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Partner News Releases

Research News from Local VA Medical Centers and our Academic and Federal Research Partners

12/28/2021 Study Shows How Ovarian Cancer Starts in High-Risk Women (Cedars-Sinai)
12/16/2021 Regenstrief to co-lead new VA fellowship program with focus on learning health systems (Regenstrief Institute)
12/15/2021 Virtually guided exposure therapy improves outcomes in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, preliminary study finds (Medical University of South Carolina)
12/13/2021 Gel to improve development of an arteriovenous fistula holds promise for kidney-dialysis patient care (University of Alabama at Birmingham)
12/13/2021 More than just resiliency training: Organizations need to address causes of burnout (Regenstrief Institute)
12/13/2021 World-Renowned Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Norman Rich, Honored with AMSUS Lifetime Achievement Award (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU))
12/11/2021 For patients with multiple myeloma, vaccination offers protection from COVID-19, but less than other cancer patients receive (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
12/09/2021 Researchers identify brain signals associated with OCD symptoms, paving way for adaptive treatment (Brown University)
12/09/2021 Scientists Identify Malfunctioning Brain Cells as Potential Target for Alzheimer’s Treatment (Wake Forest Baptist Health)
12/09/2021 Building a better dashboard for enhanced understanding of health (Regenstrief Institute)
12/07/2021 MRI’s may be initial window into CTE diagnosis in living; approach may shave years off diagnosis (Boston University School of Medicine)
12/06/2021 How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the diagnosis of new cancers? (Wiley)
12/01/2021 VA Maryland Health Care System Researchers Conduct National Study Examining The Impact Of The Pandemic On New Cancers (Department of Veterans Affairs)
11/24/2021 Study finds brain lesions on MRI linked to years of playing football (American Academy of Neurology)
11/23/2021 Is the relationship between diet, intestinal bacteria and cells key to preventing systemic inflammation? (UCLA Health Sciences)

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