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VA Central Institutional Review Board (IRB)

If you are new to IRBNet, please register for a user account at Registration instructions can be found here. Additional training resources are also available on the VAIRRS SharePoint portal.

For questions, please contact us at

Additional information can be found on VAIRRS.

VA Central IRB Forms and Process Updates

The VA Central IRB is currently updating all submission forms. The new submission forms will provide improved instructions, better usability, and we have eliminated redundant questions across different forms in order to provide a more efficient experience for the research team. In addition, we are making minor changes some of our processes as well as the respective forms.

The new VA Central IRB submission forms and process changes will be released in 2 scheduled phases in June. The CIRB will announce each release here on the VA Central IRB Website, VAIRRS Newsletter, email communications to stakeholders, and webinars.

The first webinar is scheduled for June 13, 2023 titled “CIRB Continuing Review Process and Form Changes.” This webinar will provide an overview of changes to the PI/SC and LSI Continuing Review forms and process. Study teams and Research Office personnel are highly encouraged to attend this webinar in order to understand the transition process and the changes in forms and continuing review process. You can register here: VA Central IRB: Continuing Review Process and Form Changes registration - Webex

Please stay tuned to future communications form the VA Central IRB regarding the release of new submission forms and process changes. Each release will provide a list of new submission forms, description of changes, and a date of when the new submission forms must be used. If there are questions about this process you may contact the VA Central IRB at

NOTE: As a reminder and to begin preparations for the release of new submission forms, please continue to always download VA Central IRB forms directly from IRBNet Forms and Templates library (VA Central IRB Administration, Washington, DC – Documents for Researchers) when they are needed to ensure the current version is being used and submitted with a package.

Purpose: The purpose of the VA Central IRB is two-fold. First and foremost its purpose is to enhance the quality of human research protection in multi-site human research projects by performing appropriate ethical and scientific review while ensuring local issues are addressed. In this role, the VA Central IRB also provides the single IRB oversight required for multi-site studies by the 2018 Common Rule. The second is to enhance the efficiency of these reviews across participating sites.

VA Facilities: Each VA facility that plans to use the VA Central IRB must add the VA Central IRB to its Federalwide Assurance (FWA) and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the VHA Central Office (VHACO) Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The MOU clearly delineates the respective roles and responsibilities of each entity. The local VA has ultimate and immediate responsibility for its HRPP. Instructions for adding the VA Central IRB as an IRB of Record are also included on this website, as are the VA Central IRB SOPs and forms.

In addition, any affiliated Nonprofit Research and Education Corporation (NPC) for a VA site that has entered into an MOU with the VHACO HRPP, should also sign the MOU and update its FWA to add the VA Central IRB as an IRB of Record.

VA Investigators: Investigators whose studies are being funded by VA ORD should consult the ORD funding service to determine whether their study should be submitted to the VA Central IRB.  Investigators who are new to the VA CIRB and whose studies will be reviewed by the VA Central IRB should contact the VA Central IRB mailbox (, as far in advance of the planned submission as possible to request an introductory meeting and pre-submission consultation in order to submit the most likely application for approval. Information concerning the operations of the VA Central IRB can also be found on this website under the Important Links box on the right-hand side of this page.

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