2:15 pm.

West Haven, CT

May 13-17

Pamela Redmond

Poster presentations, informational sessions about research, and an information table in the rotunda area.

West Palm Beach, FL

May 16-17

Kenita Gordon

5/16: Dr. Robert Getzenberg, Associate Dean for Research at Nova SE Univ, will present on 'Biomedical Research in the Evolution of Healthcare'; Poster presentations on evidence-based practices, quality assurance/quality improvement, and capstone projects for trainees.

Wilkes-Barre, PA

May 13-17

William Klaips

Information tables with posters about ongoing research in the Atrium and high-traffic areas.


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