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WOC Position Announcements

IMPORTANT: These are Without Compensation Positions. There is no salary for these positions, and there is no plan for future employment at the VA. Individuals in these positions will need to complete a full background check with the VA.

See also: Without Compensation Employee Checklist

VA Staff: Use this forum to advertise available positions in your program.  Requests can be submitted to the VA R&D web team at Please specify how long the position should be posted.

Description/Job Title: Research Associate
Location: Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Qualifications/expectations: This position is focused on understanding the metabolic basis and nutrient requirements of lymphocytic cancer progression. The goal is to elucidate actionable metabolic determinants of malignant lymphocyte migration and organ infiltration potential. The project will involve extensive metabolic profiling of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.  Metabolic requirements of lymphocyte migration and organ infiltration will be defined in patients, ex vivo, and in xenotransplantation mouse studies. The successful candidate will work with a team of dedicated scientists sand clinicians to studying cancer cell metabolism and have access to extensive core facilities. Qualified candidates should have strong experience in cell and molecular biology, metabolism research including in vivo stable isotope tracing, and biology of hematologic cancers and xenograft mouse models. This is a Without Compensation (WOC) position. There is no salary for this position, and there is no plan for future employment at the VA. Individuals in these positions will need to complete a full background check with the VA.

Closing date: 07/12/2022

Contact information: Samir S. Patel, MD Samir.patel@va,gov

Description/Job Title: Research Assistant
Location: William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, Madison, WI

Qualifications/expectations: Primary degree in engineering or computer science. The successful candidate will conduct research focused on the basic biological mechanisms of aging as part of the Anderson laboratory. The funded project for this position opening focuses on the intersection of aging, caloric restriction (CR), and the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology using genetic mouse models of AD. In particular, the work will test the hypothesis that CR creates a healthy neuronal environment through changes in brain metabolism, and that these metabolic shifts will oppose AD-related pathology. The candidate will be familiar with spectral, two photon, and other imaging modalities to investigate the impact of brain metabolism on neuronal vasculature health and function in young and aged mice. Additionally, the candidate will utilize signal processing and fluid mechanics to process brain vasculature images. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with the principal investigator and other lab members and prepare illustrations and data elements for publication.

Closing date: July 11, 2022

Contact information:
Aaron Heneghan
VA Research Administrative Officer

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