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Ongoing research

Seeking the 'optimal dose' for seniors' weightlifting

Exercise physiology researcher Marcas Bamman, PhD, with VA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is exploring how older adults can get the most bang for the buck out of pumping iron...

Key findings

Study: 'Mantram' meditation eases PTSD

VA researchers and colleagues have reported promising results from a study of a simple meditation technique in which Veterans silently repeated a word or phrase that was spiritually meaningful to them..

African American Veterans with diabetes benefit from peer mentor program

In a study at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center, African American Veterans with hard-to-control diabetes who were matched with peer mentors made significant gains in keeping their blood sugar in check...

Computer training boosts brain function in schizophrenia

In a study by VA and the University of California, San Francisco, people with schizophrenia who completed intensive computer-based cognitive training raised their ability to distinguish between reality and their own internal thoughts… ...

Journal scan

What makes Navy SEALs tick? Study suggests key to stress control

A study by VA researchers and colleagues in San Diego sheds light on how special operations forces are able to keep their cool and perform well under extreme stress...

Men, women equally likely to use VA homeless services

Investigators with VA and Yale University found that male and female Veterans who use VA care are equally likely to access a VA homelessness program...

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