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RFA for Concept Ideas for Joint VA-DOE Projects

Application deadline Dec 15, 2021

ORD is soliciting concept ideas to address clinical care gaps where high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) can be implemented to improve medical knowledge and apply to care at the VA.

A limited number of novel concepts will be selected through a joint VA-DOE peer-review panel to partner with Department of Energy (DOE) scientists and work on developing a full 2-year project plan. The projects will be conducted at DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where copies of the VA Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) data and Million Veteran Program genetic data are housed. Funding will be provided for 2 years projects resulting from selected  concept ideas.

Questions may also be sent to

RFA, Concept application template (Investigators must use this fillable template.) See also: Updated Guidance Document for VA Merit Projects with access to MVP data

Download: MVP DOE RFA Q&A Session Slides (11/18/21)

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