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Mobile App to Support Treatment for Concussed Veterans

Concussion CoachTo better meet the needs of Veterans and others who have suffered mild to moderate concussion associated with traumatic brain injury, VA's National Center for PTSD has developed a mobile app called "Concussion Coach." The app provides portable tools to recognize symptoms and to identify and make use of coping strategies. It can be downloaded here.

Features of the app include education about concussion symptoms and treatment options; tools for screening and tracking symptoms; relaxation exercises and other tools to manage concussion-related problems; links for community-based resources and support; and space for a personal contact list, resources, and support.

"In developing the Concussion Coach, we applied the science and the clinical recommendations that have emerged from the recent efforts of researchers and practitioners across many agencies, organizations, and institutions to better understand the nature and consequences of injury to the brain," said VA's Dr. Micaela Cornis-Pop, the lead subject matter expert for the app. "We are looking forward to the Concussion Coach becoming a trusted resource among self-help tools for Veterans and others to manage the troubling symptoms of concussion."

Concussion Coach was created by the National Center for PTSD in partnership with VA's Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services, and the Department of Defense (DoD)'s National Center for Telehealth and Technology. While the app can be used by itself, the National Center's website says it "may be more helpful when used along with treatment from a health provider."

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